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Reported on Aug 21, 2014
Claims to be from the treasury department. The person has an obvious Indian accent.
Reported on Aug 20, 2014
This number is calling once per hour. A few days in, I decided to answer, but no one responds. He or she continues to call.
Reported on Aug 20, 2014
a man that sounded indian called for me, and left a message from the "department of legal affairs" (no company/business/entity) mentioned that legal proceedings are being initiated against me. the message advised that i have a "retained" attorney contact them. at the end of the call, was a "god bless" closing.
Reported on Aug 20, 2014
2 phones calls to my parents. First call they said I needed to call them today VERY harsh. 2nd call they said since I didn't call them back and I owe all this $$ that I'm showing I am on the run from the government. (Left a msg on my machine both times) Asian gentle man who's says his name is Mark Jonson. He's hard to understand n u can tell that's to "white" of a name for him n so generic of a name
Reported on Aug 19, 2014
They left a message saying it's Dept of legal affairs and that's it's important to call back. Person had indian accent. I blocked the number but they are calling twice a days. I know it's scam. It also sounds like internet calling in the background.
Reported on Aug 18, 2014
Dept of Legal Affairs and need to contact them right away to prevent lawsuit and must retain attorney. Person had accent with lots of noise in background like boiler room with white noise indicating internet connection. This is a scam don't fall for harrassment.
Reported on Aug 16, 2014
stop callng
Reported on Aug 15, 2014
Reported on Aug 14, 2014
This person wasn't making any sense. I couldn't understand him. I then thought it was a relative overseas. When I said the relatives name he started speaking to me in spanish. I then hung up. The called called back and my husband answered, so they hung up.
Reported on Aug 11, 2014
they creepy af
Reported on Aug 2, 2014
Called when I was too busy to answer. Did not leave a message. I called back, no answer. Amy, using different number's, been there, done that. Have you applied for job's online? Especially They want to help pay for you to go back to school. Last time I got one of these call's I yelled, and swore at the gal that answered, and told them to put me on the do not call list.
Reported on Aug 2, 2014
I want my number removed off of this call list or I'm changing my phone number.........
Reported on Aug 1, 2014
text not sent and call
Reported on Jul 18, 2014
Calls all the time, no messages blocked it finally
Reported on Jul 16, 2014
Keeps calling but leaves no message.
Reported on Jul 15, 2014
Has called 6 to 7 times a day! Doesn't leave a message and uses different numbers. I called back and the line is disconnected.
Reported on Jul 14, 2014
said he was from the department of the treasury and that I would be arrested if I did not pay some back taxes I was unaware I even owed. Hope it is a scam
Reported on Jul 11, 2014
sounded like a foreign accent and could not understand what they wanted.
Reported on Jul 8, 2014
called us several times claiming to have a summons to court to deliver to my husband, although we are completely law abiding citizens and should have no reason to receive one. the person was even able to provide his SSN to me, and was trying to gain my confirmation. SKETCHY
Reported on Jul 2, 2014
Said I was in big trouble with the US govt and that I should call back immediately or have my attorney call. They have called many times, very persistent. She does have an Indian accent in her speech. I asked about that -- she ignored the question, said I needed to have my attorney call them back immediately. I know IRS would not call -- they send letters.
Reported on Jul 1, 2014
This is an IRS Scam number
Reported on Jul 1, 2014
A call from "Mark Gibson" from the Department of Legal Affairs of the US Treasury. The name and the heavy accent did not match. He asked for some small piece of information and I said I would give it to him if he would tell me his real name. "We will see you in court!! Get a really good lawyer!!" Creepy people.
Reported on Jun 30, 2014
3 calls in the same minute. India sounding man. from Treasury dept, re: a warrant. "Send it to me in writing I said". he said we already mailed you. "Bull!" He wanted me to take down the number of his superior. "I'm not taking down any number". He said he'd sent out an officer. and promptly hung up. "They'll get theirs!!!"
Reported on Jun 28, 2014
Swears at you and keeps calling
Reported on Jun 28, 2014
I received 3 calls and vm and I called spoke to a "Robert " says he was from legal affairs US treasury. It was a scam saying I didn't pay my tax returns. That legal action was going to be taken and officers sent to my door. Wanted to speak to my husband. He called numerous times . They either phone call to vm and twice hung up on him. It's a scam and I'm so irritated.
Reported on Jun 28, 2014
Said I owed IRS...SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reported on Jun 27, 2014
Called stating they were the Treasury Department and I owed back taxes. When I asked what year I was delinquent, they told me 2 years. 1 year I did have to pay, but the next (last year), I filed an extension and have not completed the return yet. Beware. Don't fall for it!! My call back was Adam Jones. They told me I would be arrested and thrown in jail. Same heavy accented folks.
Reported on Jun 27, 2014
Just received call from same heavy accented called. Leaves a name to call back Tom Jones. Guy even gave a badge #. Sounded fishy and checked the # here. My suspicion is shared with each comment here. Beware.
Reported on Jun 26, 2014
Received a call from this number asking for my Attorneys name they where arresting me for back taxes owed. Bunch of f_______ dead beats trying scam people. Beware
Reported on Jun 26, 2014
I just received a voicemail from some guy with a heavy accent. His message sounded like her was reading from a flash card or something. Such a scam.