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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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1/5/15: Very threatening tone wanting my lawyer to call & can't be held responsible for what bad luck happens to me...

1/5/15: IRS - Called leaving a threatening voicemail and wanted my lawyers information

1/5/15: Called threatening me on the voicemail saying he was an officer and I better call him back or bad luck and some other crazy stuff. Had a very thick accent Russian maybe and sounded suspect from the beginning

12/26/14: 2 threatening calls on Dec 24th. it was a recording because it started in the middle of the phone #. Threatened if I do not return the call "bad luck... bad year". It was muddled & I couldn't fully un

12/23/14: Says if I do not return the call the he can't be held responsible for what happens to me and wishes me "good luck for bad things will befall me" heavy Russian middle eastern accent

12/23/14: don't recall - Same threat scenario with heavy mid east accent. Call received at 10:10 am on 12/23/14

12/23/14: I was not home and it went to voicemail. The message is from a man who claims he is from the IRS and that I had better get my lawyer and call him back. Since I did not recognize the number and I doubt the IRS would demand for me and my lawyer to call them back, plus not having a name in the name but unknown made this highly suspicious to me.

12/18/14: Eric Foster - Received two threatening phone calls. One on 12-15-14 & 12-16-14.

12/17/14: Same as others on 12/17/2014. Two calls in two hours with threatening recording claiming to be 'IRS Officer Eric Forster (Foster?) in very heavy foreign accent. Said they could not be responsible for what happens if I don't call back. Reported it to the Treasury Dept.

12/17/14: recieved a threatening phone call. Said that if I don't call back anything that happens to my family is on my "head" I blacklisted the number.