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Reported on Sep 13, 2014
Reported on Sep 8, 2014
Just received a call - CID showed 'HGVC' - person answered 'thank you for calling Hilton hotels how can I help you?" when I stated he called me line dropped dead.
Reported on Sep 2, 2014
Hilton vacations telemarketer.
Reported on Aug 28, 2014
1:30 am..... Not cool
Reported on Aug 26, 2014
2 calls message left
Reported on Aug 19, 2014
Two calls within three hours today. Didn't answer and no messages left.
Reported on Aug 18, 2014
Hilton Honors Vacations - I told the man I was driving and couldn't provide my CC information - he asked if I could pull over to the side of the road!?!
Reported on Aug 14, 2014
Hilton Honors vacations
Reported on Aug 11, 2014
Two calls, one at 1030 and one at 1600. No message.
Reported on Aug 7, 2014
Hilton vacations deal
Reported on Aug 1, 2014
hilton vacations
Reported on Jul 31, 2014
Hilton Hobors
Reported on Jul 31, 2014
Has called every day about the same time for the last week. I answer, and silence, I ingnore and no VM... Just annoying calls.
Reported on Jul 31, 2014
received at least 4 calls on my work cell. Always at around 8pm Pacific. Have not answered any of the calls.
Reported on Jul 29, 2014
Calls and doesn't leave a message.
Reported on Jul 28, 2014
Received on my per pay track phone. Do not wish to get these calls.
Reported on Jul 28, 2014
Time share spammer
Reported on Jul 24, 2014
I have received daily telephone calls beginning the week of July 14, 2014, in the PM hours. I reside in California. I refuse to answer the call. I checked the number on line and learned its probably a telemarketer.
Reported on Jul 24, 2014
Hilton vacations
Reported on Jul 22, 2014
Hilton grand vacations
Reported on Jul 21, 2014
Get 3 calls a day; I never answer
Reported on Jul 21, 2014
getting way too many calls from this telemarketer
Reported on Jul 18, 2014
Hilton time share
Reported on Jul 18, 2014
selling vacation
Reported on Jul 17, 2014
says Hilton honors time share
Reported on Jul 16, 2014
Fake time share offer for Vegas. Tries to get cc #
Reported on Jul 16, 2014
do not call again
Reported on Jul 15, 2014
Reported on Jul 14, 2014
I don't recognize this number and they didn't leave a voicemail - I assume it's a telemarketer
Reported on Jul 3, 2014
Has called me three nights in a row (after 7 PM) and never leaves a message.