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Reported about 19 hours ago
She cell me.and demand for someone and She.doessnt want to.say herbes name.... Ans when Im calling Back She sais i Nevers calling you
Reported about 19 hours ago
This # from Montreal QC has been calling me non stop.. I answered today, foreign male informed me my computer has malware & I was to "get in front of my computer & open it".. This made me suspicious, so I told him the computer belonged to my daughter, who was away on a business trip & I didn't know how to use a computer. He became rude & disconnected his call.. These scammers are ridiculous!
Reported about 20 hours ago
They never answered
Reported about 20 hours ago
Call and does not talk - this call is very frequent
Reported about 22 hours ago
Sexual harrassing
Reported about 23 hours ago
automatic call
Reported on Feb 5, 2016
very annoying caller... No messages and tenacious.
Reported on Feb 4, 2016
Pretty much same as what happened to person on 12/9 except had pertinent information including school attending and name. Put "Officer" Paula on the phone requesting thousands of $$$.
Reported on Feb 4, 2016
Person called acting like they were microsoft support. Said my system had malware on it. Asked for machine name they could not provide it. "SCAM"
Reported on Feb 4, 2016
Apple sending verification code.
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Exchanges in area 1-514

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-514-200-XXXX 6 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-201-XXXX 7 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-202-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-203-XXXX 8 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-204-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-205-XXXX 26 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-206-XXXX 120 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-207-XXXX 113 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-208-XXXX 73 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-209-XXXX 99 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-210-XXXX 54 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-212-XXXX 117 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-213-XXXX 94 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-214-XXXX 137 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-215-XXXX 13 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-216-XXXX 95 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-217-XXXX 108 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-218-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-219-XXXX 129 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-220-XXXX 139 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-221-XXXX 10 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-222-XXXX 178 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-223-XXXX 3052 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-224-XXXX 171 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-225-XXXX 789 Landline Globility
1-514-226-XXXX 46 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-227-XXXX 1984 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-228-XXXX 48 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-229-XXXX 119 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-230-XXXX 14 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-231-XXXX 136 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-232-XXXX 148 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-233-XXXX 141 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-234-XXXX 133 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-235-XXXX 123 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-236-XXXX 122 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-237-XXXX 119 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-238-XXXX 127 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-239-XXXX 123 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-240-XXXX 181 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-241-XXXX 171 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-242-XXXX 177 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-243-XXXX 133 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-244-XXXX 191 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-245-XXXX 152 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-246-XXXX 125 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-247-XXXX 141 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-248-XXXX 119 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-249-XXXX 108 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-250-XXXX 120 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-251-XXXX 2807 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-252-XXXX 2853 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-253-XXXX 3953 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-254-XXXX 4608 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-255-XXXX 4428 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-256-XXXX 4842 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-257-XXXX 3127 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-258-XXXX 125 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-259-XXXX 4936 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-260-XXXX 128 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-261-XXXX 167 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-262-XXXX 186 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-264-XXXX 174 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-265-XXXX 179 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-266-XXXX 195 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-267-XXXX 160 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-268-XXXX 148 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-269-XXXX 71 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-270-XXXX 4236 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-271-XXXX 4612 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-272-XXXX 4663 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-273-XXXX 4002 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-274-XXXX 4584 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-275-XXXX 13 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-276-XXXX 4763 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-277-XXXX 4830 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-278-XXXX 3749 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-279-XXXX 4965 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-280-XXXX 97 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-281-XXXX 580 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-282-XXXX 811 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-283-XXXX 70 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-284-XXXX 1054 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-285-XXXX 584 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-286-XXXX 1120 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-287-XXXX 805 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-288-XXXX 1542 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-289-XXXX 557 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-290-XXXX 187 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-291-XXXX 138 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-292-XXXX 118 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-293-XXXX 203 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-294-XXXX 180 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-295-XXXX 179 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-296-XXXX 175 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-297-XXXX 142 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-298-XXXX 188 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-299-XXXX 180 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-300-XXXX 1243 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-301-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-302-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-303-XXXX 7288 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-304-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-305-XXXX 1122 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-306-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-307-XXXX 0 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-308-XXXX 2 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-309-XXXX 1 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-310-XXXX 15 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-312-XXXX 102 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-313-XXXX 1297 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-314-XXXX 1 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-315-XXXX 1896 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-316-XXXX 80 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-317-XXXX 152 Landline Distributel
1-514-318-XXXX 189 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-319-XXXX 4 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-320-XXXX 7 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-321-XXXX 5137 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-322-XXXX 5160 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-323-XXXX 5311 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-324-XXXX 4415 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-325-XXXX 4892 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-326-XXXX 5094 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-327-XXXX 4956 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-328-XXXX 2150 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-329-XXXX 3057 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-330-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-331-XXXX 4572 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-332-XXXX 4796 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-333-XXXX 2223 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-334-XXXX 4994 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-335-XXXX 2192 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-336-XXXX 4220 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-337-XXXX 3497 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-338-XXXX 286 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-339-XXXX 583 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-340-XXXX 469 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-341-XXXX 2847 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-342-XXXX 3187 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-343-XXXX 1034 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-344-XXXX 3488 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-345-XXXX 858 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-346-XXXX 110 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-347-XXXX 116 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-348-XXXX 40 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-349-XXXX 123 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-350-XXXX 67 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-351-XXXX 5454 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-352-XXXX 5493 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-353-XXXX 5181 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-354-XXXX 5467 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-355-XXXX 4942 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-356-XXXX 1683 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-357-XXXX 455 Landline Globility
1-514-358-XXXX 193 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-359-XXXX 16 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-360-XXXX 36 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-361-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-362-XXXX 1448 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-363-XXXX 5466 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-364-XXXX 4086 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-365-XXXX 5779 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-366-XXXX 5412 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-367-XXXX 1823 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-368-XXXX 2486 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-369-XXXX 3434 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-370-XXXX 20 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-371-XXXX 82 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-372-XXXX 4 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-373-XXXX 1426 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-374-XXXX 4873 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-375-XXXX 14 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-376-XXXX 4781 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-377-XXXX 172 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-378-XXXX 117 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-379-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-380-XXXX 151 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-381-XXXX 4150 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-382-XXXX 4155 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-383-XXXX 3103 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-384-XXXX 4432 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-385-XXXX 1637 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-386-XXXX 131 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-387-XXXX 4919 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-388-XXXX 5042 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-389-XXXX 5029 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-390-XXXX 35 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-391-XXXX 23 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-392-XXXX 194 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-393-XXXX 344 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-394-XXXX 263 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-395-XXXX 137 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-396-XXXX 112 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-397-XXXX 220 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-398-XXXX 178 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-399-XXXX 67 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-400-XXXX 86 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-401-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-402-XXXX 215 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-403-XXXX 1079 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-404-XXXX 25 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-405-XXXX 5 Landline Distributel
1-514-406-XXXX 7 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-407-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-408-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-409-XXXX 103 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-410-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-412-XXXX 20 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-413-XXXX 10 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-414-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-415-XXXX 29 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-416-XXXX 110 Landline Distributel
1-514-417-XXXX 0 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-418-XXXX 114 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-419-XXXX 282 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-420-XXXX 165 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-421-XXXX 2221 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-422-XXXX 429 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-423-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-424-XXXX 111 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-425-XXXX 4219 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-426-XXXX 3740 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-427-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-428-XXXX 1224 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-429-XXXX 20 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-430-XXXX 5 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-431-XXXX 2 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-432-XXXX 139 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-433-XXXX 136 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-434-XXXX 132 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-435-XXXX 124 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-436-XXXX 106 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-437-XXXX 86 Landline Distributel
1-514-439-XXXX 4663 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-440-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-441-XXXX 123 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-442-XXXX 203 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-443-XXXX 185 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-444-XXXX 132 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-445-XXXX 119 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-446-XXXX 22 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-514-447-XXXX 84 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-514-448-XXXX 171 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-449-XXXX 195 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-451-XXXX 171 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-452-XXXX 96 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-453-XXXX 6097 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-454-XXXX 2 Landline Maskatel
1-514-455-XXXX 6 Landline Maskatel
1-514-456-XXXX 6 Landline Maskatel
1-514-457-XXXX 3432 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-458-XXXX 166 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-459-XXXX 10 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-461-XXXX 374 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-462-XXXX 83 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-463-XXXX 205 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-464-XXXX 78 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-465-XXXX 196 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-466-XXXX 157 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-467-XXXX 204 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-469-XXXX 345 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-470-XXXX 9 Landline YAK Communications (Canada) Corp.
1-514-471-XXXX 2 Landline YAK Communications (Canada) Corp.
1-514-472-XXXX 283 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-473-XXXX 151 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-475-XXXX 211 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-476-XXXX 210 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-477-XXXX 11 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-478-XXXX 3 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-479-XXXX 2 Landline YAK Communications (Canada) Corp.
1-514-480-XXXX 6 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-481-XXXX 5163 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-482-XXXX 5138 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-483-XXXX 2615 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-484-XXXX 5374 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-485-XXXX 2612 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-486-XXXX 4336 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-487-XXXX 5117 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-488-XXXX 5398 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-489-XXXX 5195 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-490-XXXX 389 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-491-XXXX 3 Landline YAK Communications (Canada) Corp.
1-514-492-XXXX 0 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-493-XXXX 1625 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-494-XXXX 4906 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-495-XXXX 3421 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-496-XXXX 81 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-497-XXXX 197 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-498-XXXX 2720 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-499-XXXX 727 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-500-XXXX 101 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-501-XXXX 197 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-502-XXXX 228 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-503-XXXX 151 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-504-XXXX 4755 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-505-XXXX 1255 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-506-XXXX 144 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-507-XXXX 2529 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-508-XXXX 298 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-509-XXXX 4003 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-510-XXXX 4122 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-512-XXXX 157 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-513-XXXX 191 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-515-XXXX 227 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-516-XXXX 182 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-517-XXXX 7 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-518-XXXX 197 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-519-XXXX 123 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-520-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-521-XXXX 3802 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-522-XXXX 3772 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-523-XXXX 5089 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-524-XXXX 4893 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-525-XXXX 4079 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-526-XXXX 3821 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-527-XXXX 4667 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-528-XXXX 3198 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-529-XXXX 2977 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-530-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-531-XXXX 197 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-532-XXXX 1 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-533-XXXX 1 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-534-XXXX 2 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-535-XXXX 3 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-536-XXXX 10 Landline ISP Telecom
1-514-538-XXXX 1476 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-539-XXXX 2 Landline YAK Communications (Canada) Corp.
1-514-540-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-541-XXXX 7 Landline YAK Communications (Canada) Corp.
1-514-542-XXXX 858 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-543-XXXX 4274 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-544-XXXX 7196 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-545-XXXX 24 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-514-546-XXXX 159 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-547-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-549-XXXX 149 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-550-XXXX 205 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-551-XXXX 281 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-552-XXXX 41 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-514-553-XXXX 184 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-554-XXXX 224 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-556-XXXX 8 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-557-XXXX 183 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-558-XXXX 28 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-514-559-XXXX 172 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-560-XXXX 203 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-561-XXXX 235 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-562-XXXX 218 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-563-XXXX 536 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-514-564-XXXX 5035 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-565-XXXX 12 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-514-566-XXXX 183 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-567-XXXX 199 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-568-XXXX 124 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-569-XXXX 224 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-570-XXXX 206 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-571-XXXX 200 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-572-XXXX 210 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-573-XXXX 236 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-574-XXXX 231 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-575-XXXX 253 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-576-XXXX 245 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-577-XXXX 253 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-578-XXXX 249 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-580-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-581-XXXX 252 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-582-XXXX 241 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-583-XXXX 272 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-585-XXXX 274 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-586-XXXX 251 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-587-XXXX 44 Landline Distributel
1-514-588-XXXX 183 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-589-XXXX 191 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-590-XXXX 127 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-591-XXXX 221 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-592-XXXX 141 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-593-XXXX 3609 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-594-XXXX 206 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-595-XXXX 1762 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-596-XXXX 1095 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-597-XXXX 927 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-598-XXXX 1814 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-599-XXXX 25 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-600-XXXX 31 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-601-XXXX 87 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-602-XXXX 130 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-603-XXXX 151 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-604-XXXX 74 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-605-XXXX 126 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-606-XXXX 139 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-607-XXXX 82 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-608-XXXX 161 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-609-XXXX 132 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-612-XXXX 31 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-613-XXXX 11 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-614-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-615-XXXX 3 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-616-XXXX 201 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-617-XXXX 60 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-618-XXXX 138 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-619-XXXX 205 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-620-XXXX 5991 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-621-XXXX 166 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-622-XXXX 214 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-623-XXXX 185 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-624-XXXX 4797 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-625-XXXX 196 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-626-XXXX 6214 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-627-XXXX 157 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-628-XXXX 2 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-629-XXXX 187 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-630-XXXX 2444 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-631-XXXX 2965 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-632-XXXX 176 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-633-XXXX 1234 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-634-XXXX 4229 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-635-XXXX 7 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-636-XXXX 2051 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-637-XXXX 5000 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-638-XXXX 215 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-639-XXXX 3268 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-640-XXXX 1548 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-641-XXXX 173 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-642-XXXX 6459 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-643-XXXX 1866 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-644-XXXX 1821 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-645-XXXX 4862 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-646-XXXX 988 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-647-XXXX 160 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-648-XXXX 4932 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-649-XXXX 196 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-650-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-651-XXXX 234 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-652-XXXX 211 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-653-XXXX 169 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-654-XXXX 186 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-655-XXXX 226 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-656-XXXX 4082 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-657-XXXX 1157 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-658-XXXX 3502 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-659-XXXX 204 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-660-XXXX 257 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-661-XXXX 169 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-662-XXXX 208 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-663-XXXX 194 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-664-XXXX 78 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-665-XXXX 6 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-666-XXXX 21 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-667-XXXX 159 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-668-XXXX 224 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-669-XXXX 123 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-670-XXXX 3014 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-671-XXXX 201 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-673-XXXX 15 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-674-XXXX 947 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-675-XXXX 1275 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-676-XXXX 719 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-677-XXXX 247 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-678-XXXX 5274 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-679-XXXX 198 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-680-XXXX 4811 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-681-XXXX 6 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-682-XXXX 4 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-683-XXXX 4986 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-684-XXXX 5024 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-685-XXXX 4184 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-686-XXXX 213 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-687-XXXX 45 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-688-XXXX 218 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-689-XXXX 3 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-690-XXXX 279 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-691-XXXX 237 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-692-XXXX 225 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-693-XXXX 1082 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-694-XXXX 4414 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-695-XXXX 4973 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-696-XXXX 5853 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-697-XXXX 5012 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-698-XXXX 2 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-699-XXXX 279 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-700-XXXX 15 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-701-XXXX 89 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-702-XXXX 139 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-703-XXXX 128 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-704-XXXX 108 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-705-XXXX 127 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-706-XXXX 106 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-707-XXXX 166 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-708-XXXX 172 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-709-XXXX 4 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-710-XXXX 169 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-712-XXXX 128 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-713-XXXX 129 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-714-XXXX 122 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-715-XXXX 142 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-716-XXXX 113 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-717-XXXX 169 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-718-XXXX 145 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-719-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-720-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-721-XXXX 5320 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-722-XXXX 5047 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-723-XXXX 2753 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-724-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-725-XXXX 5015 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-726-XXXX 214 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-727-XXXX 4886 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-728-XXXX 4776 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-729-XXXX 4744 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-730-XXXX 200 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-731-XXXX 4649 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-732-XXXX 234 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-733-XXXX 4933 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-734-XXXX 154 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-735-XXXX 4304 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-736-XXXX 709 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-737-XXXX 3243 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-738-XXXX 3030 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-739-XXXX 4794 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-740-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-741-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-742-XXXX 157 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-743-XXXX 210 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-744-XXXX 3798 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-745-XXXX 2734 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-746-XXXX 231 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-747-XXXX 4484 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-748-XXXX 3611 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-749-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-750-XXXX 6680 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-751-XXXX 255 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-752-XXXX 586 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-754-XXXX 149 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-755-XXXX 186 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-756-XXXX 98 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-757-XXXX 164 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-758-XXXX 204 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-759-XXXX 6155 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-760-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-761-XXXX 3226 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-762-XXXX 4027 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-763-XXXX 4 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-764-XXXX 280 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-765-XXXX 1401 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-766-XXXX 5375 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-767-XXXX 5813 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-768-XXXX 5816 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-769-XXXX 5846 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-770-XXXX 162 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-771-XXXX 172 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-772-XXXX 191 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-773-XXXX 155 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-774-XXXX 137 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-775-XXXX 88 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-776-XXXX 75 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-777-XXXX 249 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-778-XXXX 119 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-779-XXXX 138 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-780-XXXX 16 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-781-XXXX 206 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-782-XXXX 311 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-783-XXXX 723 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-784-XXXX 997 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-785-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-786-XXXX 10 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-787-XXXX 61 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-788-XXXX 150 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-789-XXXX 85 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-790-XXXX 29 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-791-XXXX 143 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-792-XXXX 149 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-793-XXXX 159 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-794-XXXX 130 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-795-XXXX 148 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-796-XXXX 166 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-797-XXXX 150 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-798-XXXX 203 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-514-799-XXXX 229 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-800-XXXX 110 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-801-XXXX 16 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-802-XXXX 256 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-803-XXXX 258 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-804-XXXX 266 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-805-XXXX 181 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-806-XXXX 280 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-807-XXXX 2452 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-514-808-XXXX 239 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-809-XXXX 98 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-812-XXXX 240 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-813-XXXX 256 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-814-XXXX 230 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-815-XXXX 272 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-816-XXXX 239 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-817-XXXX 223 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-818-XXXX 1 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-819-XXXX 95 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-820-XXXX 81 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-821-XXXX 82 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-822-XXXX 168 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-823-XXXX 206 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-824-XXXX 220 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-825-XXXX 207 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-826-XXXX 185 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-827-XXXX 204 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-828-XXXX 87 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-829-XXXX 92 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-830-XXXX 238 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-831-XXXX 208 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-832-XXXX 165 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-833-XXXX 227 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-834-XXXX 203 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-835-XXXX 224 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-836-XXXX 232 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-837-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-838-XXXX 91 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-839-XXXX 268 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-840-XXXX 375 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-841-XXXX 123 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-842-XXXX 2074 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-843-XXXX 1882 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-844-XXXX 2274 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-845-XXXX 2601 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-846-XXXX 1230 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-847-XXXX 430 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-848-XXXX 462 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-849-XXXX 1960 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-850-XXXX 213 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-851-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-852-XXXX 1882 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-853-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-854-XXXX 7 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-855-XXXX 653 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-856-XXXX 1389 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-857-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-858-XXXX 1076 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-859-XXXX 1 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-860-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-861-XXXX 212 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-862-XXXX 194 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-863-XXXX 90 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-864-XXXX 42 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-865-XXXX 215 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-866-XXXX 295 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-867-XXXX 196 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-868-XXXX 168 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-869-XXXX 25 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-870-XXXX 42 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-871-XXXX 282 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-872-XXXX 99 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-873-XXXX 59 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-874-XXXX 99 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-875-XXXX 330 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-876-XXXX 127 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-877-XXXX 83 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-878-XXXX 270 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-879-XXXX 175 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-880-XXXX 254 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-881-XXXX 2917 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-882-XXXX 175 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-883-XXXX 174 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-884-XXXX 217 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-885-XXXX 261 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-886-XXXX 224 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-887-XXXX 245 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-888-XXXX 12 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-889-XXXX 217 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-890-XXXX 353 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-891-XXXX 162 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-892-XXXX 217 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-893-XXXX 143 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-894-XXXX 132 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-895-XXXX 149 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-896-XXXX 6 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-897-XXXX 7 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-898-XXXX 239 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-899-XXXX 1666 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-900-XXXX 63 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-514-901-XXXX 210 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-902-XXXX 649 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-903-XXXX 4763 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-514-904-XXXX 148 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-905-XXXX 198 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-906-XXXX 187 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-907-XXXX 116 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-908-XXXX 171 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-909-XXXX 229 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-910-XXXX 154 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-912-XXXX 139 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-913-XXXX 144 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-914-XXXX 116 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-915-XXXX 127 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-916-XXXX 138 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-917-XXXX 153 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-918-XXXX 138 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-919-XXXX 183 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-920-XXXX 276 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-921-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-922-XXXX 138 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-923-XXXX 158 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-924-XXXX 201 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-925-XXXX 126 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-926-XXXX 147 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-927-XXXX 216 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-928-XXXX 225 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-929-XXXX 128 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-930-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-931-XXXX 3486 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-932-XXXX 3746 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-933-XXXX 3909 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-934-XXXX 1256 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-935-XXXX 3635 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-936-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-937-XXXX 4026 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-938-XXXX 1977 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-939-XXXX 1549 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-940-XXXX 136 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-514-941-XXXX 219 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-942-XXXX 173 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-943-XXXX 175 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-944-XXXX 211 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-945-XXXX 238 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-946-XXXX 127 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-947-XXXX 235 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-948-XXXX 1599 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-949-XXXX 161 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-951-XXXX 149 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-952-XXXX 226 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-953-XXXX 174 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-954-XXXX 212 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-955-XXXX 2050 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-956-XXXX 1112 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-957-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-960-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-961-XXXX 259 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-962-XXXX 262 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-963-XXXX 302 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-964-XXXX 42 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-965-XXXX 168 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-966-XXXX 227 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-967-XXXX 276 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-968-XXXX 107 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-969-XXXX 317 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-970-XXXX 119 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-971-XXXX 175 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-972-XXXX 171 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-973-XXXX 150 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-974-XXXX 76 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-975-XXXX 186 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-976-XXXX 1 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-977-XXXX 116 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-514-978-XXXX 127 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-979-XXXX 235 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-980-XXXX 2 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-981-XXXX 11 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-982-XXXX 519 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-983-XXXX 211 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-514-984-XXXX 146 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-514-985-XXXX 383 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-986-XXXX 1 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-987-XXXX 143 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-988-XXXX 4 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-989-XXXX 1799 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-990-XXXX 63 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-991-XXXX 299 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-992-XXXX 275 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-993-XXXX 229 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-994-XXXX 261 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-995-XXXX 247 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-996-XXXX 281 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-997-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-514-998-XXXX 249 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-514-999-XXXX 316 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.