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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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12/21/16: Debt collector calls looking for Troy Willis. I actually answered and told them I'm not him, and they've taken my number off the list.

9/8/16: This is in face a debt collector, if you stay on the line long enough to confirm your not the one they're looking for they will note it and stop calling that number.

8/9/16: Looking for (named the person) - when asked why - I was told it was a debt collection matter.

6/18/16: Commercial Credit looking for scams

10/5/15: Everytime I see these "numbers", I just let it ring or answer it. Copy their accents

9/8/15: Suzanne - Left a message that says "Looking for "insert name" if you know this person or I reached this number by mistake please call back at 1-866-958-5850 ext 520 " but the call came from 1-204-272-2060

3/6/15: Did not give name - This number called me this am, they gave me my home address and then asked me if I knew this person (they gave me the full name) who was my neighbour. The house number they gave me was across the street, I found this to be a very weird call, and would never give out any information about neighbours. I was very concerned about this call, as they seemed to seemed to know too much about my information also.

9/18/14: garbage

9/18/14: Cdc collections if you owe money to yes another creditor then don't answer it.

6/14/14: Someone named Avi or Avdi called asking for someone that was not me, told me to call them back at 866-958-5850 ext 482 and they also called again the next day. This number is for Commercial Credit Adjusters.