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Reported on Aug 28, 2015
This number calls everyday. Has to stop.
Reported on Aug 26, 2015
Guy Called claiming to be contractor. Wanted to see if we wanted bids on hi,e improvement projects
Reported on Aug 24, 2015
Picked up the call at the end of sixth ring. Hung up instead of leaving a message.I have a feeling that it's a Phising kind of "Spam" because the antispyware icon on my task bar disappeared!!! I had to go look for the program by going through everything on the Start manue!!!
Reported on Aug 22, 2015
no message
Reported on Aug 20, 2015
got call from this number on my cell; they left no message; info on phone says it is a Pasadena area number
Reported on Aug 12, 2015
No answer whatsoever
Reported on Aug 11, 2015
Calls but leaves no message
Reported on Aug 8, 2015
Call 3_4 turns never leaves message
Reported on Aug 4, 2015
Calls almost daily but doesn't leave message.
Reported on Jul 31, 2015
Reported on Jul 30, 2015
Just someone conducting a survey. Questions were about the upcoming election and Southern California but I don't live there.
Reported on Jul 19, 2015
data collection agency conducting a survey
Reported on Jul 18, 2015
Reported on Jun 25, 2015
Reported on May 7, 2015
One of several numbers used by a spammer. All totaled, this spammer has called more than 40 times this morning, and an equal number yesterday. Calls come in batches of 3 -5 calls within a few minutes, then about half an hour without calls. In each batch, the calls generally appear to originate from a different part of the US.
Reported on May 1, 2015
Reported on Apr 11, 2015
This company calls almost every day. I ask them not to call back but that does not stop the calls. STOP CALLING US!
Reported on Apr 8, 2015
CID = RESEARCH CENTER Rang through to voice mail, three times in a four minute interval, hung up each time without leaving any message, on a Sunday night. Vermin.
Reported on Apr 4, 2015
Call from this number the other day asking if I was S, answered "This is she" caller hung up, I called number only to get a busy signal. Received a couple more calls from same number they hung up after I answered. again busy signal after calling number back.
Reported on Mar 28, 2015
they call my house 5 or 6 times a week and when we answer there is no one to answer back
Reported on Mar 28, 2015
Research call, will not say upfront what or who its for.
Reported on Feb 5, 2015
confirm SPAM - multiple hang ups from same # and no known callers there.
Reported on Feb 5, 2015
Called three times today. When we picked up phone one time, nobody was on the line. Tried calling the number, it says it is no longer in service. Placed on block list.. Wish we all had that company's number so everyone they bother could call them throughout the day and tie up their phone lines
Reported on Jan 29, 2015
Reported on Jan 29, 2015
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Reported on Jan 29, 2015
Reported on Jan 29, 2015
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Reported on Jan 29, 2015
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Reported on Jan 29, 2015
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Reported on Jan 29, 2015