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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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5/14/16: I have no idea who this is never dealt with anyone by this name.

4/1/16: Online pharmacy BS

3/9/16: Stalker

1/13/16: Sand n***** trying to sell drugs over the phone

1/4/16: My ex

1/4/16: Don't leave message but repeatedly call

12/11/15: They repeatedly call me, using 4983,4981, 4971. They hacked into my computer and then my banking acct. Had to change all my accts

12/10/15: annoying caller. doesn't leave name or message. this person goes under many,many phone numbers. don't pick up. ( 9 months of annoyance). I reported the scammer to the FTC without any luck.

11/20/15: Scamster

9/13/15: idiot... do not answer