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Reported on Sep 26, 2014
an annoying hang up call repeatedly comes with no information.
Reported on Jul 1, 2014
I received a recorded message from this number that said, there was a warrant on my name which will be processed 11:00 tomorrow morning and according to legal proceed I can still settle over the phone by contacting the law firm of Wallace and Peters LLP. The contact person is attorney Steven Chance at 360-474-4772. The information is bogus, there is no warrant. This number needs to be reported
Reported on Jun 26, 2014
this number said I had an FBI warrant out for me it was a lie please report this number I did you all should
Reported on Jun 24, 2014
scammer about failing to come to court arrest for me blocked number and email address do not fall for this
Reported on Mar 21, 2014
Reported on Mar 10, 2014
Never leaves a message. I live in another state. Call is from Washington
Reported on Mar 4, 2014
Insurance sales
Reported on Oct 28, 2013
loan scam
Reported on Oct 28, 2013
payday loan
Reported on Oct 26, 2013
Reported on Oct 22, 2013
Reported on Oct 21, 2013
payday loan debt consolidation
Reported on Oct 18, 2013
same ppl calling from various #'s regarding fake loan approvals. havent applied for any loan
Reported on Oct 18, 2013
payday loan saying they approve application I did NOT fill out
Reported on Oct 16, 2013
Asking for someone else even when i tell them wrong person&number
Reported on Oct 14, 2013
payday consolidation
Reported on Jul 18, 2013
called and hung up on me, I wanted 7900.00 aww, my luck.
Reported on Jul 18, 2013
At 11:19 AM on Thursday, 07/18/2013, I received a call from a busy-sounding call center. The phone number was (360) 474-4211 and the caller sounded like a young East Indian male. He advised me that I qualified for a free government grant, possibly worth thousands of dollars. He read to me my name, address, and phone number for verification purposes and then he asked me how I would prefer to receive the funds,either in my bank account, my credit card, or by a money order, preferably Western Union. At that point I advised him that his call sounded suspiciously like an illegal phishing scam. I told him that I planned to report it to the authorities and that I believed his employer was about to be in trouble. He hung up.
Reported on Jun 25, 2013
I received 1 phone call from 516-573-0621 saying that they have a 7,000.00 United States Federal Grant for me and I can have it transferred to my bank account, credit card, or pick it up at a western union?
Reported on Jun 20, 2013
They said the same things on the phone. Called from was 3604744211. He said he is government person. Im not an American but he gave me confirmation # to get money and asked me to call to Mr. Matin. I have job and don't need to go back to school so there is no reason to get grants.
Reported on Jun 19, 2013
I got the same call... Same amount too
Reported on Jun 11, 2013
They said they were calling to give me $7900.00 grant from the federal dept of health & human services. Phone # they called from was 516-573-0621.
Reported on May 15, 2013
always a busy signal when I try to call back
Reported on May 9, 2013
I receive up to 6 phone calls a day from this number but when I answer it, the call ends prior to talking to anyone.
Reported on May 6, 2013
Calls me every day and I never answer. Appreciate you Mr. Block
Reported on May 3, 2013
They called me and did a spill about business and I interrupted him and said I was not interested. He then said well I haven't said anything so what makes you say that? I said you said business and I am not interested! He then laughed and said I caught him. He was polite and told me to have a good day.
Reported on May 3, 2013
Calls everyday and when I answer they hang up! :/
Reported on May 2, 2013
calls two - six times a day never leaves a message. blocking this number right now.
Reported on Apr 30, 2013
Reported on Apr 25, 2013
Keeps calling 4 or more timed a day and hangs up