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Reported on Nov 29, 2015
Like the others I do not have a HSBC account!
Reported on Nov 29, 2015
I don't even have a HSBC account, so I contacted HSBC directly. Tis the season for scammers, so be careful.
Reported on Nov 29, 2015
I don't even have a HSBC account, so I contacted HSBC directly. Tis the season for scammers, so be careful.
Reported on Nov 29, 2015
Received text on my work cell phone about unauthorized activity detected. Get in touch with our customer service: 14188001329 to remove restrictions.
Reported on Nov 29, 2015
Received text on my work cell phone about unauthorized activity detected. Get in touch with our customer service: 14188001329 to remove restrictions.
Reported on Nov 28, 2015
Received two texts from this number and HSBC over the past two days. First one was to confirm my account which I didn't and the second was about suspicious activity. I do not have any credit cards with HSBC.
Reported on Nov 28, 2015
Received two texts from this number and HSBC over the past two days. First one was to confirm my account which I didn't and the second was about suspicious activity. I do not have any credit cards with HSBC.
Reported on Nov 28, 2015
Received a text saying there was suspicious activity on an hsbc account.
Reported on Nov 28, 2015
Received a text saying there was suspicious activity on an hsbc account.
Reported on Nov 28, 2015
Potential Scam. Called business cell phone in New Jersey about an unauthorized activity. No accounts with HSBC. Please contact the authorities and have this cyber thief arrested. 6 other complaints today as stated below.
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Exchanges in area 1-418

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-418-200-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-201-XXXX 127 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-202-XXXX 386 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-203-XXXX 102 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-204-XXXX 5389 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-205-XXXX 46 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-206-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-207-XXXX 3 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-208-XXXX 101 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-209-XXXX 25 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-210-XXXX 13 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-418-212-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-213-XXXX 1073 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-214-XXXX 1 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-215-XXXX 12 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-216-XXXX 3 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-217-XXXX 2 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-218-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-219-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-220-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-221-XXXX 1584 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-222-XXXX 964 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-223-XXXX 147 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-224-XXXX 421 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-225-XXXX 368 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-226-XXXX 1205 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-227-XXXX 4567 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-228-XXXX 4824 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-229-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-230-XXXX 183 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-231-XXXX 492 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-232-XXXX 302 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-233-XXXX 1068 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-234-XXXX 250 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-235-XXXX 428 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-236-XXXX 830 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-237-XXXX 109 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-238-XXXX 339 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-239-XXXX 745 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-240-XXXX 448 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-241-XXXX 882 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-242-XXXX 3 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-243-XXXX 1320 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-244-XXXX 344 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-245-XXXX 94 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-246-XXXX 1173 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-247-XXXX 1806 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-248-XXXX 4207 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-249-XXXX 511 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-250-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-251-XXXX 1075 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-252-XXXX 3 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-253-XXXX 1058 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-254-XXXX 77 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-255-XXXX 71 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-256-XXXX 636 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-257-XXXX 383 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-258-XXXX 502 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-259-XXXX 1098 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-260-XXXX 194 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-261-XXXX 164 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-262-XXXX 147 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-263-XXXX 97 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-418-264-XXXX 154 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-265-XXXX 150 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-266-XXXX 59 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-418-267-XXXX 382 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-268-XXXX 1863 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-269-XXXX 1735 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-270-XXXX 1 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-271-XXXX 99 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-272-XXXX 1080 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-274-XXXX 1946 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-275-XXXX 5343 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-276-XXXX 6458 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-277-XXXX 622 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-278-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-279-XXXX 602 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-280-XXXX 0 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-281-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-282-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-283-XXXX 313 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-284-XXXX 178 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-285-XXXX 2991 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-286-XXXX 1583 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-287-XXXX 1127 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-288-XXXX 252 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-289-XXXX 1365 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-290-XXXX 70 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-291-XXXX 20 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-292-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-293-XXXX 565 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-294-XXXX 628 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-295-XXXX 957 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-296-XXXX 3166 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-297-XXXX 126 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-298-XXXX 721 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-299-XXXX 637 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-300-XXXX 109 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-301-XXXX 7 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-302-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-303-XXXX 71 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-304-XXXX 2380 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-305-XXXX 3 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-306-XXXX 1129 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-307-XXXX 92 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-308-XXXX 216 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-309-XXXX 22 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-310-XXXX 6 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-312-XXXX 47 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-313-XXXX 48 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-314-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-315-XXXX 120 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-316-XXXX 128 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-317-XXXX 53 Landline Distributel
1-418-318-XXXX 49 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-319-XXXX 0 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-320-XXXX 0 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-321-XXXX 15 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-322-XXXX 415 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-323-XXXX 356 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-324-XXXX 3 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-325-XXXX 868 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-326-XXXX 8 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-327-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-328-XXXX 1337 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-329-XXXX 313 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-330-XXXX 15 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-331-XXXX 7 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-332-XXXX 1174 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-333-XXXX 42 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-334-XXXX 399 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-335-XXXX 3854 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-336-XXXX 701 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-337-XXXX 4232 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-338-XXXX 5187 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-339-XXXX 606 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-340-XXXX 170 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-341-XXXX 1 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-342-XXXX 710 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-343-XXXX 1140 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-344-XXXX 1263 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-345-XXXX 1210 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-346-XXXX 443 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-347-XXXX 2092 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-348-XXXX 843 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-349-XXXX 1831 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-350-XXXX 27 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-351-XXXX 45 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-352-XXXX 130 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-353-XXXX 4588 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-354-XXXX 600 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-355-XXXX 9 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-356-XXXX 1660 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-357-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-358-XXXX 161 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-359-XXXX 1143 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-360-XXXX 215 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-361-XXXX 202 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-362-XXXX 680 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-363-XXXX 22 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-364-XXXX 1400 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-365-XXXX 2556 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-366-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-368-XXXX 3377 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-369-XXXX 7 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-370-XXXX 3 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-371-XXXX 421 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-372-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-373-XXXX 368 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-374-XXXX 595 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-375-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-376-XXXX 45 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-377-XXXX 1 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-378-XXXX 30 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-379-XXXX 21 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-380-XXXX 3664 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-381-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-382-XXXX 1033 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-383-XXXX 1167 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-384-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-385-XXXX 1337 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-386-XXXX 1248 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-387-XXXX 4128 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-388-XXXX 997 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-389-XXXX 374 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-390-XXXX 311 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-391-XXXX 19 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-392-XXXX 1644 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-393-XXXX 750 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-394-XXXX 0 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-395-XXXX 351 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-396-XXXX 875 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-397-XXXX 1926 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-398-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-399-XXXX 4 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-400-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-401-XXXX 318 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-402-XXXX 347 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-403-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-404-XXXX 203 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-405-XXXX 106 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-406-XXXX 315 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-407-XXXX 3321 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-408-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-409-XXXX 25 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-410-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-412-XXXX 1639 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-413-XXXX 83 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-414-XXXX 34 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-415-XXXX 164 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-416-XXXX 5 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-417-XXXX 418 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-419-XXXX 1 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-420-XXXX 6 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-421-XXXX 4 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-422-XXXX 789 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-423-XXXX 2872 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-424-XXXX 699 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-425-XXXX 4 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-418-426-XXXX 853 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-427-XXXX 1239 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-428-XXXX 884 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-429-XXXX 13 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-430-XXXX 2 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-418-431-XXXX 39 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-418-432-XXXX 0 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-433-XXXX 214 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-434-XXXX 324 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-435-XXXX 2806 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-436-XXXX 1 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-437-XXXX 0 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-418-438-XXXX 643 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-439-XXXX 2448 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-440-XXXX 80 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-441-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-442-XXXX 26 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-443-XXXX 593 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-444-XXXX 12 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-445-XXXX 11 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-446-XXXX 58 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-447-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-448-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-449-XXXX 1822 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-450-XXXX 4 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-451-XXXX 24 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-452-XXXX 337 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-453-XXXX 616 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-454-XXXX 60 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-455-XXXX 92 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-456-XXXX 59 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-457-XXXX 455 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-458-XXXX 435 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-459-XXXX 1024 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-461-XXXX 172 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-462-XXXX 509 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-463-XXXX 33 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-464-XXXX 536 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-465-XXXX 121 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-466-XXXX 698 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-467-XXXX 49 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-469-XXXX 1224 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-470-XXXX 4 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-418-471-XXXX 41 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-472-XXXX 74 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-473-XXXX 79 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-475-XXXX 1144 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-476-XXXX 25 Landline ISP Telecom
1-418-477-XXXX 75 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-478-XXXX 32 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-418-479-XXXX 558 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-480-XXXX 2203 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-481-XXXX 838 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-482-XXXX 12 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-483-XXXX 411 Landline La Cie de Telephone de Courcelles Inc.
1-418-484-XXXX 985 Landline Le Telephone de St-Ephrem Inc
1-418-485-XXXX 581 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-486-XXXX 1274 Landline La Compagnie de Telephone de Lambton Inc.
1-418-487-XXXX 43 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-488-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-489-XXXX 27 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-490-XXXX 17 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-491-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-492-XXXX 2361 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-493-XXXX 391 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-494-XXXX 81 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-495-XXXX 700 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-496-XXXX 115 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-497-XXXX 1072 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-498-XXXX 973 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-499-XXXX 305 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-500-XXXX 5 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-501-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-502-XXXX 53 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-503-XXXX 326 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-504-XXXX 34 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-505-XXXX 37 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-507-XXXX 12 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-508-XXXX 10 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-509-XXXX 33 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-510-XXXX 3 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-512-XXXX 1669 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-513-XXXX 4 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-514-XXXX 7 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-515-XXXX 33 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-516-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-517-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-518-XXXX 15 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-519-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-520-XXXX 32 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-521-XXXX 315 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-522-XXXX 4378 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-523-XXXX 4940 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-524-XXXX 5401 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-525-XXXX 2009 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-526-XXXX 66 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-527-XXXX 5234 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-528-XXXX 26 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-529-XXXX 4569 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-530-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-531-XXXX 968 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-532-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-533-XXXX 135 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-534-XXXX 1411 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-535-XXXX 18 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-536-XXXX 810 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-538-XXXX 1488 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-539-XXXX 46 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-540-XXXX 62 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-541-XXXX 38 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-542-XXXX 6769 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-543-XXXX 6135 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-544-XXXX 6397 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-545-XXXX 3793 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-546-XXXX 105 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-547-XXXX 6947 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-548-XXXX 6541 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-549-XXXX 6020 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-550-XXXX 55 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-551-XXXX 45 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-552-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-553-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-554-XXXX 109 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-556-XXXX 64 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-557-XXXX 28 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-558-XXXX 95 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-559-XXXX 83 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-560-XXXX 85 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-561-XXXX 91 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-562-XXXX 4973 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-563-XXXX 87 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-564-XXXX 114 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-565-XXXX 275 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-566-XXXX 1511 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-567-XXXX 2284 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-568-XXXX 191 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-569-XXXX 84 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-570-XXXX 105 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-571-XXXX 102 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-572-XXXX 104 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-573-XXXX 83 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-574-XXXX 2598 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-575-XXXX 77 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-576-XXXX 101 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-577-XXXX 15 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-578-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-579-XXXX 3 Landline Distributel
1-418-580-XXXX 83 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-582-XXXX 1157 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-583-XXXX 232 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-584-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-585-XXXX 320 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-586-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-587-XXXX 1476 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-588-XXXX 1122 Landline La Compagnie de Telephone de St-Victor
1-418-589-XXXX 4249 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-590-XXXX 62 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-591-XXXX 6 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-592-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-593-XXXX 1129 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-594-XXXX 1647 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-595-XXXX 411 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-596-XXXX 853 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-597-XXXX 221 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-598-XXXX 1893 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-599-XXXX 432 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-600-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-601-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-602-XXXX 2034 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-603-XXXX 3205 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-604-XXXX 6 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-605-XXXX 897 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-606-XXXX 26 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-607-XXXX 150 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-608-XXXX 85 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-609-XXXX 87 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-612-XXXX 1189 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-613-XXXX 336 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-614-XXXX 5714 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-615-XXXX 25 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-616-XXXX 13 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-617-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-618-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-619-XXXX 640 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-620-XXXX 74 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-621-XXXX 1085 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-622-XXXX 5286 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-623-XXXX 5564 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-624-XXXX 4044 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-625-XXXX 2019 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-626-XXXX 6617 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-627-XXXX 4710 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-628-XXXX 6262 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-629-XXXX 2755 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-630-XXXX 476 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-631-XXXX 379 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-632-XXXX 401 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-633-XXXX 31 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-634-XXXX 922 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-635-XXXX 562 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-636-XXXX 232 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-637-XXXX 28 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-638-XXXX 651 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-639-XXXX 591 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-640-XXXX 300 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-641-XXXX 104 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-642-XXXX 1148 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-643-XXXX 65 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-644-XXXX 25 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-645-XXXX 520 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-646-XXXX 36 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-647-XXXX 1187 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-648-XXXX 1141 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-649-XXXX 1148 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-650-XXXX 3158 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-651-XXXX 5306 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-652-XXXX 2062 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-653-XXXX 5143 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-654-XXXX 1125 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-655-XXXX 108 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-656-XXXX 1696 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-657-XXXX 3261 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-658-XXXX 4827 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-659-XXXX 2902 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-660-XXXX 6084 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-661-XXXX 6126 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-662-XXXX 4533 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-663-XXXX 3728 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-664-XXXX 905 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-665-XXXX 3230 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-666-XXXX 5581 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-667-XXXX 6719 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-668-XXXX 4906 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-669-XXXX 577 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-670-XXXX 59 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-671-XXXX 36 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-672-XXXX 1956 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-673-XXXX 2388 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-674-XXXX 727 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-675-XXXX 178 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-676-XXXX 231 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-677-XXXX 349 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-678-XXXX 1618 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-679-XXXX 3805 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-680-XXXX 30 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-681-XXXX 4351 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-682-XXXX 3033 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-683-XXXX 4910 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-684-XXXX 376 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-685-XXXX 817 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-686-XXXX 1199 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-687-XXXX 3607 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-688-XXXX 3872 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-689-XXXX 2273 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-690-XXXX 2151 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-691-XXXX 33 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-692-XXXX 1124 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-693-XXXX 2005 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-694-XXXX 1118 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-695-XXXX 3865 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-696-XXXX 2548 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-697-XXXX 792 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-698-XXXX 2740 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-699-XXXX 592 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-700-XXXX 477 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-701-XXXX 127 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-702-XXXX 226 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-703-XXXX 83 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-704-XXXX 3110 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-705-XXXX 57 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-706-XXXX 140 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-707-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-708-XXXX 0 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-418-710-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-712-XXXX 6 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-713-XXXX 5 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-714-XXXX 75 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-715-XXXX 3 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-716-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-717-XXXX 93 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-718-XXXX 10 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-719-XXXX 37 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-720-XXXX 49 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-721-XXXX 1690 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-722-XXXX 2870 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-723-XXXX 4863 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-724-XXXX 4132 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-725-XXXX 2295 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-726-XXXX 131 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-727-XXXX 798 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-728-XXXX 2303 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-729-XXXX 496 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-730-XXXX 927 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-731-XXXX 334 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-732-XXXX 263 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-733-XXXX 867 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-734-XXXX 1 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-735-XXXX 1501 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-736-XXXX 1442 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-737-XXXX 892 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-738-XXXX 533 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-739-XXXX 1518 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-740-XXXX 12 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-741-XXXX 2 Landline Distributel
1-418-742-XXXX 451 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-743-XXXX 538 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-744-XXXX 350 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-745-XXXX 33 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-746-XXXX 51 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-747-XXXX 6 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-748-XXXX 2904 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-749-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-750-XXXX 66 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-751-XXXX 58 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-752-XXXX 2017 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-754-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-755-XXXX 818 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-756-XXXX 1449 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-757-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-758-XXXX 84 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-759-XXXX 1147 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-760-XXXX 177 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-761-XXXX 574 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-762-XXXX 127 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-763-XXXX 2548 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-764-XXXX 470 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-765-XXXX 741 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-766-XXXX 3242 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-767-XXXX 5 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-768-XXXX 4 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-769-XXXX 1193 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-770-XXXX 35 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-771-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-772-XXXX 241 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-773-XXXX 150 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-774-XXXX 3328 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-418-775-XXXX 3902 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-776-XXXX 712 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-777-XXXX 658 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-778-XXXX 634 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-779-XXXX 506 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-780-XXXX 197 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-781-XXXX 60 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-782-XXXX 796 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-783-XXXX 3 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-784-XXXX 371 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-785-XXXX 626 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-786-XXXX 1074 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-787-XXXX 19 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-788-XXXX 639 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-789-XXXX 1145 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-790-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-791-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-792-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-793-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-794-XXXX 537 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-795-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-796-XXXX 915 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-797-XXXX 535 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-798-XXXX 812 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-799-XXXX 188 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-800-XXXX 52 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-418-801-XXXX 24 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-802-XXXX 127 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-803-XXXX 87 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-804-XXXX 146 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-805-XXXX 120 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-806-XXXX 115 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-807-XXXX 132 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-808-XXXX 55 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-809-XXXX 126 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-812-XXXX 66 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-813-XXXX 5 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-814-XXXX 16 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-815-XXXX 73 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-816-XXXX 850 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-817-XXXX 51 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-818-XXXX 37 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-820-XXXX 25 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-821-XXXX 1240 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-822-XXXX 2871 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-823-XXXX 591 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-824-XXXX 1290 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-825-XXXX 1005 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-826-XXXX 1603 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-827-XXXX 2342 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-828-XXXX 1555 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-829-XXXX 1269 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-830-XXXX 15 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-831-XXXX 6062 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-832-XXXX 5234 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-833-XXXX 5641 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-834-XXXX 4725 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-835-XXXX 3885 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-836-XXXX 5427 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-837-XXXX 6334 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-838-XXXX 3777 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-839-XXXX 5640 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-840-XXXX 1927 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-841-XXXX 2664 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-842-XXXX 6248 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-843-XXXX 6557 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-844-XXXX 2059 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-845-XXXX 5065 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-846-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-847-XXXX 6024 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-848-XXXX 1778 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-849-XXXX 5708 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-850-XXXX 2 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-418-851-XXXX 1982 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-852-XXXX 759 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-853-XXXX 1800 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-854-XXXX 1678 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-855-XXXX 577 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-856-XXXX 2063 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-857-XXXX 243 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-858-XXXX 8 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-859-XXXX 702 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-860-XXXX 860 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-861-XXXX 747 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-862-XXXX 5694 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-863-XXXX 1709 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-864-XXXX 474 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-865-XXXX 321 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-866-XXXX 15 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-867-XXXX 3394 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-868-XXXX 578 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-869-XXXX 939 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-870-XXXX 175 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-871-XXXX 5639 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-872-XXXX 5725 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-873-XXXX 3246 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-874-XXXX 348 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-875-XXXX 3986 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-876-XXXX 1200 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-877-XXXX 4817 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-878-XXXX 2995 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-879-XXXX 11 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-880-XXXX 47 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-881-XXXX 1537 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-882-XXXX 1970 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-883-XXXX 1465 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-884-XXXX 1206 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-885-XXXX 1432 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-886-XXXX 581 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-887-XXXX 1466 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-888-XXXX 1777 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-889-XXXX 2037 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-890-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-891-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-892-XXXX 658 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-893-XXXX 1127 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-894-XXXX 78 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-895-XXXX 509 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-896-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-897-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-898-XXXX 972 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-899-XXXX 1214 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-900-XXXX 4 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-901-XXXX 30 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-902-XXXX 95 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-903-XXXX 763 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-904-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-905-XXXX 53 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-906-XXXX 80 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-907-XXXX 77 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-908-XXXX 537 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-909-XXXX 186 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-910-XXXX 22 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-912-XXXX 17 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-913-XXXX 138 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-914-XXXX 3550 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-915-XXXX 779 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-916-XXXX 192 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-917-XXXX 37 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-918-XXXX 100 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-919-XXXX 53 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-920-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-921-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-922-XXXX 66 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-923-XXXX 218 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-924-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-925-XXXX 29 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-926-XXXX 1024 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-927-XXXX 750 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-928-XXXX 85 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-929-XXXX 108 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-930-XXXX 99 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-931-XXXX 111 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-932-XXXX 110 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-933-XXXX 106 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-934-XXXX 90 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-935-XXXX 843 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-936-XXXX 395 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-937-XXXX 1003 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-938-XXXX 88 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-939-XXXX 255 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-940-XXXX 15 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-941-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-943-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-944-XXXX 44 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-945-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-946-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-947-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-948-XXXX 125 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-949-XXXX 393 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-951-XXXX 109 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-952-XXXX 99 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-953-XXXX 96 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-954-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-955-XXXX 107 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-956-XXXX 105 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-957-XXXX 45 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-960-XXXX 1361 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-961-XXXX 500 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-962-XXXX 3755 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-963-XXXX 1442 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-964-XXXX 333 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-965-XXXX 23 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-966-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-967-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-968-XXXX 3294 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-969-XXXX 937 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-970-XXXX 71 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-971-XXXX 2 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-418-972-XXXX 169 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-973-XXXX 1931 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-974-XXXX 4 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-975-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-976-XXXX 1 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-977-XXXX 7471 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-978-XXXX 76 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-979-XXXX 577 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-980-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-981-XXXX 69 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-982-XXXX 148 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-983-XXXX 74 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-418-984-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-985-XXXX 470 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-986-XXXX 3368 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-418-987-XXXX 458 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-988-XXXX 964 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-989-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-418-990-XXXX 42 Landline Bell Canada
1-418-991-XXXX 92 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-992-XXXX 36 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-993-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-994-XXXX 15 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-995-XXXX 28 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-996-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-418-997-XXXX 108 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-998-XXXX 127 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-418-999-XXXX 101 Mobile TELUS Mobility