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Reported over 45025 years ago
Reported over 45020 years ago
Just another spammy recording
Reported about 45020 years ago
Numerous calls with no message left. Nobody answers when called back.
Reported about 45019 years ago
Payphone Call
Reported almost 45015 years ago
Recording of supposed IRS... Scam
Reported over 45014 years ago
Claims to be IRS, filing lawsuit then gives a different number to get further info on the case. To sketchy and did not answer!
Reported over 45014 years ago
Said he was from the treasury dept and want me to contact him if not i would be brought in front of a magistrate or judge huh this got to be a scam
Reported over 45012 years ago
Ditto on previous comments.
Reported over 45012 years ago
Reported about 45005 years ago
Harassment racial remarks slanderism
Reported over 45003 years ago
This person has been threatning to kill and or do great bodily harm to a person
Reported over 45001 years ago
Fourth call today. IRS or microsoft wanting access to computer.
Reported almost 44998 years ago
IRS going to sue me, two calls today
Reported almost 44997 years ago
No true friend
Reported over 44995 years ago
This place calls several times a day for a Hope Murphy, after I explained that I just got this number.
Reported about 44993 years ago
Reported about 44993 years ago
Middle east man saying he's from the IRS & my address is under him back at this number. SCAM!!!
Reported about 44993 years ago
Liars and thrives from India
Reported over 44992 years ago
This caller identify them self as a car dealer and the number is for time warner cable they lied to me
Reported over 44990 years ago
Spam didn't leave msg
Reported over 44990 years ago
Didn't answer..said payfone. Leave me alone
Reported 4 minutes ago
This is Scam phone, telling that he calling from Immigration and Naturalization services... Do not get in conversation. They will call again with 1-800-375-5283 and same thing.
Reported about 14 hours ago
The person was giving me Threats
Reported about 18 hours ago
drop dead John Ruland
Reported on Jan 25, 2015
don't call or text me no more you fat cow
Reported on Jan 25, 2015
Not here at the moment
Reported on Jan 25, 2015
The caller texted my phone and refuses to give their name
Reported on Jan 25, 2015
twot dna
Reported on Jan 24, 2015
I received the same type of call yesterday from this phone # telling me the same types of things about ignoring notice from the IRS, to get a lawyer, that someone would be at my house in the next hour to arrest me, etc. They are IRS impersonators and scammers. Just hang up. They'll call, but ignore them. When we called them back and asked for their address, they said they were in India. Later when we called them back the one who answered the phone said someone stole his identity and was using his phone #. They are scammers and liars. Do not engage with them.
Reported on Jan 24, 2015
rude crude lewd solicitation twot dna