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Reported on Jan 20, 2016
Very crazy woman in Dallas
Reported on Jan 13, 2016
Don't know them
Reported on Dec 24, 2015
Calls every 3 minutes at my place of work and leaves a series of beeps on my voicemail.
Reported on Aug 14, 2015
Assaulted me and tried to rob me
Reported on May 7, 2015
fitness connection
Reported on Aug 30, 2014
Crazy person
Reported on May 14, 2014
Called and left no message. I tried calling back but only got automated voice, stating: "mailbox not set up yet"
Reported on May 2, 2014
Texas deputy for donation
Reported on Apr 21, 2014
Calls, calls everrryyy day! No message!!!!
Reported on Apr 15, 2014
collector from some alarm company I DON'T and NEVER had a contract with. Very rude and belligerent with me. Told them to never call me again
Reported on Apr 8, 2014
collector or sales call dont know what they wanted. wouldnt tell me anything unless I told them I was who I was. I will never identify myself first. you call me you should tell me who you are and what you want with me first. not " its a personal matter" thats B.S.
Reported on Feb 1, 2014
Unfortunately they call before I get home so I do not know who they are but I also don't know anyone in Irving Texas, all my relatives that lived there died
Reported on Oct 11, 2013
Reported on Aug 19, 2013
Keeps hanging up
Reported on Aug 3, 2013
Reported on Jul 3, 2013
Cashcall do not borrow money from this company
Reported on May 14, 2013
don't call me
Reported on May 3, 2013
The first call I got he said the bill needs to be paid now. This was on my cell phone. I told him send me an email, because I don't owe anyone he got all rude and said cant be taking your sweet time well I told home go f yourself and hung up. I got called six times after. All from differing numbers but same people. They called my cell fourteen times in two days. And clamed they mailed me a letter. Still never got an email. OLYPUS GYM LAREDO TX
Reported on Apr 30, 2013
Golds gym
Reported on Apr 25, 2013
They called Lots of times. They dont leave a msgs and call from different numbers. Gold gym
Reported on Apr 25, 2013
TMobile late payment call
Reported on Apr 9, 2013
Reported on Mar 28, 2013
first credit something
Reported on Feb 17, 2013
called 12 times in 3 days
Reported on Feb 12, 2013
Reported on Feb 1, 2013
When I answer it hangs up
Reported on Jan 29, 2013
unknown M
Reported on Jan 25, 2013
Reported on Jan 3, 2013
dnt answer
Reported on Dec 29, 2012