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Reported about 5 hours ago
no contact
Reported about 10 hours ago
receiving bullying text messages from this number
Reported on Nov 20, 2014
Reported on Nov 19, 2014
This caller some how got my unlisted cell phone number, claimed to have driven by my home which is not in the same town, yet did have my real street number and name, claiming to have gotten it from a Kijiji add which we did not post and did not list any contact info in it. I have phone the number back and stated that I don't know how they got my phone number but that I was going to be reporting it. There was no answer when I returned the call. I am very worried about this.
Reported on Nov 18, 2014
scam caller they will tell u something is broken and it's not
Reported on Nov 18, 2014
Calls at all times. Never leaves a message. See someone else says it's Canadian Tire. I don't even have an account with them. I've told them before to take me off their call list so now they use a different number. Must be a way to get them to stop.
Reported on Nov 18, 2014
Harassment and bullying a minor
Reported on Nov 18, 2014
please leave me alone
Reported on Nov 17, 2014
advertising agency
Reported on Nov 15, 2014
harassment and trying to extort monies
Reported on Nov 15, 2014
Texting pretending to be interested in buying my trailer. Continues to stand me up multiple times. Then does not respond to my texts. Then texts insulting me about random things. I have since blocked the number.
Reported on Nov 14, 2014
fake westjet robo call
Reported on Nov 14, 2014
Reported on Nov 10, 2014
spam calls several times, then changed number and called again
Reported on Nov 9, 2014
This is a scam. Rude and easily to upset. Than the fun begins. Halarious try it.
Reported on Nov 8, 2014
They tried to get my credit card information by saying i had won a trip and all i needed to pay was $299 per person.
Reported on Nov 7, 2014
This number left a text meggage at 1252 in the morning. Saying stop what your doing.. we don't know this number. We where sleeping when this call came in. The caller number was 250 5723763
Reported on Nov 5, 2014
Reported on Nov 2, 2014
Leave a comment about the caller here
Reported on Nov 1, 2014
Sent picture of knife Quote"gonna use this"
Reported on Oct 31, 2014
aro collections
Reported on Oct 31, 2014
the man tried to sell me pornographic videos for 29.99 but I thought they were used
Reported on Oct 30, 2014
fake contest
Reported on Oct 30, 2014
Reported on Oct 26, 2014
sorry you have been blocked
Reported on Oct 25, 2014
calling incessantly all hours of day, never leaves message. Stop calling I am not answering calls from people I don't know,
Reported on Oct 22, 2014
Reported on Oct 21, 2014
This number has been calling and hanging up.
Reported on Oct 20, 2014
Reported on Oct 20, 2014
not interested.