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Reported on Jan 19, 2016
Four rings hang up
Reported on Sep 28, 2015
credit card robocall
Reported on Sep 24, 2015
the police
Reported on Apr 6, 2015
dont see
Reported on Jan 22, 2015
listed as real estate, Pontiac, Mi.
Reported on Nov 5, 2014
Reported on Sep 29, 2014
dont answer
Reported on Nov 7, 2013
Don't answer.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
Such a wonderful company....ashamed to mention the name until you get them in the door. Never had ANY other company call me and be ashamed of their name.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
Oh Gee, Mr. Goffee, that sounds ethical. Almost Got Taken, I got the same thing. Goffee is full of it and deceptive. I think the Michigan Attorney General would be interested to know Mr. Goffee is offering "Positions" to get people to come in so he can sell them to buy into an independent contractor agreement. That's not a "position", it's MLM. He should be banned from the job boards. We should all register his phone numbers with telemarketers and fax machines on auto redial.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
You are right Robert (not about the telling the truth part)...why discourage people from investigating an opportunity. People, contact your state insurance commissioner and ask how many agents are Primerica agents and what the attrition rate is. Search Google: lawsuits Primerica. Search the SEC filings AGAINST Primerica. Heck, just type Primerica in google and ask if you want to be associate with the negativity out there with that. Talk to enough people, you'll find someone who fell for their "opportunity" and are no longer doing it and I'm sure they will tell you why.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
May be we should all go to his pitch and start asking some tough questions he wont be able to answer. Like the SEC actions against why not just get sponsored from another underwriter, take the insurance classes and test and not have to share the commission checks with the MLM structure. Or Mr. Goffee to log into his bank account and show the actual numbers, not a bunch of photocopied checks of what could be possible.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
Wow, the "news" said something positive about a bad company....must have been a slow day and poor journalists. News flash web user, you might want to do some scholarly research. Google Primerica Lawsuit....aisde from all the public complaints, the SEC is kept busy protecting the public interests against this wonderful Primerica...thanks Primerica for wasting the SEC's time with my tax dollars.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
Federal government is larger than local, does that make them better. What stupid logic "they are the biggest so they can't be all that bad." Edward Jones may have less because they focus on quality and integrity. Primerica banks on the ignorance of the masses and generates revenue on volume not quality. Primerica's products are among the worst performing..that math does not lie.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
I keep signing up his number to telemarketers, so he can get a taste of his own scamming....I also print up thousands of his business cards and put them in fishbowls that I know are collection venues for other primerica sales people
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
Here is MATH, which doesn't lie like Mr. Goffee. I bought the term insurance and comon sense fund. The common sense fund was the worst performing investment instrument I have had in nearly 30 years of investing. When I went to cancel in insurance policy, they lied and claimed I needed the beneficiary to sign off on it. I said, "oh really"... and stopped paying the which I got letters as if I was about to be sent to a debt collector. I ignored them and finally the policy was cancelled yet then I got the "come back" letters saying I could reinstate the policy for a small fee. Primerica and people like Goffee bank on the ignorance of the masses.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
Did you forget to tell people that Primerica's size in part is due to the merger with Smith Barney Investments, which Forbes calls the "there is a sucker born every minute" investment firm? You don't lie/deceive? DO YOU WORK FOR PRIMERICA, are you on their payroll? Do you have a W2 registered with them, or are you an independent contractor. Are your "positions" for direct employment with PRIMERICA? If not, please tell me why it matters what PRIMERICA EMPLOYEES receive as salaries when YOU and your downline do not and will not receive a salary from Primerica? Mr. Goffee, you are on a fine line of misrepresenting your association with Primerica which could result in another SEC fine and penalty.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
An independent contractor agreement is not a "POSITION" you have to offer in context to what people interpret "POSITION" to mean when associated with their resume. That's called misdirection at best, deception or outright lying to be blunt. Would you care to discuss this matter with the Michigan Attorney General and how you are wasting people's time and preying on their need for employment?
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
You tell the truth Mr. Goffee? Seems to me Primerica Financial Services is not so squeeky clean. Primerica as found guilty of SEC violations and order to pay restitution. For someone who seems to represent PFS, you apparently do not know much about your own company that you don't really work for as an independent contractor. Since you mentioned SEC, would you like me to disclose more SEC violations? How about the consumer complaints with State Attorney Generals and issues with State insurance commissioners? You are deceptive Mr. Goffee and since you called me and lied, I will expose you.
Reported on Jun 3, 2013
Received a call from Robert Goffee on June 3, 2013 from phone number 248-817-2644 asking me to come in for an interview or a special presentation at 613 E. Big Beaver Rd. Troy, MI. I work in sales so I tried to dig this guy for as much information. He wouldn't even discuss pay or the job description over the phone. The information I did get from him lead me to this site. Definitely a scam. Calling people and begging them to work for you or begging for interviews shows it is a MLM company. In this day and age you have to fight for a job. Good luck Mr. Goffee.
Reported on Mar 23, 2013
cool thanks for the info
Reported on Mar 23, 2013
to searching; amen, this bird has cussed at me when i put him to the test just to see if he would remain professional or not, turns out he fail, so people lets look out for each other and get the word out about these conartists
Reported on Mar 23, 2013
real business men don't lose their cool that easily, and cuss like you mr. goffee, give me more info so I can look your business up on the BBB website, ok little buddy?
Reported on Mar 23, 2013
tell the truth than you never replied too my email so til than I would have to assume your full of lies mr. girlie
Reported on Mar 15, 2013
keep calling spam
Reported on Feb 6, 2013
Funny thing is I received a call from him 2 days ago claiming he had management positions open and wanted me too come down for an interview! My work back ground is in the Health field Im a Registered Medical Assistant. I asked him what drew him to my resume?he said because I have leadership skills. My husband of course said to research them online. So here I am just as everyone else sceptical and interested why he picked me fora management position... well now I know why! WTH? I have 5 kids and a family to support notime for SCAMMERS and waste of my time.I will now call and cancel my IV for tomorrow... Thank you for allthe info on here pepole really need to know about this
Reported on Jan 22, 2013
This number along with a couple others associated with him, (248) 535-7619 and (248) 817-8644, belongs to Robert Louis Goffee. Apparently he uses R&O Associates and now Goffee & Associates. This business is Primerica. It is financial services that uses MLM (multi-level marketing). If you like that, then get ready to roll up your sleeves to start recruiting your friends and family into this "business" or at least trying to get them to sign up for the services. Please know that NOTHING anybody has said here is untrue about Robert as he claims. Trust me. In fact, it is he who is being misleading here. I know because I have been there to the office and sat through the "interview." I sat through the team meetings too. I have specifically heard individuals admit that Primerica is MLM, so do not be deceived by his trickery of words.
Reported on Jan 21, 2013
Bob you are the guy who gives the LIFE INSURANCE industry a terrible reputation. Shame on you. No conversions are allowed fromYou term plans. for getting interviews with anyone unemployed,no qualifications for life sales . Your turnover rate is horrible. You don;t even tell people the Truth to get an interview.(asset Mgt. mt ASSETT) Your term life rates aren"t even competitive in the LIFE INSURANCE INDUSTRY. Good luck with your PYRAMID SCHEME.
Reported on Jan 18, 2013
WOW!!! I got a call today and set up an interview for next week. I was so excited until my brother said he did some research and said he could not find anything on this "Firm". He called and offered me a managers position of a branch for his company that is expanding. What a scam. Call it what you want but this MLM is not worth my gas money to get there. Uni-dial is the same thing. HAHA!!!
Reported on Jan 7, 2013
Received the same message from Goffee. Now he's using the words "Branch Manager". He did indicate he found my resume on career builder in which it was. But I went over and over the message he left wondering why he would not have left the name of the company. Needless to say I will not be in attendance for that interview and I thank all of you for the heads up!