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10/22/16: Claim to be from Microsoft -- try to trick you to turn on computer, access Windows button, etc. Original caller ID=Anthony Vassell; 860-589-0795, Bristol CT. I asked for return number and they provided 315-215-1156, a line in Alexandria Bay, NY. Both callers had SE Asian accents.

7/29/15: Alex Wilson - guy claims to be calling from Microsoft and saying my computer is sending him error messages. i think he is a fraud.

4/23/15: English as 2nd language guy calls and says my Windows computer called him with a problem. I have been coding computers before Windows was invented. These dorks are clueless. Give them nothing except a piece of your mind and your best verbal abuse. Don't even hang up on them, dish out your best hate of those who attempt to scam us.

1/5/14: Name of individual not discernible because of Indian accent.Claimed to be "Microsoft Representative" - Caller on 12/13/13 professed to be Microsoft representative who had substantial data on my laptop computer. Wanted me to agree to Microsoft viewing my computer for malware and viruses. We offered the review for the price of $5 to $20. I selected $10 plan. Within minutes the debit card I gave him over the phone was billed through Western Union for $324. Three calls to the same person that had phoned me the date of the initial call and within the week thereafter produced feedback that the charge was an error and $314 of the charge would be refunded. That refund has not appeared as of 1/5/14. Have filed a complaint with Western Union. Am filing a complaint with the FCC today and also making a police report which my bank requires to dispute the charge.

1/7/13: They called 5X so far. They want to get into my computer and provide a refund for something I'm not sure I ever purchased (computer clean-up and monitoring). They refused to send a check.?????