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Reported on Feb 12, 2015
spam Claims to help you find a job and further your education . They DO NOT take NO for an answer
Reported on Feb 12, 2015
spam. claim to help you find jobs and further your education.
Reported on Nov 30, 2014
constantly calling for no reason
Reported on Oct 15, 2014
I just got one call from this number. They left a message but i couldn't understand anything... who are they???
Reported on Oct 3, 2014
cheese Scott, when a girl says no she means no. not get a new number to call her with
Reported on Aug 24, 2014
this caller is not accepting your calls at this time
Reported on Aug 24, 2014
the caller is not accepting calls at this time.
Reported on Aug 15, 2014
No smutt
Reported on Jul 16, 2014
Reported on Jun 29, 2014
i want to be left alone
Reported on Jun 9, 2014
Reported on May 24, 2014
Do not answer
Reported on Mar 28, 2014
Do not answer
Reported on Mar 27, 2014
Hello por que no contesta.
Reported on Mar 20, 2014
Is a spam
Reported on Jan 17, 2014
This caller calls late (after 9 p.m.), but never leaves a message. They need to quit calling our phone number.
Reported on Dec 28, 2013
don't never answer
Reported on Jul 11, 2013
Block his number from calling my phone
Reported on Mar 12, 2013
Reported on Jan 12, 2013
I thought he was my friend. but not at all
Reported on Nov 12, 2012
Idiot from Bellflower!
Reported on Oct 9, 2012
He keeps a jjeerrkk
Reported on Jun 12, 2012
Didn't leave a message calls several times a day
Reported on May 13, 2012
No texting or answer calls
Reported on May 1, 2012
My friend told me to get on this what is this
Reported on Mar 20, 2012
Received a text directing me to go to I replied asking who it was. The response was "Ur. Unk" I responded they had the wrong number. Then looked it up online to see what it was.
Reported on Mar 6, 2012
I got a text to get on the site.....but I have no idea what this and how to work on it. Please help....
Reported on Feb 29, 2012
I got txt from a family member telling me to get on 209 what's is this??
Reported on Feb 19, 2012
it's advertising foran application for the Iphone or android
Reported on Feb 14, 2012
Hey Susy Q. Shout to all the pumpkins.