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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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8/21/14: idiots

6/17/14: These people have been told not to call me and yet they continue to call. They ignore the Do Not Call list.

6/10/14: general assets - This person is the rudest scam artist i have heard to date

6/3/14: When I answered the caller asked for my husband. I told him we were on the do not call list. He said it was "Phil Russell"...I heard someone else in the background saying to another caller that he too was "Phil Russell". When I asked if he was from an investment company...he told me that I was rude and that he hoped that I wouldn't be so rude to the next person who called me.

5/2/14: do not name or business of caller - Annoying multiple calls. Never leaves message on answer machine. When I answer the call and ask who is calling, The caller immediately and rudely hangs up

5/1/14: refused to give - When I asked for a name of the caller and what it was in reference to..they stayed silent, I asked again they hung up..Other callers could be heard in the back round giving their selling pitches....

4/11/14: SOLICITOR

4/4/14: The person who called asked for me and was told I was busy and he hung up. Called back and it was noted as a wrong number by the answer machine. Tired of these scams, need to end ALL telemarketer calls! I am on the do not call list but these ignorant idiots need to have their phone shoved up their..................

3/27/14: Phil Russell - He was unpleasant, and rude when I questioned him of the reason he was calling my husband. We are on do not call.

3/18/14: Phil Russell - When I answered I got "hey it's Phil Russell how are you doing today? " my response was that I am on the do not call list so I am not sure why you are calling. I was then informed he was pretty sure he didn't want to talk to me anyway and is my husband home? What a douche. So tired of the crap calls!