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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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6/24/14: Car dealers

6/18/14: Yes I got a call from this #417-983-8520. And I don't know this # and when I first answer they say nothing hang up but keep calling all day til I reject it and they still call sick of it.

6/17/14: this # and 20 different #s call all day every 10 minutes !!!! they wont stop

6/17/14: fAke loan ppl. sexual harassment. literallycalling all day from DOZENS of numbers. said they will f##k my bloody b###h p###y!!!! disgusting!!!!!!!

6/9/14: payday loan company.

6/4/14: I started forwarding all these types of calls to one of their when they call my number it forwards them to another payday loan number, a little payback of my own to two at a time, of course I make sure it's a number that one of these jerks actually answer....I think it is working......but i keep getting new numbers calling now I forward them to one of the numbers that when called it says that number is no longer in service. I grow tired of dishing it back to them, so perhaps if we all start forwarding those frustrating calls to other frustrating callers, then perhaps we can evoke a little revenge on them in our own way.

5/21/14: fake loan program for 5000 dollars.

5/19/14: To Chicken to Say - Caller called a 10 year olds trac phone for family only. Won't talk and keeps calling. Beyond harassment!!!!

5/14/14: I receive an average of two dozen phony calls each day and now answer these suspected calls with a message that they are being recorded and the number they are calling from is being reported to the BBB, most calls then end with a simple hang up from them

4/30/14: keeps harrassing me sexualy