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Reported on Feb 2, 2016
Broke trick will know the donations and still show up to your room with $20
Reported on Jan 6, 2016
Reported on Dec 10, 2015
The caller speaks with a Mandarin accent and poses as a U.S. Federal agency to collect on alleged outstanding back taxes.
Reported on Dec 9, 2015
Left message stating from irs something about a legal case "pressed" against you. Then she said her name was Kate Anderson. Do you know your own name?
Reported on Dec 9, 2015
claiming to be from IRS
Reported on Dec 9, 2015
claiming to be from IRS
Reported on Dec 2, 2015
Reported on Oct 31, 2015
They call in the middle of night 1 AM 3 AM and 5 AM I will be calling phone company about this
Reported on Sep 8, 2015
This number is being used in 419 investment scams by someone posing as Engineer Lars Becker
Reported on Aug 12, 2015
Reported on Aug 11, 2015
this is a scam artist. he preys on people from employment websites. he went by "pastor James Daniels" for me but has been known to go by just James Daniel was well as other names. do not believe him or let him send you any checks.
Reported on Jul 30, 2015
another liar
Reported on Jul 27, 2015
Leave a comment about the caller here
Reported on Jul 25, 2015
Contacting Tupperware consultants trying to scam money out of them.
Reported on Nov 27, 2014
Reported on Oct 31, 2014
No one there. hung up
Reported on Oct 28, 2014
?? Calls everyday but no one is there.. ??
Reported on Sep 19, 2014
Another dead air call
Reported on Aug 22, 2014
I'm Dead
Reported on Aug 22, 2014
I'm Dead
Reported on Aug 3, 2014
Stop Texting Me
Reported on Jul 25, 2014
I'm no longer Available For Your Service
Reported on Jul 23, 2014
Reported on Jun 13, 2014
This number was used to attempt to rental scam me. He claimed his name was Donald Jeo and was looking to sublease an apartment in the Bay Area. I filled out an application to sublease and was instantly accepted. When it came time but demanded all transactions be done via Western Union wire transfer and "promised" to mail me the key to the place. When I refused to do business with this person after their haste for me to wire them money they became anxious and upset. When I attempted to speak with them on the phone all I got was what sounded like a recording of an elderly man saying "Yes, hello?" over and over again. After ignoring this person's calls and texts and moving on I began to get a series of calls from people asking to speak to Donald Jeo and at least one prank call a day. Do not do business with anyone who gives you this number to call!
Reported on May 2, 2014
Another dead air call
Reported on Feb 6, 2014
Reported on Feb 1, 2014
Young female messaging illicit suggestions
Reported on Jan 22, 2014
Fake person
Reported on Jan 13, 2014
telemarket agent - hang up
Reported on Dec 29, 2013
phone training center Broklyn NY