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6/25/15: Called looking for my Mom on my boyfriend's phone # which is on my boyfriend & his Mom's phone plan. Him & his Mom just recently added phone on theirs my. This operator said they were representing some alledged law firm regarding a legal judgment pending against her. They needed to find her if I had a number she could be reached and wanted me to confirm the last 4 digits of her Social Security. These same SPAM SCAM called me looking for my boyfriend's Mom on my phone. Needless to say his Mom has had the cell phone # for 20 years didn't know why they couldn't find her. These people called back to say it was too late for my Mom that the legal decision had been drawn against her. They had me in tears especially what had our Mom's done? Their messages were very upsettling to both me & my boyfriend. We didn't find it humorous at all.

5/11/15: Does not give name - Threatening calls for Arthur Clark whom I do not know

4/29/15: Tiana - This company says I owe for a payday loan from 2009. They are very nasty and threatening. Filed a complaint with the state authorities

4/27/15: Amy green - Says that I owe on a payday loaned and serving a pretrial warning

3/19/15: They calling harassing me claim I owe I know I don't. It a foreign country lady then call me another number. Please contact them they fraudulent people money.

3/16/15: Spam. Dont answer

2/9/15: Fake phony call .. don't answer phony representatives