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Reported on Mar 17, 2015
Calling me to collect on someone else's debt. This matter has nothing to do with me. I have reported them to the state consumer attorney and suggest you do the same.
Reported on Sep 5, 2014
Reported on Sep 5, 2014
3 rings & HANG UP AS USUAL.
Reported on Feb 4, 2014
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Reported on Jan 30, 2014
Abandoned call to toll free number. Spammers using VOIP.
Reported on Jan 7, 2014
Caller if from an internet scam
Reported on Sep 30, 2013
Keeps calling
Reported on Jul 8, 2013
Be careful. They ask for your credit card number and tell you there was a technical difficulty with it. Fraud!
Reported on Jul 4, 2013
Scam to get credit card information.
Reported on Jul 4, 2013
dont answer..
Reported on Feb 4, 2013
dont have a clue who they r....said i gualify for something dear god whete is people u can understand
Reported on Jan 4, 2013
I'm a winner of some crap... wtfe
Reported on Jan 4, 2013
said I had been selected as a winner... just leave me alone people!
Reported on Nov 28, 2012
spam block
Reported on Nov 20, 2012
told me I entered a contest and won....which I don't enter internet contests.
Reported on Oct 30, 2012
How I win a $100 and didn't apply to nothing
Reported on Oct 26, 2012
Call constantly stating I won $100.
Reported on Oct 10, 2012
Get a call every single day. Its been months. They have to have called me hundreds of times. Ive never answered.
Reported on Sep 27, 2012
Recording about medicine
Reported on Sep 13, 2012
Started receiving several calls from this number and finally decided to call it back which led to a recording saying I had entered a sweepstakes and won a trip which I felt was a scam so a I hung up. Kept receiving calls so called back again and that time I was able to unsubscribe. Here's hoping that worked.
Reported on Sep 6, 2012
They call about once a week every week sometimes more. All hours of the day sometimes at night. It's always a recording about different things.
Reported on Aug 30, 2012
Said I was a winner. Press 1 to claim prize. I'm sure it's some type of scam.
Reported on Aug 20, 2012
Spam something about winning a $100.
Reported on Aug 6, 2012
Scam of some sort. The message I got says "You have registered for an online giveaway."
Reported on Aug 6, 2012
Wants me to sign up for a class action law suit. Scumbags!
Reported on Jul 31, 2012
Insurance sales call
Reported on Jul 30, 2012
Insurance sales call
Reported on Jul 16, 2012
WCA, accident stuff
Reported on Jun 21, 2012
Hang up
Reported on Jun 21, 2012
Hang up