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Reported about 9 hours ago
My grandmother was given this number by an individual claiming to be myself saying I was arrested, and that I was involved in an accident & needed to pay $1250 to the individuals involved because they were from Out of the country and could not stay to receive the insurance money!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM! Scammed my grandmother out of $1259 via money gram by scaring her into thinking I was in jail. Please report!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!
Reported about 9 hours ago
Warren - My grandmother was given this number by an individual claiming to be myself saying I was arrested, and that I was involved in an accident & needed to pay $1250 to the individuals involved because they were from Out of the country and could not stay to receive the insurance money!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM! Scammed my grandmother out of $1259 via money gram by scaring her into thinking I was in jail. Please report!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!
Reported about 10 hours ago
A woman from this number calls constantly. She claimed that she is calling from conservative party. When the person she asked for answered, she did not say the purpose of the call, but ask for different name.
Reported about 18 hours ago
Reported about 18 hours ago
jay - jay
Reported about 18 hours ago
Got a call yesterday from ottawa. I was at work so told them to call back today. Said was from yellow pages. Called back with number from ottawa but I didnt answer. Then they called from BC and left a message on voicemail leaving a Montreal phone number for me to call back... They say they got my number on an free ad site (which os true) but why would they want to do buisness with me? Anyways very strange call
Reported on Nov 24, 2015
It is a php script that embeds your phone and gets all your details. Bad...bad....
Reported on Nov 24, 2015
sending spam text messages for me to contact a representative at The website doesnt exist and a saftey check on my behalf indicated the link will initiate spy bots on a cellular device such as a phone or tablet
Reported on Nov 23, 2015
They call about 15 times a day .
Reported on Nov 23, 2015
Very rude individual!
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Exchanges in area 1-604

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-604-200-XXXX 96 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-201-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-202-XXXX 221 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-203-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-204-XXXX 449 Mobile TELUS
1-604-205-XXXX 487 Mobile TELUS
1-604-206-XXXX 46 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-207-XXXX 991 Mobile TELUS
1-604-208-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-209-XXXX 215 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-210-XXXX 123 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-212-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-213-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-214-XXXX 1034 Mobile TELUS
1-604-215-XXXX 2349 Mobile TELUS
1-604-216-XXXX 777 Mobile TELUS
1-604-217-XXXX 176 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-218-XXXX 332 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-219-XXXX 205 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-220-XXXX 242 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-221-XXXX 2823 Mobile TELUS
1-604-222-XXXX 1938 Mobile TELUS
1-604-223-XXXX 55 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-224-XXXX 3295 Mobile TELUS
1-604-225-XXXX 277 Mobile TELUS
1-604-226-XXXX 260 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-227-XXXX 108 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-228-XXXX 1663 Mobile TELUS
1-604-229-XXXX 110 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-230-XXXX 225 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-231-XXXX 1174 Mobile TELUS
1-604-232-XXXX 1094 Mobile TELUS
1-604-233-XXXX 750 Mobile TELUS
1-604-234-XXXX 3 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-604-235-XXXX 6 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-604-237-XXXX 1 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-604-238-XXXX 39 Mobile TELUS
1-604-239-XXXX 49 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-240-XXXX 291 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-241-XXXX 3331 Mobile TELUS
1-604-242-XXXX 6 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-243-XXXX 61 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-244-XXXX 2091 Mobile TELUS
1-604-245-XXXX 40 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-246-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-604-247-XXXX 656 Mobile TELUS
1-604-248-XXXX 111 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-249-XXXX 66 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-250-XXXX 289 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-251-XXXX 3057 Mobile TELUS
1-604-252-XXXX 160 Mobile TELUS
1-604-253-XXXX 3909 Mobile TELUS
1-604-254-XXXX 3615 Mobile TELUS
1-604-255-XXXX 4648 Mobile TELUS
1-604-256-XXXX 29 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-257-XXXX 69 Mobile TELUS
1-604-258-XXXX 567 Mobile TELUS
1-604-259-XXXX 84 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-260-XXXX 75 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-261-XXXX 4447 Mobile TELUS
1-604-262-XXXX 116 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-263-XXXX 4452 Mobile TELUS
1-604-264-XXXX 1744 Mobile TELUS
1-604-265-XXXX 1 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-266-XXXX 4547 Mobile TELUS
1-604-267-XXXX 1534 Mobile TELUS
1-604-268-XXXX 74 Mobile TELUS
1-604-269-XXXX 827 Mobile TELUS
1-604-270-XXXX 2816 Mobile TELUS
1-604-271-XXXX 4206 Mobile TELUS
1-604-272-XXXX 4152 Mobile TELUS
1-604-273-XXXX 2519 Mobile TELUS
1-604-274-XXXX 3804 Mobile TELUS
1-604-275-XXXX 4163 Mobile TELUS
1-604-276-XXXX 1169 Mobile TELUS
1-604-277-XXXX 5743 Mobile TELUS
1-604-278-XXXX 3483 Mobile TELUS
1-604-279-XXXX 1284 Mobile TELUS
1-604-280-XXXX 27 Mobile TELUS
1-604-281-XXXX 56 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-282-XXXX 260 Landline Globility
1-604-283-XXXX 100 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-604-284-XXXX 42 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-285-XXXX 177 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-286-XXXX 2 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-287-XXXX 469 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-288-XXXX 158 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-604-289-XXXX 64 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-290-XXXX 206 Mobile TELUS
1-604-291-XXXX 2634 Mobile TELUS
1-604-292-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS
1-604-293-XXXX 481 Mobile TELUS
1-604-294-XXXX 3145 Mobile TELUS
1-604-295-XXXX 542 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-296-XXXX 19 Mobile TELUS
1-604-297-XXXX 144 Mobile TELUS
1-604-298-XXXX 4432 Mobile TELUS
1-604-299-XXXX 4173 Mobile TELUS
1-604-300-XXXX 56 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-301-XXXX 1106 Mobile TELUS
1-604-302-XXXX 238 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-303-XXXX 1473 Mobile TELUS
1-604-304-XXXX 1299 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-604-305-XXXX 2 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-306-XXXX 316 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-307-XXXX 359 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-308-XXXX 279 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-309-XXXX 265 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-310-XXXX 44 Mobile TELUS
1-604-312-XXXX 221 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-313-XXXX 249 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-314-XXXX 204 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-315-XXXX 228 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-316-XXXX 241 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-317-XXXX 257 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-318-XXXX 288 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-319-XXXX 252 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-320-XXXX 587 Mobile TELUS
1-604-321-XXXX 4480 Mobile TELUS
1-604-322-XXXX 3659 Mobile TELUS
1-604-323-XXXX 2408 Mobile TELUS
1-604-324-XXXX 3100 Mobile TELUS
1-604-325-XXXX 4860 Mobile TELUS
1-604-326-XXXX 319 Mobile TELUS
1-604-327-XXXX 4353 Mobile TELUS
1-604-328-XXXX 232 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-329-XXXX 242 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-330-XXXX 42 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-331-XXXX 727 Mobile TELUS
1-604-332-XXXX 38 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-333-XXXX 24 Mobile TELUS
1-604-334-XXXX 15 Landline Distributel
1-604-335-XXXX 3 Landline Distributel
1-604-336-XXXX 84 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-337-XXXX 6 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-338-XXXX 352 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-339-XXXX 342 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-340-XXXX 249 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-341-XXXX 239 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-342-XXXX 4 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-343-XXXX 109 Landline Distributel
1-604-344-XXXX 13 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-345-XXXX 295 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-346-XXXX 157 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-347-XXXX 166 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-348-XXXX 14 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-349-XXXX 213 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-350-XXXX 2 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-351-XXXX 314 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-352-XXXX 44 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-353-XXXX 200 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-354-XXXX 277 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-355-XXXX 247 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-356-XXXX 226 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-357-XXXX 45 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-604-358-XXXX 227 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-359-XXXX 10 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-360-XXXX 184 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-361-XXXX 3 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-362-XXXX 193 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-363-XXXX 219 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-364-XXXX 147 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-365-XXXX 209 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-366-XXXX 266 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-367-XXXX 158 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-368-XXXX 231 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-369-XXXX 211 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-370-XXXX 69 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-371-XXXX 14 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-372-XXXX 13 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-373-XXXX 5 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-374-XXXX 286 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-375-XXXX 326 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-376-XXXX 269 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-377-XXXX 374 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-378-XXXX 70 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-379-XXXX 230 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-380-XXXX 19 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-381-XXXX 11 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-382-XXXX 13 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-383-XXXX 9 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-384-XXXX 25 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-385-XXXX 30 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-386-XXXX 7 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-387-XXXX 5 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-388-XXXX 34 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-389-XXXX 21 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-390-XXXX 33 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-391-XXXX 41 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-392-XXXX 641 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-393-XXXX 516 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-394-XXXX 7 Landline Navigata Communications 2009 Inc.
1-604-395-XXXX 805 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-396-XXXX 100 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-397-XXXX 31 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-398-XXXX 40 Landline Navigata Communications 2009 Inc.
1-604-399-XXXX 52 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-400-XXXX 6 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-401-XXXX 22 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-402-XXXX 5 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-403-XXXX 30 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-404-XXXX 5 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-405-XXXX 4 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-406-XXXX 48 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-407-XXXX 12 Mobile TELUS
1-604-408-XXXX 1228 Mobile TELUS
1-604-409-XXXX 6 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-410-XXXX 1 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-412-XXXX 190 Mobile TELUS
1-604-413-XXXX 16 Mobile TELUS
1-604-414-XXXX 560 Mobile TELUS
1-604-415-XXXX 743 Mobile TELUS
1-604-417-XXXX 260 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-418-XXXX 307 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-419-XXXX 544 Mobile TELUS
1-604-420-XXXX 3534 Mobile TELUS
1-604-421-XXXX 3151 Mobile TELUS
1-604-422-XXXX 471 Mobile TELUS
1-604-424-XXXX 17 Landline Distributel
1-604-425-XXXX 13 Landline Distributel
1-604-426-XXXX 2 Landline Distributel
1-604-427-XXXX 20 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-428-XXXX 7 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-430-XXXX 3278 Mobile TELUS
1-604-431-XXXX 2542 Mobile TELUS
1-604-432-XXXX 1545 Mobile TELUS
1-604-433-XXXX 4941 Mobile TELUS
1-604-434-XXXX 4557 Mobile TELUS
1-604-435-XXXX 4714 Mobile TELUS
1-604-436-XXXX 2647 Mobile TELUS
1-604-437-XXXX 3512 Mobile TELUS
1-604-438-XXXX 5062 Mobile TELUS
1-604-439-XXXX 1839 Mobile TELUS
1-604-440-XXXX 379 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-441-XXXX 285 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-442-XXXX 269 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-443-XXXX 55 Mobile TELUS
1-604-444-XXXX 1147 Mobile TELUS
1-604-445-XXXX 7 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-446-XXXX 183 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-447-XXXX 217 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-448-XXXX 1258 Mobile TELUS
1-604-449-XXXX 3 Landline Distributel
1-604-450-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS
1-604-451-XXXX 1931 Mobile TELUS
1-604-452-XXXX 32 Mobile TELUS
1-604-453-XXXX 148 Mobile TELUS
1-604-454-XXXX 1153 Mobile TELUS
1-604-455-XXXX 294 Mobile TELUS
1-604-456-XXXX 176 Mobile TELUS
1-604-457-XXXX 2 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-458-XXXX 6 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-459-XXXX 390 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-460-XXXX 2287 Mobile TELUS
1-604-461-XXXX 3028 Mobile TELUS
1-604-462-XXXX 2017 Mobile TELUS
1-604-463-XXXX 5272 Mobile TELUS
1-604-464-XXXX 4850 Mobile TELUS
1-604-465-XXXX 5342 Mobile TELUS
1-604-466-XXXX 4249 Mobile TELUS
1-604-467-XXXX 5584 Mobile TELUS
1-604-468-XXXX 3184 Mobile TELUS
1-604-469-XXXX 2904 Mobile TELUS
1-604-470-XXXX 7 Mobile TELUS
1-604-471-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS
1-604-472-XXXX 935 Mobile TELUS
1-604-473-XXXX 237 Mobile TELUS
1-604-474-XXXX 25 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-475-XXXX 562 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-476-XXXX 1795 Mobile TELUS
1-604-477-XXXX 823 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-478-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS
1-604-479-XXXX 110 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-480-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS
1-604-481-XXXX 3 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-482-XXXX 43 Mobile TELUS
1-604-483-XXXX 1589 Mobile TELUS
1-604-484-XXXX 215 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-604-485-XXXX 3845 Mobile TELUS
1-604-486-XXXX 277 Mobile TELUS
1-604-487-XXXX 387 Mobile TELUS
1-604-488-XXXX 558 Mobile TELUS
1-604-489-XXXX 122 Mobile TELUS
1-604-490-XXXX 73 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-491-XXXX 228 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-492-XXXX 20 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-493-XXXX 5 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-495-XXXX 57 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-496-XXXX 464 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-497-XXXX 17 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-498-XXXX 68 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-500-XXXX 158 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-501-XXXX 2022 Mobile TELUS
1-604-502-XXXX 1849 Mobile TELUS
1-604-503-XXXX 95 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-504-XXXX 1744 Mobile TELUS
1-604-505-XXXX 341 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-506-XXXX 323 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-507-XXXX 3138 Mobile TELUS
1-604-508-XXXX 30 Mobile TELUS
1-604-509-XXXX 12 Mobile TELUS
1-604-510-XXXX 246 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-512-XXXX 378 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-513-XXXX 1545 Mobile TELUS
1-604-514-XXXX 3115 Mobile TELUS
1-604-515-XXXX 1613 Mobile TELUS
1-604-516-XXXX 744 Mobile TELUS
1-604-517-XXXX 1102 Mobile TELUS
1-604-518-XXXX 364 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-519-XXXX 852 Mobile TELUS
1-604-520-XXXX 2359 Mobile TELUS
1-604-521-XXXX 4098 Mobile TELUS
1-604-522-XXXX 4785 Mobile TELUS
1-604-523-XXXX 1557 Mobile TELUS
1-604-524-XXXX 3734 Mobile TELUS
1-604-525-XXXX 3999 Mobile TELUS
1-604-526-XXXX 4140 Mobile TELUS
1-604-527-XXXX 735 Mobile TELUS
1-604-528-XXXX 434 Mobile TELUS
1-604-529-XXXX 328 Mobile TELUS
1-604-530-XXXX 5124 Mobile TELUS
1-604-531-XXXX 5492 Mobile TELUS
1-604-532-XXXX 2919 Mobile TELUS
1-604-533-XXXX 4762 Mobile TELUS
1-604-534-XXXX 5266 Mobile TELUS
1-604-535-XXXX 5435 Mobile TELUS
1-604-536-XXXX 5455 Mobile TELUS
1-604-537-XXXX 403 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-538-XXXX 5156 Mobile TELUS
1-604-539-XXXX 1919 Mobile TELUS
1-604-540-XXXX 2551 Mobile TELUS
1-604-541-XXXX 3575 Mobile TELUS
1-604-542-XXXX 3367 Mobile TELUS
1-604-543-XXXX 3526 Mobile TELUS
1-604-544-XXXX 340 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-545-XXXX 9 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-546-XXXX 10 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-547-XXXX 4 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-548-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-604-549-XXXX 39 Mobile TELUS
1-604-550-XXXX 8 Mobile TELUS
1-604-551-XXXX 316 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-552-XXXX 3800 Mobile TELUS
1-604-553-XXXX 45 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-554-XXXX 11 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-556-XXXX 1485 Mobile TELUS
1-604-557-XXXX 1056 Mobile TELUS
1-604-558-XXXX 106 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-559-XXXX 15 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-560-XXXX 1183 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-561-XXXX 262 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-562-XXXX 331 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-563-XXXX 1057 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-564-XXXX 1518 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-565-XXXX 1061 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-566-XXXX 1177 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-567-XXXX 134 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-568-XXXX 2600 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-569-XXXX 1783 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-570-XXXX 286 Mobile TELUS
1-604-571-XXXX 12 Mobile TELUS
1-604-572-XXXX 4360 Mobile TELUS
1-604-573-XXXX 7 Mobile TELUS
1-604-574-XXXX 4665 Mobile TELUS
1-604-575-XXXX 3357 Mobile TELUS
1-604-576-XXXX 4050 Mobile TELUS
1-604-577-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-604-578-XXXX 30 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-579-XXXX 12 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-580-XXXX 1984 Mobile TELUS
1-604-581-XXXX 4840 Mobile TELUS
1-604-582-XXXX 4279 Mobile TELUS
1-604-583-XXXX 4593 Mobile TELUS
1-604-584-XXXX 4257 Mobile TELUS
1-604-585-XXXX 3789 Mobile TELUS
1-604-586-XXXX 59 Mobile TELUS
1-604-587-XXXX 563 Mobile TELUS
1-604-588-XXXX 4696 Mobile TELUS
1-604-589-XXXX 3952 Mobile TELUS
1-604-590-XXXX 4103 Mobile TELUS
1-604-591-XXXX 4201 Mobile TELUS
1-604-592-XXXX 1718 Mobile TELUS
1-604-593-XXXX 615 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-594-XXXX 5591 Mobile TELUS
1-604-595-XXXX 844 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-596-XXXX 5432 Mobile TELUS
1-604-597-XXXX 4793 Mobile TELUS
1-604-598-XXXX 2383 Mobile TELUS
1-604-599-XXXX 3827 Mobile TELUS
1-604-600-XXXX 393 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-601-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS
1-604-602-XXXX 1039 Mobile TELUS
1-604-603-XXXX 326 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-605-XXXX 643 Mobile TELUS
1-604-606-XXXX 51 Mobile TELUS
1-604-607-XXXX 1156 Mobile TELUS
1-604-608-XXXX 727 Mobile TELUS
1-604-609-XXXX 543 Mobile TELUS
1-604-612-XXXX 232 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-613-XXXX 279 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-614-XXXX 326 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-615-XXXX 251 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-616-XXXX 319 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-617-XXXX 317 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-618-XXXX 364 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-619-XXXX 266 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-620-XXXX 112 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-621-XXXX 2 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-622-XXXX 48 Mobile TELUS
1-604-623-XXXX 89 Mobile TELUS
1-604-624-XXXX 6 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-625-XXXX 340 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-626-XXXX 955 Mobile TELUS
1-604-627-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-604-628-XXXX 200 Landline GT Group Telecom Services Corp.
1-604-629-XXXX 339 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-630-XXXX 553 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-631-XXXX 203 Mobile TELUS
1-604-632-XXXX 389 Mobile TELUS
1-604-633-XXXX 882 Mobile TELUS
1-604-634-XXXX 101 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-635-XXXX 107 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-636-XXXX 129 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-637-XXXX 559 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-638-XXXX 265 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-639-XXXX 363 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-640-XXXX 37 Mobile TELUS
1-604-641-XXXX 152 Mobile TELUS
1-604-642-XXXX 393 Mobile TELUS
1-604-643-XXXX 267 Mobile TELUS
1-604-644-XXXX 386 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-645-XXXX 23 Mobile TELUS
1-604-646-XXXX 407 Mobile TELUS
1-604-647-XXXX 331 Mobile TELUS
1-604-648-XXXX 217 Mobile TELUS
1-604-649-XXXX 384 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-650-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-604-651-XXXX 9 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-652-XXXX 95 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-653-XXXX 139 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-654-XXXX 64 Mobile TELUS
1-604-655-XXXX 203 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-656-XXXX 38 Mobile TELUS
1-604-657-XXXX 335 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-658-XXXX 46 Mobile TELUS
1-604-659-XXXX 55 Mobile TELUS
1-604-660-XXXX 360 Mobile TELUS
1-604-661-XXXX 131 Mobile TELUS
1-604-662-XXXX 808 Mobile TELUS
1-604-663-XXXX 21 Mobile TELUS
1-604-664-XXXX 81 Mobile TELUS
1-604-665-XXXX 157 Mobile TELUS
1-604-666-XXXX 110 Mobile TELUS
1-604-667-XXXX 7 Mobile TELUS
1-604-668-XXXX 122 Mobile TELUS
1-604-669-XXXX 2144 Mobile TELUS
1-604-670-XXXX 22 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-671-XXXX 379 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-673-XXXX 13 Mobile TELUS
1-604-674-XXXX 199 Landline Distributel
1-604-675-XXXX 435 Mobile TELUS
1-604-676-XXXX 1162 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-604-677-XXXX 2071 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-604-678-XXXX 138 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-679-XXXX 3 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-680-XXXX 34 Mobile TELUS
1-604-681-XXXX 1926 Mobile TELUS
1-604-682-XXXX 1776 Mobile TELUS
1-604-683-XXXX 1873 Mobile TELUS
1-604-684-XXXX 2033 Mobile TELUS
1-604-685-XXXX 2093 Mobile TELUS
1-604-686-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-604-687-XXXX 1806 Mobile TELUS
1-604-688-XXXX 1930 Mobile TELUS
1-604-689-XXXX 1664 Mobile TELUS
1-604-690-XXXX 109 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-691-XXXX 123 Mobile TELUS
1-604-692-XXXX 143 Mobile TELUS
1-604-693-XXXX 21 Mobile TELUS
1-604-694-XXXX 252 Mobile TELUS
1-604-695-XXXX 58 Mobile TELUS
1-604-696-XXXX 495 Mobile TELUS
1-604-697-XXXX 140 Mobile TELUS
1-604-698-XXXX 119 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-699-XXXX 111 Mobile TELUS
1-604-700-XXXX 276 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-701-XXXX 475 Mobile TELUS
1-604-702-XXXX 811 Mobile TELUS
1-604-703-XXXX 724 Mobile TELUS
1-604-704-XXXX 0 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-604-705-XXXX 3 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-706-XXXX 1 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-707-XXXX 513 Mobile TELUS
1-604-708-XXXX 2438 Mobile TELUS
1-604-709-XXXX 1420 Mobile TELUS
1-604-710-XXXX 354 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-712-XXXX 5 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-713-XXXX 109 Mobile TELUS
1-604-714-XXXX 575 Mobile TELUS
1-604-715-XXXX 368 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-716-XXXX 363 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-717-XXXX 69 Mobile TELUS
1-604-718-XXXX 62 Mobile TELUS
1-604-719-XXXX 264 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-720-XXXX 384 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-721-XXXX 371 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-722-XXXX 395 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-723-XXXX 349 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-724-XXXX 313 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-725-XXXX 399 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-726-XXXX 344 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-727-XXXX 383 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-728-XXXX 363 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-729-XXXX 434 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-730-XXXX 2441 Mobile TELUS
1-604-731-XXXX 4043 Mobile TELUS
1-604-732-XXXX 3651 Mobile TELUS
1-604-733-XXXX 4564 Mobile TELUS
1-604-734-XXXX 2974 Mobile TELUS
1-604-735-XXXX 21 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-736-XXXX 3204 Mobile TELUS
1-604-737-XXXX 2229 Mobile TELUS
1-604-738-XXXX 3786 Mobile TELUS
1-604-739-XXXX 2512 Mobile TELUS
1-604-740-XXXX 1123 Mobile TELUS
1-604-741-XXXX 349 Mobile TELUS
1-604-742-XXXX 894 Mobile TELUS
1-604-743-XXXX 8 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-744-XXXX 273 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-745-XXXX 68 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-746-XXXX 937 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-747-XXXX 30 Mobile TELUS
1-604-748-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-604-749-XXXX 4 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-750-XXXX 18 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-751-XXXX 166 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-752-XXXX 6 Mobile TELUS
1-604-753-XXXX 97 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-754-XXXX 274 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-755-XXXX 881 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-756-XXXX 589 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-757-XXXX 88 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-758-XXXX 107 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-759-XXXX 711 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-604-760-XXXX 382 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-761-XXXX 357 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-762-XXXX 231 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-763-XXXX 290 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-764-XXXX 252 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-765-XXXX 405 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-766-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS
1-604-767-XXXX 399 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-768-XXXX 116 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-769-XXXX 107 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-770-XXXX 26 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-771-XXXX 416 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-772-XXXX 24 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-773-XXXX 383 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-774-XXXX 22 Landline Distributel
1-604-775-XXXX 59 Mobile TELUS
1-604-776-XXXX 6 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-777-XXXX 1858 Mobile TELUS
1-604-779-XXXX 346 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-780-XXXX 452 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-781-XXXX 388 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-782-XXXX 386 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-783-XXXX 432 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-784-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-604-785-XXXX 193 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-786-XXXX 251 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-787-XXXX 305 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-604-788-XXXX 268 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-789-XXXX 288 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-790-XXXX 226 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-791-XXXX 118 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-792-XXXX 4512 Mobile TELUS
1-604-793-XXXX 1368 Mobile TELUS
1-604-794-XXXX 1102 Mobile TELUS
1-604-795-XXXX 2961 Mobile TELUS
1-604-796-XXXX 1877 Mobile TELUS
1-604-797-XXXX 49 Mobile TELUS
1-604-798-XXXX 208 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-799-XXXX 150 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-800-XXXX 112 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-801-XXXX 277 Mobile TELUS
1-604-802-XXXX 207 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-803-XXXX 221 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-804-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-604-805-XXXX 369 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-806-XXXX 271 Mobile TELUS
1-604-807-XXXX 354 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-808-XXXX 367 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-809-XXXX 303 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-812-XXXX 271 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-813-XXXX 240 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-814-XXXX 1007 Mobile TELUS
1-604-815-XXXX 482 Mobile TELUS
1-604-816-XXXX 204 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-817-XXXX 230 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-818-XXXX 270 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-819-XXXX 194 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-820-XXXX 3577 Mobile TELUS
1-604-821-XXXX 815 Mobile TELUS
1-604-822-XXXX 225 Mobile TELUS
1-604-823-XXXX 1464 Mobile TELUS
1-604-824-XXXX 3725 Mobile TELUS
1-604-825-XXXX 431 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-826-XXXX 4787 Mobile TELUS
1-604-827-XXXX 104 Mobile TELUS
1-604-828-XXXX 242 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-829-XXXX 21 Mobile TELUS
1-604-830-XXXX 115 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-831-XXXX 271 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-832-XXXX 218 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-833-XXXX 247 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-834-XXXX 121 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-835-XXXX 115 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-836-XXXX 277 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-837-XXXX 265 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-838-XXXX 240 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-839-XXXX 310 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-840-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-604-841-XXXX 117 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-842-XXXX 186 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-843-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS
1-604-844-XXXX 128 Mobile TELUS
1-604-845-XXXX 136 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-846-XXXX 722 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-847-XXXX 1272 Mobile TELUS
1-604-848-XXXX 135 Mobile TELUS
1-604-849-XXXX 100 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-850-XXXX 3555 Mobile TELUS
1-604-851-XXXX 680 Mobile TELUS
1-604-852-XXXX 3684 Mobile TELUS
1-604-853-XXXX 4031 Mobile TELUS
1-604-854-XXXX 2306 Mobile TELUS
1-604-855-XXXX 3202 Mobile TELUS
1-604-856-XXXX 4769 Mobile TELUS
1-604-857-XXXX 1760 Mobile TELUS
1-604-858-XXXX 5016 Mobile TELUS
1-604-859-XXXX 4180 Mobile TELUS
1-604-860-XXXX 693 Mobile TELUS
1-604-861-XXXX 120 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-862-XXXX 186 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-863-XXXX 83 Mobile TELUS
1-604-864-XXXX 2232 Mobile TELUS
1-604-865-XXXX 24 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-866-XXXX 323 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-867-XXXX 94 Mobile TELUS
1-604-868-XXXX 199 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-869-XXXX 2161 Mobile TELUS
1-604-870-XXXX 1058 Mobile TELUS
1-604-871-XXXX 591 Mobile TELUS
1-604-872-XXXX 3303 Mobile TELUS
1-604-873-XXXX 3565 Mobile TELUS
1-604-874-XXXX 3917 Mobile TELUS
1-604-875-XXXX 2018 Mobile TELUS
1-604-876-XXXX 4022 Mobile TELUS
1-604-877-XXXX 929 Mobile TELUS
1-604-878-XXXX 13 Mobile TELUS
1-604-879-XXXX 3691 Mobile TELUS
1-604-880-XXXX 273 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-881-XXXX 707 Mobile TELUS
1-604-882-XXXX 2380 Mobile TELUS
1-604-883-XXXX 1094 Mobile TELUS
1-604-884-XXXX 9 Mobile TELUS
1-604-885-XXXX 4220 Mobile TELUS
1-604-886-XXXX 4010 Mobile TELUS
1-604-887-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS
1-604-888-XXXX 3952 Mobile TELUS
1-604-889-XXXX 422 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-890-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS
1-604-891-XXXX 76 Mobile TELUS
1-604-892-XXXX 769 Mobile TELUS
1-604-893-XXXX 147 Mobile TELUS
1-604-894-XXXX 1157 Mobile TELUS
1-604-895-XXXX 78 Mobile TELUS
1-604-896-XXXX 148 Mobile TELUS
1-604-897-XXXX 348 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-898-XXXX 2033 Mobile TELUS
1-604-899-XXXX 1156 Mobile TELUS
1-604-900-XXXX 37 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-901-XXXX 53 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-604-902-XXXX 150 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-903-XXXX 41 Mobile TELUS
1-604-904-XXXX 2243 Mobile TELUS
1-604-905-XXXX 1382 Mobile TELUS
1-604-906-XXXX 41 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-907-XXXX 47 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-908-XXXX 221 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-909-XXXX 252 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-604-910-XXXX 196 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-912-XXXX 10 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-913-XXXX 1313 Mobile TELUS
1-604-914-XXXX 3 Landline Navigata Communications 2009 Inc.
1-604-915-XXXX 228 Mobile TELUS
1-604-916-XXXX 270 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-917-XXXX 32 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-918-XXXX 19 Mobile TELUS
1-604-919-XXXX 0 Mobile TELUS
1-604-920-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-604-921-XXXX 2458 Mobile TELUS
1-604-922-XXXX 5535 Mobile TELUS
1-604-923-XXXX 27 Mobile TELUS
1-604-924-XXXX 2554 Mobile TELUS
1-604-925-XXXX 3361 Mobile TELUS
1-604-926-XXXX 4618 Mobile TELUS
1-604-927-XXXX 78 Mobile TELUS
1-604-928-XXXX 226 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-929-XXXX 5460 Mobile TELUS
1-604-930-XXXX 2492 Mobile TELUS
1-604-931-XXXX 4396 Mobile TELUS
1-604-932-XXXX 2752 Mobile TELUS
1-604-933-XXXX 36 Mobile TELUS
1-604-934-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-604-935-XXXX 689 Mobile TELUS
1-604-936-XXXX 5310 Mobile TELUS
1-604-937-XXXX 2140 Mobile TELUS
1-604-938-XXXX 1600 Mobile TELUS
1-604-939-XXXX 5547 Mobile TELUS
1-604-940-XXXX 3257 Mobile TELUS
1-604-941-XXXX 5314 Mobile TELUS
1-604-942-XXXX 5203 Mobile TELUS
1-604-943-XXXX 6051 Mobile TELUS
1-604-944-XXXX 4683 Mobile TELUS
1-604-945-XXXX 4477 Mobile TELUS
1-604-946-XXXX 5098 Mobile TELUS
1-604-947-XXXX 420 Mobile TELUS
1-604-948-XXXX 2597 Mobile TELUS
1-604-949-XXXX 749 Mobile TELUS
1-604-951-XXXX 2700 Mobile TELUS
1-604-952-XXXX 674 Mobile TELUS
1-604-953-XXXX 530 Mobile TELUS
1-604-954-XXXX 4 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-955-XXXX 23 Mobile TELUS
1-604-956-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS
1-604-957-XXXX 1668 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-604-960-XXXX 610 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-604-961-XXXX 396 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-604-962-XXXX 257 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-963-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS
1-604-964-XXXX 3 Landline Bell West Inc.
1-604-965-XXXX 1 Mobile TELUS
1-604-966-XXXX 180 Mobile TELUS
1-604-967-XXXX 49 Mobile TELUS
1-604-968-XXXX 139 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-969-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS
1-604-970-XXXX 220 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-971-XXXX 73 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-972-XXXX 0 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-973-XXXX 12 Landline Shaw Telecom Inc.
1-604-974-XXXX 156 Mobile TELUS
1-604-975-XXXX 6 Mobile TELUS
1-604-977-XXXX 17 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-978-XXXX 3 Mobile TELUS
1-604-979-XXXX 6 Mobile TELUS
1-604-980-XXXX 5046 Mobile TELUS
1-604-981-XXXX 61 Mobile TELUS
1-604-982-XXXX 515 Mobile TELUS
1-604-983-XXXX 1968 Mobile TELUS
1-604-984-XXXX 3304 Mobile TELUS
1-604-985-XXXX 4675 Mobile TELUS
1-604-986-XXXX 4379 Mobile TELUS
1-604-987-XXXX 5180 Mobile TELUS
1-604-988-XXXX 5318 Mobile TELUS
1-604-989-XXXX 105 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-990-XXXX 2330 Mobile TELUS
1-604-991-XXXX 27 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-992-XXXX 316 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-993-XXXX 6 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-604-994-XXXX 4 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-995-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS
1-604-996-XXXX 271 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-997-XXXX 122 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-604-998-XXXX 121 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-604-999-XXXX 349 Mobile TELUS Mobility