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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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3/18/15: Scam call from a man with a heavy accent saying there was legal action starting against me for tax evasion. I him we file taxes every single year with a highly reputable tax company so I know this is a scam and he should not call me again. He told me not to lie so I informed him if he called again I would file charges against him for fraud attempt and he immediately hung up.

3/13/15: Got a call from this number and reported it to the FBI. They were aware and said to also notify the Treasury Department via their website:

3/13/15: Called my house and left a message with my wife. She told him to calm down and she would relay the message. He said that I was to go to the police department and turn myself in or give him a return call at the US Treasury. Of course I'm not going to call him back but report him to the FBI. Perhaps he should turn himself in!

3/9/15: Heavily accented male says it's imperative to call. Upon return call, man says he is with US Treasury and has a warrant for my arrest and that I should go to the police. He was not using my legal name so I knew it was a scam but he did have my legal name and my husband's name.

3/6/15: Message was left, the heavily accented male voice claiming to be from "the State Department". Callback was urged, otherwise "get a lawyer". He then wished us luck.

3/5/15: A strongly accented woman's voice insists that it is imperative that I return the call and that if I don't all she can do is "wish me luck." If she leaves any information about herself or who she represents it is unintelligible.