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Reported on Jul 29, 2014
Man on phone claims I put my info online for an auto loan. Completely bogus. I did buy a car last week, but did not go online for a loan.
Reported on Jul 28, 2014
get help
Reported on Jul 25, 2014
Tele marketing
Reported on Jul 22, 2014
calls and doesn't answer
Reported on Jul 19, 2014
I'm about to change my number because this number WON'T STOP!!! 17 missed calls
Reported on Jul 19, 2014
Reported on Jul 19, 2014
I have been getting phone calls from 401-648-9484 for the past 26 months (since I've had this phone number) for the woman (Cristina) who had this number before me. I've had ENOUGH. On July 3rd, I finally called them back after they were blowing up my phone one morning. I finally got a manager who said their company was Auto Loan and that he would put my number on the Do Not Call List. (Which is what I was told every single month.) Today, on Saturday, July 19th, I received a call before 8am. When I answered the person was speaking another language (not even to me, like to a colleague or something) and immediately hung up on me when I answered. So, I called back and asked to speak to a manager. After being hung up on 10 times, I was given to a Patrick William who was extremely rude and said he'd put my number on the Do Not Call List. I asked to speak to his boss and he hung up on me. I called back several more times (getting hung up on each time) before an Austin answered who claimed he was Patrick's boss. He told me that I was a liar because they just got my number one week ago and there are other companies that could be calling me, so it hasn't just been Auto Loan. He too, said Patrick would put me on the Do Not Call List. He then told me to stop calling them or they'd put me on their Block List so I couldn't call. (Hah, YES please do! I wish I could do the same to you!) And, par for the course, he hung up on me. That's 14 times of being hung up on today. I also submitted a complaint to Better Business Bureau about them, but they (Auto Loan) has not responded to the complaint. My blood is boiling right now...I can't stand rude customer service representatives, especially when they are at a manager level, and especially when it's not even an issue with which I should be dealing. When will this stop?!?
Reported on Jul 17, 2014
During the first call they said my application for my loan (that doesn't exist because I don't want/need a loan at all). I told him I don't need one or want one. Please put me on the DNC list. He called back and tried to fight with me 2 more times at which point I reported them to FCC. He called back again, and I told him he'd been reported. then and once more that I didn't pick up. The next day, he called 6 more times., either to try to fight with me, or hang up after breathing heavily into the phone. I attempted to tell him in the 3rd call that I reported him to FCC, but he hung up halfway the through. 4th call I said if report again if he didn't cease. He then called 2 more times.
Reported on Jul 15, 2014
Reported on Jul 15, 2014
tried to sell me a warranty. hung up when I asked questions
Reported on Jul 12, 2014
I received 3 calls from this number within 30 minutes. I did not answer any of them because I was on the other line. They did not leave a message. I tried to call the number back and only got a rapid busy signal.
Reported on Jul 12, 2014
quit calling u p.o.s
Reported on Jul 11, 2014
unsolicited car loan asian
Reported on Jul 10, 2014
Reported on Jul 7, 2014
this is not Vanessa's phone
Reported on Jul 4, 2014
Call me 20 times a day and hang up every time
Reported on Jul 3, 2014
Keeps "looking for Dennis" I tell him several times a week there is no Dennis then he starts into "telemarketing voice"
Reported on Jul 2, 2014
Reported on Jul 2, 2014
I have been getting this call about 10 to 15 times a day. I have told them a few times that i am not interested and they just call back. They keep telling me that i was approved for an auto loan for 0 down. I tell them that i have an auto loan and that i am not interested and to stop calling my phone. But yet they still keep calling. Does anyone who know to get them to stop calling. They even figured out where i woke and are calling my place of work. I have told our front desk person that answers the phone to just say i will call them back and not to bother forwarding the call. I don't know who to report the number to to get them to stop but i am even on the Do Not Call List and yet they still call.
Reported on Jul 2, 2014
"Tom" called me but he couldn't even pronounce his name correctly(foreign accent). I was told that my car loan had been accepted. I have owned my car for quite some time and have no use for a loan. Once I mentioned that, he spoke very quickly indistinguishably mind you, and hung up abruptly.
Reported on Jul 2, 2014
I have been called 10 times today, by this #...i called them back 3 times and asked them to PLEASE stop calling...they have NOT!!
Reported on Jun 30, 2014
Hang up do not ring
Reported on Jun 29, 2014
Reported on Jun 28, 2014
Don't call me no more!!!
Reported on Jun 27, 2014
leave a voicemail or your call will not be answered
Reported on Jun 26, 2014
Continues to call our number. THIS IS A POLICE DEPARTMENT!!! Because it really is... They don't care. They will hang up and call back a few hours later. Then when I told them numerous times to remove the number from their list, the lady told me " You can do whatever you want. You can rip my head off my body. I don't care." WEIRD!!!!
Reported on Jun 26, 2014
keeps calling, leaving no voice mail.
Reported on Jun 26, 2014
Car financing company in Rhode Island
Reported on Jun 20, 2014
They call more than 5 times a day. Can't be reported for harassment because they're not really located in RI. Probably using an internet phone... more than likely calling from India from their accents. You can tell their internet sucks because sometimes the call drops when you pick up.
Reported on Jun 20, 2014
Woman became extremely rude when I told he that I hadn't applied for any type of loan on any website. She then asked if I was interested in checking to see if I qualified for a low coast loan. I informed here I wasn't and it was at this point she became very rude and extremely aggressive, implying I was a liar because I did apply for a loan on the internet. I've bought many items over the internet, particularly on eBay and Amazon but I have never applied for a personal loan over the internet, nor would I. Especially with a company I've never even heard of. Which when I asked for the name of the company to whom I was speaking to a representative of..... click, they hung up! What maggots these kind of people are. They've been blocked.