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11/13/14: "legal affairs" - scammers.hung up on him the first time. called back with a blocked number and asked why I hung up because I was going to have to see the judge. lol. I told him I hung up because he is a scammer and I wasn't going to talk to him. hung up again and haven't heard back from them,

11/13/14: Washington DC - What a Scam - I get a call from "Tina Diaz" of the Department of Legal Affairs with a Washington DC number (202) 241-8062 saying that I'm getting verbal notification of enforcement action started on my name. An important issue and that I shouldn't delay or I'll end up in a legal mess. And I better have a retained attorney call back for me. Yes, and have a blessed day. Seriously. These people make my heart hurt. I'm just trying to live my life, and they are trying to ruin other people's lives by scaring them needlessly. These people truly suck.

11/5/14: Scam! Do NOT call this number back!

11/3/14: Tina - Total scam & very fishy. Don't fall for it. I've blocked this number on my cell & home phone.

10/31/14: Tina - I received the similar call from a girl Tina who left me a message that I have legal issues with IRS and either I or my attorney has to contact them at this number right away. These are scammers mostly from Philippines and India. They got our information from the credit card companies who are using them for their call centres. All information about USA citizens are available to them. Now they are doing our background check too and selling this information for extra money.

10/29/14: Called very pushy stating that there was action against me from the treasury dept.

10/24/14: If you recieve a call from this number, have some fun with them. It is obviously a scam. They threatend my family with legal action, and I demamded under writ of Habeas Corpus to know the charges and they had no idea what I was talking about. It is clear they don't even have legal training and shouldn't be taken seriously. Not to mention they can't decide whewhether they work for the US Treasury department or the IRS.

10/23/14: I received a call from "Erin Rogers" asking that I call him immediately at 202-241-8062 about a legal action against me. I called back the next day and this jack*** was not only rude to ME, he didn't appreciate me asking questions after telling me that I should have received a "CP503 Notice" in the mail. Told him I didn't receive anything and asked what that was but he switched it up and said this was about an IRS matter and he had to read me the notice. I cut him off to ask him to send me a copy of the Notice and he said I wouldn't be getting anything in the mail again but to just listen before an arrest warrant is issued for my arrest. WTF!? I told him he was full of crap and he hung up on me -- I've called him back several times and he never says a word, he just listens to me asking for more info. Thieves!

10/22/14: Tried to get me to call. Sounded fishy

10/22/14: Dept of legal affairs - Total scam-saying that I needed a lawyer in order to call back to a possible conflict using my name.