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Exchange 1-620-842-XXXX

Location: Kansas, Anthony, Harper County
Approximate number of phones: 1193
Carrier: Southwestern Bell (Landline)
Mr. Number records show that there are at least 1,354 active phone numbers with the prefix 620842 out of a possible 10,000. Numbers in this exchange are both mobile and landline phones. Phone numbers beginning with 620-842 are allocated to Kansas, in particular Anthony in Harper County. Public records tell us that 49.47% (669) of subscribers are men and 50.53% (684) are women. Median household income in this part of the country is $42,021 and 73.63% of housing units are owner-occupied.

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Reported on Jan 30, 2015
Received a hang up call from this number at 4:00 AM
Reported on Jan 30, 2015
Got a hang up call from this number at 4 AM
Reported on Jun 2, 2014
degree match
Reported on May 28, 2014
Received a phone call from this number advising that I have criminal charges and asked for my attorney info. I advised that I have no attorney nor do I have a need for one.  He then advised I have 3 criminal charges pending and asked if I wanted more info. I of course said yes. He transferred me to the paralegal who told me to listen and not interrupt,  I did as asked and then asked what out was for. He advised that I took out a pay day loan and never paid it back. He said they would arrest me, report the issue to my employer, unless I came up with $8,657.00 which included attorneys fees and court  costs. I then advised that I have never in my life taken a pay day advance, he then repeated my address and ssn, I again confirmed this had to be an error... he then advised I will be arrested soon and and to enjoy my 30 days in jail and hung up on me. I hope they call back so I can get the name of the attorneys office and report then to the state... I just wonder how many people fall for this crap!!
Reported on May 27, 2014
Very upsetting that this number called my work many times over and over claiming it was important after I advised Ill call the police for harrassment they continued anyway. I advised for them to call my personal phone but they insisted. After being embarrassed at work, my boss offered to pick up. They told him after he advised for them not to harrass his employees, that it was my husband that would be arressted if I didnt call back. I went to take a personal call outside to talk with them. They wouldnt answer any of my questions on who it was with this legal action against me. I asked many times. They passed to the "attorney" who said he would answer my questions once he read me my criminal actions against me. His name was Edward McConnoley" indian accent, very hard to understand. He asked if I had an attorney, no I said, he said he would read the affidavid to me and not to interup since the call was recorded. He said I had 2 charges against me, one of them being credit fraud. After he was finished he asked if I had any questions. I said yes why havnt I been served this and who was it that had this against me. He still never said. He the cut me off and said are you going to take care of this or will we have to have you arrested. I said wait what do I have to do to take care of this, he said do you want to take care of it in office or be arrested. I said of course I dont want to be arrested, Ill take care of in office. He put me on hold and said he would need to find out if they could take care of it in office. He came back saying he talked to the courts and the jury said no they will continue to purse legal action. I was like are you kidding. How can we take care of this then. He said I would need to pay $1890 in an hour or he would send the police to come get me. I repeated it back you want this amount in an hour? He said do you have this money, I said no of course not. I then asked who is this against me? He said quickly oh thats the police department calling me back please hold. He put me on hold for 20 minutes!! I waited because I wanted answers, even though all I wanted was to get off the phone and call the police myself. But I waited. In this time I came back into my office and told my bosses everything. We proceeded to look up the number online and low and behold I read all your messages on this scam..Once he came back on the line, he asks have you made your decsion? I said hello and my boss said hey look we just looked you up and we see your nothing but a scam so stop calling here and stop harrassing or we will call the police. He said in a perfect no accent voice "YOU CAN GO S*** A D***" and hung up!. I realized after reading tons of comments online about this number and what they are doing that all this happened to me too!.. After several hours later they tried calling my personal phone but I couldnt get to it to yell at them again, however they called my work back hours after that again and started the harrassing again saying no this is really a legal matter that needs to be taken care of or the police would come. I stopped the guy and said look you already called here and we already know its a scam, stop calling stop harrassing or I will call the police. The guy said no it really needs to be taken care of. I said no your supposed "attorney" I talked to already and he said to "S*** A D***" do you really think Im going to listen to un professionals like that and not know Im being scammed?He said oh no we wouldnt say that, I repeated my self and then told him "NO YOU CAN STOP AND YOU CAN GO S*** A D*** STOP CALLING!" then I hung up. Havent heard back since...This needs to be stopped!!
Reported on May 27, 2014
Called my work and left an extremely rude and demanding message. Knew my first name and told me I had to return this call or else good luck with what will happen next. This type of things needs to be stopped immediately !!!!!
Reported on May 24, 2014
Spam # called
Reported on May 23, 2014
I got a call from this same number 620 -842-9250 they wanted me to send 689.00 and if I didn't send the money I would be going to jail for 60 days. It seem to be one person maybe two changing up personalities making me to believe I was talking to different people at a law firm. They demaned me to leave work and wanted to speak with someone at the "Kangaroo Express" to make sure I was getting the "Green Dot". The person spoke with broken english and was very rude. I notice each time I called it a person would answer but they would provided a different name. I would call back to clarify stuff but the number would be busy. I called the original company who I went through and they told me that its not them calling for money but yet I am being scam!!!!!!! DONT BE A FOOL!!!!!!!
Reported on May 23, 2014
Left cryptic message for me or my retainer to return the call "or else good luck on what unfolds."
Reported on May 22, 2014
Got called twice from this number saying I am being sued did not say for what, barely spoke English so it was hard to make out what he was saying. All I know is my states attourney general knows about this.. Good luck to 620-842-9250.
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