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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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9/8/14: don't call again

8/25/14: Unknwn - Keeps calling

8/21/14: This number calls me 6 to 8 times a day .. at first I didnt answer now I answered it and no one will talk. . So this morning I said into the phone im reporting this number they hung up and havent called back since...

8/19/14: Keep this number away from me. He/she is out of Washington DC. They are a very nuisance & annoying. I hope they get caught.

8/19/14: they called me back to back i didnt answer

8/18/14: No answer

8/14/14: They have called at least 10 times today! I tried to call back and got the busy signal once, then no answer...

8/14/14: They keep callung and habgup when i answer

8/14/14: Whenever they call and I answer, there's just dead air - no sound at all and I hang up. These people call at least once a day. Sometimes more. I'm on the Do Not Call List, but I wish something could be done permanently to this bunch!

8/12/14: I answered the phone and whoever it was hung up on me.