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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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5/17/15: Some one call be that I had used unnecessary in the computer and my account is Red Mark( which mean black list). I check my product key of Microsoft, that is also valid. I think the call may be fake. Fake no is ( 202-750-4033 )

4/8/15: Michael Stewart - Ok this guy called me with fake name of Michael Stewart but he had an Indian accent, how the hell an Indian has a name of Michael Stewart. He indicate that he is calling from Microsoft and my IP address was hacked and somebody was using my IP address from China. Be aware of those stupid calls. How is it possible to use somebody IP address from China, he knew my name but probably got the information from my cellphone company.

2/12/15: i have received a total of 4 calls in the past 5 days from this phone number. The caller indicated he is Officer Frank Hart, calling with the US Federal Grants Department and has $7,800 for me since I have no criminal record and have been paying my bills on time. I have no idea who this is or why they continue to call me. I need to contact the proper authorities.

2/11/15: Phishing. Phony line about Microsoft support receiving error messages. Made an inappropriate inquiry about my social life.