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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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11/9/15: Keep leaving a message for another person claiming the person has a limited time frame to submit a statement before the matter is submitted to their client. Sounds bogus.

9/1/15: This is a scam trying to collect on fake payday loans. A payday loan company was breached and they are trying to get money you don't owe.

8/31/15: Calls constantly threatening litigation.

8/29/15: Habitual phone line stepper!!

8/20/15: They constantly call wanting payment for a loan that was never taken out.

8/11/15: NO idea - I received a call from them today stating that they submited something in court and that I owe $3700.00 and that my license is going to be suspended.

8/10/15: a woman - Keeps calling me for money which I do not owe. It's a scam. I send the call straight to voicemail now.

8/7/15: threatening phone call for legal action - TRYING TO BE INTIMIDATING WITH THEIR SO CALLED FORCEFUL TONE ON THEIR RECORDING... nasty intimidating a holes who need a you know what.. a time out.. and prayers to their sad souls and pitiful hearts that they do this for a living... may they have the same thing done to them too..

7/31/15: A recording called my phone 2 times in 30 minutes. They received an email and they are going to serve me about a legal matter. If they received and email I should have gotten one too.

7/28/15: They called me twice in two weeks from two different numbers and telling me I owe money and there were gone to take me to jail both times was about two different business I owed