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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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10/2/15: Bill Collection

10/1/15: I finally got through to the voicemail course I was on hold for two minutes and no one could get to the phone I actually got to leave a message.. told them to stop f****** calling me

10/1/15: This number has called me nonstop for weeks, it shifts numbers regularly I believe. It began as a number from Oklahoma different from this one, when I called asking to speak to a manager the lady hung up on me. More attempts resulted in more hang ups. In my last call I threatened to report them, she still hung up. So I reported the number. This number is annoying and is constantly calling me leaves no message and is unable to answer any calls. Unbelievable! Total SCAM!

9/30/15: Called about having legal documents against me and a pending law suit.

9/30/15: How can you leave a voicemail saying that you've been served they keep calling me is telling me this and you can never call back and leave a message it always says that their mailbox is full 😠

9/28/15: They keep calling saying they have papers to serve..they leave voicemails since I blocked the number. The first time they called I called a woman asking if I knew someone since my phone number was not this other person they were asking for. Told me to give them the message. I tried calling back to tell them to stop calling , it disconnected on me right away, then I tried again, went to voicemail which was full and couldn't leave a message. They have been calling almost every day.

9/26/15: total scam got the same call at my home and my cell even when they called i punched a key to get connected and automatically said they were closed for the day!!!!

9/26/15: They call threatening to have me locked up. Their compromise is letting me pay a $9k debt full of late/penalty fees for a $200 loan in full or else they're sending police to my home or place of employment to have me locked up. They call from other numbers and also say they're going to serve me papers. The first man had a thick Spanish accent. He was very threatening and I couldn't get a word in edge wise without him cutting me off and exclaiming that I wasn't cooperating.

9/24/15: scam

9/23/15: Illegal practice of stating who company is, representing company as legal agency ( attorney office), main message tactic, " a legal complaint filed against you, "you have been served", recorded message states!! Which clearly misrepresented a law office or law firm....