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Reported about 7 hours ago
Automated spam caller
Reported about 21 hours ago
Google search says this was from "Weddings West". No VM left. About: Weddings West is a directory dedicated to promoting businesses that provide wedding related services to marrying couples and their guests. We offer visitors a quick and easy way to locate wedding information in their area and throughout Western Canada. Each city or regions is organized into convenient categories which guarantee each visitor easy access to everything they need to plan or attend a wedding - from Bridal Fashions and Event Planning to Accommodation & Gift Ideas for the guests.
Reported on Jul 29, 2015
canyon creek dental
Reported on Jul 29, 2015
Reported on Jul 29, 2015
One more number to add to my reject list.
Reported on Jul 29, 2015
Won't stop calling
Reported on Jul 28, 2015
I missed the call since I was putting my daughter down for a nap and then I tried calling back and it said the number I dialed was not in service and the third time directed me to "Telus Mobility"... something is definitely a little fishy if you ask me...
Reported on Jul 28, 2015
Your number is marked as spam and this contact will no longer receive messages.
Reported on Jul 28, 2015
i pay for minutes ,,don t need to pay for these ones,,,would like to charge them for wasting my minutes
Reported on Jul 28, 2015
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Exchanges in area 1-403

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-403-200-XXXX 250 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-201-XXXX 3154 Mobile TELUS
1-403-202-XXXX 1940 Mobile TELUS
1-403-203-XXXX 998 Mobile TELUS
1-403-204-XXXX 1089 Mobile TELUS
1-403-205-XXXX 144 Mobile TELUS
1-403-206-XXXX 79 Mobile TELUS
1-403-207-XXXX 1587 Mobile TELUS
1-403-208-XXXX 3267 Mobile TELUS
1-403-209-XXXX 1152 Mobile TELUS
1-403-210-XXXX 1158 Mobile TELUS
1-403-212-XXXX 478 Mobile TELUS
1-403-213-XXXX 47 Mobile TELUS
1-403-214-XXXX 219 Mobile TELUS
1-403-215-XXXX 77 Mobile TELUS
1-403-216-XXXX 72 Mobile TELUS
1-403-217-XXXX 3087 Mobile TELUS
1-403-218-XXXX 67 Mobile TELUS
1-403-219-XXXX 135 Mobile TELUS
1-403-220-XXXX 857 Mobile TELUS
1-403-221-XXXX 138 Mobile TELUS
1-403-222-XXXX 14 Mobile TELUS
1-403-223-XXXX 2055 Mobile TELUS
1-403-224-XXXX 61 Mobile TELUS
1-403-225-XXXX 1789 Mobile TELUS
1-403-226-XXXX 3398 Mobile TELUS
1-403-227-XXXX 1608 Mobile TELUS
1-403-228-XXXX 2476 Mobile TELUS
1-403-229-XXXX 1466 Mobile TELUS
1-403-230-XXXX 2455 Mobile TELUS
1-403-231-XXXX 67 Mobile TELUS
1-403-232-XXXX 364 Mobile TELUS
1-403-233-XXXX 632 Mobile TELUS
1-403-234-XXXX 591 Mobile TELUS
1-403-235-XXXX 2249 Mobile TELUS
1-403-236-XXXX 2192 Mobile TELUS
1-403-237-XXXX 761 Mobile TELUS
1-403-238-XXXX 3420 Mobile TELUS
1-403-239-XXXX 5072 Mobile TELUS
1-403-240-XXXX 2252 Mobile TELUS
1-403-241-XXXX 3899 Mobile TELUS
1-403-242-XXXX 4759 Mobile TELUS
1-403-243-XXXX 2646 Mobile TELUS
1-403-244-XXXX 3402 Mobile TELUS
1-403-245-XXXX 2605 Mobile TELUS
1-403-246-XXXX 4162 Mobile TELUS
1-403-247-XXXX 3093 Mobile TELUS
1-403-248-XXXX 3459 Mobile TELUS
1-403-249-XXXX 4629 Mobile TELUS
1-403-250-XXXX 344 Mobile TELUS
1-403-251-XXXX 3436 Mobile TELUS
1-403-252-XXXX 2949 Mobile TELUS
1-403-253-XXXX 2533 Mobile TELUS
1-403-254-XXXX 3112 Mobile TELUS
1-403-255-XXXX 3136 Mobile TELUS
1-403-256-XXXX 4368 Mobile TELUS
1-403-257-XXXX 3548 Mobile TELUS
1-403-258-XXXX 1078 Mobile TELUS
1-403-259-XXXX 1690 Mobile TELUS
1-403-260-XXXX 247 Mobile TELUS
1-403-261-XXXX 714 Mobile TELUS
1-403-262-XXXX 1323 Mobile TELUS
1-403-263-XXXX 1346 Mobile TELUS
1-403-264-XXXX 1356 Mobile TELUS
1-403-265-XXXX 1479 Mobile TELUS
1-403-266-XXXX 1218 Mobile TELUS
1-403-267-XXXX 79 Mobile TELUS
1-403-268-XXXX 185 Mobile TELUS
1-403-269-XXXX 1062 Mobile TELUS
1-403-270-XXXX 1713 Mobile TELUS
1-403-271-XXXX 4305 Mobile TELUS
1-403-272-XXXX 3756 Mobile TELUS
1-403-273-XXXX 3459 Mobile TELUS
1-403-274-XXXX 4559 Mobile TELUS
1-403-275-XXXX 4162 Mobile TELUS
1-403-276-XXXX 3417 Mobile TELUS
1-403-277-XXXX 3359 Mobile TELUS
1-403-278-XXXX 3834 Mobile TELUS
1-403-279-XXXX 2448 Mobile TELUS
1-403-280-XXXX 4421 Mobile TELUS
1-403-281-XXXX 4700 Mobile TELUS
1-403-282-XXXX 4156 Mobile TELUS
1-403-283-XXXX 3308 Mobile TELUS
1-403-284-XXXX 2370 Mobile TELUS
1-403-285-XXXX 4669 Mobile TELUS
1-403-286-XXXX 4048 Mobile TELUS
1-403-287-XXXX 1624 Mobile TELUS
1-403-288-XXXX 4317 Mobile TELUS
1-403-289-XXXX 3868 Mobile TELUS
1-403-290-XXXX 263 Mobile TELUS
1-403-291-XXXX 403 Mobile TELUS
1-403-292-XXXX 128 Mobile TELUS
1-403-293-XXXX 4281 Mobile TELUS
1-403-294-XXXX 370 Mobile TELUS
1-403-295-XXXX 2867 Mobile TELUS
1-403-296-XXXX 104 Mobile TELUS
1-403-297-XXXX 145 Mobile TELUS
1-403-298-XXXX 261 Mobile TELUS
1-403-299-XXXX 143 Mobile TELUS
1-403-300-XXXX 3 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-301-XXXX 327 Mobile TELUS
1-403-302-XXXX 131 Mobile TELUS
1-403-303-XXXX 36 Mobile TELUS
1-403-304-XXXX 145 Mobile TELUS
1-403-305-XXXX 205 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-306-XXXX 77 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-307-XXXX 191 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-308-XXXX 181 Mobile TELUS
1-403-309-XXXX 2192 Mobile TELUS
1-403-310-XXXX 34 Mobile TELUS
1-403-312-XXXX 108 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-313-XXXX 2255 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-314-XXXX 1300 Mobile TELUS
1-403-315-XXXX 74 Mobile TELUS
1-403-316-XXXX 94 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-317-XXXX 1059 Mobile TELUS
1-403-318-XXXX 157 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-319-XXXX 119 Mobile TELUS
1-403-320-XXXX 2870 Mobile TELUS
1-403-321-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-322-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-323-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-324-XXXX 86 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-325-XXXX 32 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-326-XXXX 13 Mobile TELUS
1-403-327-XXXX 3956 Mobile TELUS
1-403-328-XXXX 3968 Mobile TELUS
1-403-329-XXXX 2360 Mobile TELUS
1-403-330-XXXX 164 Mobile TELUS
1-403-331-XXXX 515 Mobile TELUS
1-403-332-XXXX 92 Mobile TELUS
1-403-333-XXXX 108 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-334-XXXX 85 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-335-XXXX 166 Mobile TELUS
1-403-336-XXXX 55 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-337-XXXX 46 Mobile TELUS
1-403-338-XXXX 394 Mobile TELUS
1-403-339-XXXX 28 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-340-XXXX 1377 Mobile TELUS
1-403-341-XXXX 1330 Mobile TELUS
1-403-342-XXXX 2138 Mobile TELUS
1-403-343-XXXX 2420 Mobile TELUS
1-403-344-XXXX 53 Mobile TELUS
1-403-345-XXXX 1685 Mobile TELUS
1-403-346-XXXX 4596 Mobile TELUS
1-403-347-XXXX 4560 Mobile TELUS
1-403-348-XXXX 796 Mobile TELUS
1-403-349-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-350-XXXX 158 Mobile TELUS
1-403-351-XXXX 43 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-403-352-XXXX 383 Mobile TELUS
1-403-353-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS
1-403-354-XXXX 77 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-355-XXXX 286 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-356-XXXX 437 Mobile TELUS
1-403-357-XXXX 104 Mobile TELUS
1-403-358-XXXX 744 Mobile TELUS
1-403-359-XXXX 110 Mobile TELUS
1-403-360-XXXX 218 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-361-XXXX 131 Mobile TELUS
1-403-362-XXXX 1980 Mobile TELUS
1-403-363-XXXX 140 Mobile TELUS
1-403-364-XXXX 24 Mobile TELUS
1-403-365-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS
1-403-366-XXXX 2322 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-367-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-403-368-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-403-369-XXXX 92 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-370-XXXX 191 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-371-XXXX 95 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-372-XXXX 23 Mobile TELUS
1-403-373-XXXX 16 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-374-XXXX 696 Mobile TELUS
1-403-375-XXXX 267 Mobile TELUS
1-403-376-XXXX 87 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-377-XXXX 29 Mobile TELUS
1-403-378-XXXX 160 Mobile TELUS
1-403-379-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS
1-403-380-XXXX 1582 Mobile TELUS
1-403-381-XXXX 3870 Mobile TELUS
1-403-382-XXXX 144 Mobile TELUS
1-403-383-XXXX 275 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-384-XXXX 38 Mobile TELUS
1-403-385-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS
1-403-386-XXXX 152 Mobile TELUS
1-403-387-XXXX 247 Mobile TELUS
1-403-388-XXXX 968 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-389-XXXX 203 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-390-XXXX 202 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-391-XXXX 148 Mobile TELUS
1-403-392-XXXX 189 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-393-XXXX 238 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-394-XXXX 1417 Mobile TELUS
1-403-395-XXXX 17 Mobile TELUS
1-403-396-XXXX 173 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-397-XXXX 296 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-398-XXXX 2197 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-399-XXXX 279 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-400-XXXX 285 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-401-XXXX 287 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-402-XXXX 405 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-403-404-XXXX 121 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-405-XXXX 45 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-406-XXXX 17 Mobile TELUS
1-403-407-XXXX 22 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-408-XXXX 27 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-409-XXXX 40 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-410-XXXX 98 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-412-XXXX 5 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-413-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-414-XXXX 5 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-415-XXXX 16 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-416-XXXX 19 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-417-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-418-XXXX 16 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-419-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-420-XXXX 381 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-421-XXXX 6 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-422-XXXX 34 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-423-XXXX 8 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-424-XXXX 6 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-425-XXXX 12 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-426-XXXX 4 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-427-XXXX 32 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-428-XXXX 21 Mobile TELUS
1-403-429-XXXX 14 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-430-XXXX 8 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-431-XXXX 96 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-432-XXXX 7 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-433-XXXX 5 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-434-XXXX 9 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-435-XXXX 5 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-436-XXXX 27 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-437-XXXX 111 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-438-XXXX 14 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-439-XXXX 12 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-440-XXXX 385 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-441-XXXX 975 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-442-XXXX 173 Mobile TELUS
1-403-443-XXXX 415 Mobile TELUS
1-403-444-XXXX 163 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-403-445-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS
1-403-446-XXXX 2 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-447-XXXX 0 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-448-XXXX 13 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-449-XXXX 4 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-450-XXXX 832 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-451-XXXX 1163 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-452-XXXX 2945 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-453-XXXX 2187 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-454-XXXX 3165 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-455-XXXX 3227 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-456-XXXX 417 Landline Globility
1-403-457-XXXX 1579 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-458-XXXX 55 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-459-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-460-XXXX 127 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-461-XXXX 198 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-462-XXXX 177 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-463-XXXX 198 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-464-XXXX 200 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-465-XXXX 127 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-466-XXXX 206 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-467-XXXX 152 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-468-XXXX 22 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-469-XXXX 81 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-470-XXXX 212 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-471-XXXX 227 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-472-XXXX 251 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-473-XXXX 198 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-474-XXXX 115 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-475-XXXX 3090 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-476-XXXX 51 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-477-XXXX 208 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-478-XXXX 225 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-479-XXXX 220 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-480-XXXX 96 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-481-XXXX 107 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-482-XXXX 0 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-483-XXXX 230 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-484-XXXX 3 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-485-XXXX 368 Mobile TELUS
1-403-486-XXXX 6 Mobile TELUS
1-403-487-XXXX 366 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-488-XXXX 1768 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-489-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-490-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-491-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-492-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-493-XXXX 16 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-494-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-495-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-496-XXXX 0 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-497-XXXX 42 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-498-XXXX 19 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-499-XXXX 19 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-500-XXXX 115 Mobile TELUS
1-403-501-XXXX 580 Mobile TELUS
1-403-502-XXXX 241 Mobile TELUS
1-403-503-XXXX 289 Mobile TELUS
1-403-504-XXXX 1745 Mobile TELUS
1-403-505-XXXX 214 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-506-XXXX 200 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-507-XXXX 816 Mobile TELUS
1-403-508-XXXX 244 Mobile TELUS
1-403-509-XXXX 71 Mobile TELUS
1-403-510-XXXX 175 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-512-XXXX 179 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-513-XXXX 36 Mobile TELUS
1-403-514-XXXX 155 Mobile TELUS
1-403-515-XXXX 35 Mobile TELUS
1-403-516-XXXX 613 Mobile TELUS
1-403-517-XXXX 54 Mobile TELUS
1-403-518-XXXX 6 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-519-XXXX 195 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-520-XXXX 230 Mobile TELUS
1-403-521-XXXX 154 Mobile TELUS
1-403-522-XXXX 51 Mobile TELUS
1-403-523-XXXX 6 Mobile TELUS
1-403-524-XXXX 887 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-525-XXXX 123 Mobile TELUS
1-403-526-XXXX 4565 Mobile TELUS
1-403-527-XXXX 4810 Mobile TELUS
1-403-528-XXXX 1778 Mobile TELUS
1-403-529-XXXX 2661 Mobile TELUS
1-403-530-XXXX 20 Mobile TELUS
1-403-531-XXXX 83 Mobile TELUS
1-403-532-XXXX 1201 Mobile TELUS
1-403-533-XXXX 33 Mobile TELUS
1-403-534-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-535-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-403-536-XXXX 214 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-403-537-XXXX 134 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-403-538-XXXX 102 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-403-539-XXXX 246 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-403-540-XXXX 181 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-541-XXXX 550 Mobile TELUS
1-403-542-XXXX 211 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-543-XXXX 80 Mobile TELUS
1-403-544-XXXX 22 Mobile TELUS
1-403-545-XXXX 214 Mobile TELUS
1-403-546-XXXX 273 Mobile TELUS
1-403-547-XXXX 3812 Mobile TELUS
1-403-548-XXXX 1328 Mobile TELUS
1-403-549-XXXX 30 Mobile TELUS
1-403-550-XXXX 109 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-551-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-552-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-553-XXXX 173 Mobile TELUS
1-403-554-XXXX 253 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-556-XXXX 1723 Mobile TELUS
1-403-557-XXXX 8 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-558-XXXX 23 Mobile TELUS
1-403-559-XXXX 65 Mobile TELUS
1-403-560-XXXX 248 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-561-XXXX 253 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-562-XXXX 230 Mobile TELUS
1-403-563-XXXX 173 Mobile TELUS
1-403-564-XXXX 104 Mobile TELUS
1-403-565-XXXX 37 Mobile TELUS
1-403-566-XXXX 6 Mobile TELUS
1-403-567-XXXX 639 Mobile TELUS
1-403-568-XXXX 1875 Mobile TELUS
1-403-569-XXXX 1594 Mobile TELUS
1-403-570-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS
1-403-571-XXXX 139 Mobile TELUS
1-403-572-XXXX 92 Mobile TELUS
1-403-573-XXXX 8 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-574-XXXX 8 Mobile TELUS
1-403-575-XXXX 48 Mobile TELUS
1-403-576-XXXX 0 Mobile TELUS
1-403-577-XXXX 366 Mobile TELUS
1-403-578-XXXX 232 Mobile TELUS
1-403-579-XXXX 6 Mobile TELUS
1-403-580-XXXX 1323 Mobile TELUS
1-403-581-XXXX 353 Mobile TELUS
1-403-582-XXXX 12 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-583-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-584-XXXX 8 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-585-XXXX 230 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-586-XXXX 59 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-588-XXXX 74 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-589-XXXX 216 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-590-XXXX 3184 Mobile TELUS
1-403-591-XXXX 16 Mobile TELUS
1-403-592-XXXX 520 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-593-XXXX 121 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-594-XXXX 108 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-595-XXXX 5 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-596-XXXX 165 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-597-XXXX 208 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-598-XXXX 197 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-599-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-403-600-XXXX 27 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-601-XXXX 968 Mobile TELUS
1-403-602-XXXX 38 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-603-XXXX 116 Mobile TELUS
1-403-604-XXXX 272 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-605-XXXX 266 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-606-XXXX 257 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-607-XXXX 228 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-608-XXXX 233 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-609-XXXX 1393 Mobile TELUS
1-403-612-XXXX 245 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-613-XXXX 242 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-614-XXXX 218 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-615-XXXX 273 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-616-XXXX 262 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-617-XXXX 284 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-618-XXXX 257 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-619-XXXX 258 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-620-XXXX 180 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-621-XXXX 11 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-622-XXXX 7 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-623-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-624-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-625-XXXX 571 Mobile TELUS
1-403-626-XXXX 23 Mobile TELUS
1-403-627-XXXX 410 Mobile TELUS
1-403-628-XXXX 38 Mobile TELUS
1-403-629-XXXX 257 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-630-XXXX 257 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-631-XXXX 17 Mobile TELUS
1-403-632-XXXX 37 Mobile TELUS
1-403-633-XXXX 32 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-634-XXXX 160 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-635-XXXX 54 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-636-XXXX 93 Mobile TELUS
1-403-637-XXXX 33 Mobile TELUS
1-403-638-XXXX 623 Mobile TELUS
1-403-639-XXXX 6 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-640-XXXX 1448 Mobile TELUS
1-403-641-XXXX 293 Mobile TELUS
1-403-642-XXXX 40 Mobile TELUS
1-403-643-XXXX 27 Mobile TELUS
1-403-644-XXXX 50 Mobile TELUS
1-403-645-XXXX 30 Mobile TELUS
1-403-646-XXXX 127 Mobile TELUS
1-403-647-XXXX 147 Mobile TELUS
1-403-648-XXXX 85 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-403-649-XXXX 299 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-650-XXXX 199 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-651-XXXX 191 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-652-XXXX 1785 Mobile TELUS
1-403-653-XXXX 532 Mobile TELUS
1-403-654-XXXX 153 Mobile TELUS
1-403-655-XXXX 56 Mobile TELUS
1-403-656-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-403-657-XXXX 4 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-658-XXXX 17 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-659-XXXX 12 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-660-XXXX 196 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-661-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-403-662-XXXX 7 Mobile TELUS
1-403-663-XXXX 920 Mobile TELUS
1-403-664-XXXX 175 Mobile TELUS
1-403-665-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-666-XXXX 12 Mobile TELUS
1-403-667-XXXX 302 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-668-XXXX 267 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-403-669-XXXX 214 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-670-XXXX 184 Mobile TELUS
1-403-671-XXXX 231 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-672-XXXX 7 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-673-XXXX 74 Mobile TELUS
1-403-674-XXXX 6 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-675-XXXX 803 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-676-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-403-677-XXXX 7 Mobile TELUS
1-403-678-XXXX 2259 Mobile TELUS
1-403-679-XXXX 49 Mobile TELUS
1-403-680-XXXX 298 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-681-XXXX 305 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-682-XXXX 11 Mobile TELUS
1-403-683-XXXX 7 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-684-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS
1-403-685-XXXX 1415 Mobile TELUS
1-403-686-XXXX 2433 Mobile TELUS
1-403-687-XXXX 35 Mobile TELUS
1-403-688-XXXX 76 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-689-XXXX 310 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-690-XXXX 291 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-691-XXXX 44 Mobile TELUS
1-403-692-XXXX 205 Mobile TELUS
1-403-693-XXXX 76 Mobile TELUS
1-403-694-XXXX 2 Landline ISP Telecom
1-403-695-XXXX 1653 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-696-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-697-XXXX 2121 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-698-XXXX 1963 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-699-XXXX 72 Mobile TELUS
1-403-700-XXXX 254 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-701-XXXX 249 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-702-XXXX 156 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-703-XXXX 227 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-704-XXXX 210 Mobile TELUS
1-403-705-XXXX 108 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-403-706-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-707-XXXX 29 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-708-XXXX 293 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-709-XXXX 50 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-403-710-XXXX 232 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-712-XXXX 1 Landline ISP Telecom
1-403-713-XXXX 2 Landline ISP Telecom
1-403-714-XXXX 299 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-715-XXXX 261 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-716-XXXX 43 Mobile TELUS
1-403-717-XXXX 113 Mobile TELUS
1-403-718-XXXX 99 Mobile TELUS
1-403-719-XXXX 74 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-720-XXXX 1489 Mobile TELUS
1-403-721-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-722-XXXX 35 Mobile TELUS
1-403-723-XXXX 168 Mobile TELUS
1-403-724-XXXX 62 Mobile TELUS
1-403-725-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS
1-403-726-XXXX 577 Mobile TELUS
1-403-727-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS
1-403-728-XXXX 25 Mobile TELUS
1-403-729-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS
1-403-730-XXXX 1877 Mobile TELUS
1-403-731-XXXX 97 Mobile TELUS
1-403-732-XXXX 216 Mobile TELUS
1-403-733-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-403-734-XXXX 128 Mobile TELUS
1-403-735-XXXX 131 Mobile TELUS
1-403-736-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS
1-403-737-XXXX 47 Mobile TELUS
1-403-738-XXXX 13 Mobile TELUS
1-403-739-XXXX 14 Mobile TELUS
1-403-740-XXXX 122 Mobile TELUS
1-403-741-XXXX 110 Mobile TELUS
1-403-742-XXXX 2533 Mobile TELUS
1-403-743-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS
1-403-744-XXXX 3 Landline ISP Telecom
1-403-745-XXXX 7 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-746-XXXX 254 Mobile TELUS
1-403-747-XXXX 46 Mobile TELUS
1-403-748-XXXX 326 Mobile TELUS
1-403-749-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS
1-403-750-XXXX 70 Mobile TELUS
1-403-751-XXXX 2 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-752-XXXX 113 Mobile TELUS
1-403-753-XXXX 38 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-754-XXXX 656 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-755-XXXX 962 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-756-XXXX 87 Mobile TELUS
1-403-757-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS
1-403-758-XXXX 116 Mobile TELUS
1-403-759-XXXX 8 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-760-XXXX 115 Mobile TELUS
1-403-761-XXXX 0 Mobile TELUS
1-403-762-XXXX 328 Mobile TELUS
1-403-763-XXXX 85 Mobile TELUS
1-403-764-XXXX 1839 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-765-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-403-766-XXXX 72 Mobile TELUS
1-403-767-XXXX 46 Mobile TELUS
1-403-768-XXXX 8 Landline Distributel
1-403-769-XXXX 62 Mobile TELUS
1-403-770-XXXX 140 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-403-771-XXXX 219 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-772-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS
1-403-773-XXXX 13 Mobile TELUS
1-403-774-XXXX 181 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-403-775-XXXX 260 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-403-776-XXXX 25 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-403-777-XXXX 159 Mobile TELUS
1-403-778-XXXX 3 Landline Distributel
1-403-779-XXXX 15 Mobile TELUS
1-403-781-XXXX 52 Mobile TELUS
1-403-782-XXXX 2441 Mobile TELUS
1-403-783-XXXX 1526 Mobile TELUS
1-403-784-XXXX 72 Mobile TELUS
1-403-785-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS
1-403-786-XXXX 140 Mobile TELUS
1-403-787-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS
1-403-788-XXXX 75 Mobile TELUS
1-403-789-XXXX 36 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-790-XXXX 28 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-791-XXXX 21 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-792-XXXX 34 Mobile TELUS
1-403-793-XXXX 523 Mobile TELUS
1-403-794-XXXX 39 Mobile TELUS
1-403-795-XXXX 257 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-796-XXXX 163 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-797-XXXX 149 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-798-XXXX 22 Mobile TELUS
1-403-799-XXXX 1 Mobile Globalstar
1-403-800-XXXX 107 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-403-801-XXXX 170 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-802-XXXX 786 Mobile TELUS
1-403-803-XXXX 198 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-804-XXXX 200 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-805-XXXX 227 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-806-XXXX 259 Mobile TELUS
1-403-807-XXXX 181 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-808-XXXX 208 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-809-XXXX 199 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-812-XXXX 1 Landline Distributel
1-403-813-XXXX 185 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-814-XXXX 2 Landline Distributel
1-403-815-XXXX 205 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-816-XXXX 218 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-817-XXXX 41 Mobile TELUS
1-403-818-XXXX 208 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-819-XXXX 214 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-820-XXXX 164 Mobile TELUS
1-403-821-XXXX 63 Mobile TELUS
1-403-822-XXXX 33 Mobile TELUS
1-403-823-XXXX 1203 Mobile TELUS
1-403-824-XXXX 52 Mobile TELUS
1-403-826-XXXX 223 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-827-XXXX 248 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-828-XXXX 237 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-829-XXXX 241 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-830-XXXX 309 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-831-XXXX 221 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-832-XXXX 20 Mobile TELUS
1-403-833-XXXX 29 Mobile TELUS
1-403-834-XXXX 31 Mobile TELUS
1-403-835-XXXX 264 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-836-XXXX 231 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-837-XXXX 243 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-838-XXXX 15 Mobile TELUS
1-403-839-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS
1-403-840-XXXX 2 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-841-XXXX 2 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-842-XXXX 4 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-843-XXXX 126 Mobile TELUS
1-403-844-XXXX 480 Mobile TELUS
1-403-845-XXXX 1025 Mobile TELUS
1-403-846-XXXX 130 Mobile TELUS
1-403-847-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS
1-403-848-XXXX 134 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-849-XXXX 41 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-850-XXXX 198 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-851-XXXX 957 Mobile TELUS
1-403-852-XXXX 191 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-853-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-854-XXXX 388 Mobile TELUS
1-403-855-XXXX 96 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-856-XXXX 7 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-857-XXXX 17 Mobile TELUS
1-403-858-XXXX 51 Mobile TELUS
1-403-859-XXXX 21 Mobile TELUS
1-403-860-XXXX 242 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-861-XXXX 219 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-862-XXXX 230 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-863-XXXX 213 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-864-XXXX 422 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-865-XXXX 25 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-866-XXXX 196 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-867-XXXX 127 Mobile TELUS
1-403-868-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-869-XXXX 251 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-870-XXXX 297 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-871-XXXX 5 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-872-XXXX 183 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-873-XXXX 755 Mobile TELUS
1-403-874-XXXX 262 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-875-XXXX 275 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-876-XXXX 21 Mobile TELUS
1-403-877-XXXX 206 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-878-XXXX 164 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-879-XXXX 53 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-403-880-XXXX 225 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-881-XXXX 32 Mobile TELUS
1-403-882-XXXX 579 Mobile TELUS
1-403-883-XXXX 15 Mobile TELUS
1-403-884-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-885-XXXX 153 Mobile TELUS
1-403-886-XXXX 238 Mobile TELUS
1-403-887-XXXX 2487 Mobile TELUS
1-403-888-XXXX 136 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-889-XXXX 169 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-890-XXXX 175 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-891-XXXX 242 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-892-XXXX 205 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-893-XXXX 11 Mobile TELUS
1-403-894-XXXX 237 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-895-XXXX 40 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-896-XXXX 228 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-897-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS
1-403-898-XXXX 7 Mobile TELUS
1-403-899-XXXX 97 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-901-XXXX 856 Mobile TELUS
1-403-902-XXXX 38 Mobile TELUS
1-403-903-XXXX 416 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-403-904-XXXX 11 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-905-XXXX 1 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-906-XXXX 1 Landline YAK Communications (Canada) Corp.
1-403-907-XXXX 3 Landline Distributel
1-403-908-XXXX 1 Landline Distributel
1-403-909-XXXX 244 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-910-XXXX 15 Landline Distributel
1-403-912-XXXX 1597 Mobile TELUS
1-403-913-XXXX 10 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-914-XXXX 2 Landline Bragg Communications Inc.
1-403-915-XXXX 154 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-916-XXXX 9 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-917-XXXX 7 Landline Distributel
1-403-918-XXXX 243 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-919-XXXX 265 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-920-XXXX 129 Mobile TELUS
1-403-921-XXXX 245 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-922-XXXX 202 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-923-XXXX 240 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-924-XXXX 1 Landline Bragg Communications Inc.
1-403-925-XXXX 8 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-926-XXXX 241 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-927-XXXX 3 Mobile Globalstar
1-403-928-XXXX 254 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-403-929-XXXX 92 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-930-XXXX 62 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-931-XXXX 116 Mobile TELUS
1-403-932-XXXX 2570 Mobile TELUS
1-403-933-XXXX 173 Mobile TELUS
1-403-934-XXXX 1729 Mobile TELUS
1-403-935-XXXX 20 Mobile TELUS
1-403-936-XXXX 689 Mobile TELUS
1-403-937-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-403-938-XXXX 2547 Mobile TELUS
1-403-939-XXXX 210 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-940-XXXX 7 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-941-XXXX 4 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-942-XXXX 402 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-943-XXXX 90 Mobile TELUS
1-403-944-XXXX 92 Mobile TELUS
1-403-945-XXXX 1304 Mobile TELUS
1-403-946-XXXX 75 Mobile TELUS
1-403-947-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS
1-403-948-XXXX 3187 Mobile TELUS
1-403-949-XXXX 291 Mobile TELUS
1-403-951-XXXX 8 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-952-XXXX 163 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-953-XXXX 4 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-954-XXXX 0 Landline Bragg Communications Inc.
1-403-955-XXXX 64 Mobile TELUS
1-403-956-XXXX 8 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-403-957-XXXX 49 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-403-960-XXXX 3 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-961-XXXX 0 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-962-XXXX 9 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-963-XXXX 38 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-964-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-403-965-XXXX 45 Mobile TELUS
1-403-966-XXXX 293 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-967-XXXX 2 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-968-XXXX 273 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-969-XXXX 269 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-970-XXXX 178 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-971-XXXX 271 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-972-XXXX 12 Mobile TELUS
1-403-973-XXXX 266 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-974-XXXX 100 Mobile TELUS
1-403-975-XXXX 316 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-977-XXXX 173 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-978-XXXX 277 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-979-XXXX 43 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-980-XXXX 1206 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-981-XXXX 355 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-982-XXXX 597 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-983-XXXX 297 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-984-XXXX 1531 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-985-XXXX 36 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-986-XXXX 530 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-403-987-XXXX 11 Mobile Globalstar
1-403-988-XXXX 227 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-989-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-403-990-XXXX 258 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-991-XXXX 321 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-992-XXXX 313 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-403-993-XXXX 264 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-994-XXXX 49 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-995-XXXX 1380 Mobile TELUS
1-403-996-XXXX 15 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-997-XXXX 2 Mobile Globalstar
1-403-998-XXXX 264 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-403-999-XXXX 291 Mobile TELUS Mobility