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Reported on Mar 6, 2014
scammer game player
Reported on Feb 22, 2013
stop calling please--or i will report you to bbb as a spam
Reported on Jan 29, 2013
Spam call. Keeps calling multiple times. Don't answer. Just create a "do not answer" contact and list them under it. Save yourself the time!
Reported on Jan 24, 2013
Texas State Troopers association looking for donations......
Reported on Jan 22, 2013
This is a scam. Run away as fast as you can. I called them about a dozen times trying to get more information from them. Everytime I asked who they were and where they were located, they would immediately hang up the phone. Forget about bad customer service, these people are likely stealing personal information from people who don't know better.
Reported on Jan 18, 2013
It's the trooper association...they're looking for donations
Reported on Jan 17, 2013
insurance solicitation
Reported on Jan 15, 2013
I have received a couple calls in the last 2 weeks, i didn't pick up either time, the first time there was a partial message left that said press 3. Must have been a machine calling? How the heck do these idiots get the numbers!!! The second call today was no message or recording of any kind left. Since this appears it will be a repeated occurrence, I had to save as a contact to block it, named it Block spam calls and its so worth it to me to block them!
Reported on Jan 15, 2013
Let it ring! Glad I did.
Reported on Jan 11, 2013
insurance salesman
Reported on Jan 8, 2013
insurance sales call
Reported on Dec 20, 2012
received a call from this number..something eligibility for a reduction in auto insurance
Reported on Dec 14, 2012
Just got a call. Robo call for auto insurance. Why do they think we'd be anything from them when they just randomly dial #s? I haven't given my prepaid # out to anyone so that's the only way they got it. They're going on the Do Not Call list.
Reported on Dec 13, 2012
something about insurance rates
Reported on Dec 12, 2012
Auto insurance
Reported on Dec 11, 2012
Insurance advertising
Reported on Dec 5, 2012
I receive a call from this number, and it appears to be a solicitation of some kind related to auto insurance. I didn't catch the entire statement, but you can press 1 for more information or 3 to be removed from the list. I waited to see whether the message would repeat or if I would be transferred somehow, but the call ended. Looks like I'm still on their calling list...hooray.
Reported on Dec 3, 2012
insurance quote spam. I'm on the DNC list
Reported on Dec 3, 2012
Auto insurance solicitor
Reported on Oct 25, 2012
Reported on Oct 14, 2012
Reported on Apr 25, 2012
Reported on Apr 25, 2012
I got a call from this number on my cell phone (which is registered on the Do Not Call list). The did not leave a message, but they left a 20 second voicemail of someone breathing.....
Reported on Apr 20, 2012
Reported on Feb 21, 2012
Reported on Nov 12, 2011
Got numerous calls throughout the day, when I answer they hang up. ONe time I got a live person just gave me their name and some long distance number. never stated what they wanted....must be some sort of telemarketing or spam....
Reported on Aug 25, 2011
I get a call from this number every day! They never leave a voice message neither! So annoying...
Reported on Aug 8, 2011
Reported on Aug 4, 2011
Reported on Jul 6, 2011