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Reported on Aug 19, 2014
Reported on Aug 1, 2014
Got a call from this number from a curt man that claimed he was from Publishers Clearing House & wanted to know if I would be home for the next hour to deliver my prize. He then asked me to write down the program number and a telephone number to verify. Then asked me to read it back to him. When I told him I didn't catch all of the phone number, could he repeat it, he hung up on me. Within one minute he then called my husbands phone which is one digit off mine. Husband did not answer.
Reported on Feb 19, 2014
Lady told me I had won money from this business. she stated that I had to pay for a government stamp of Fla or I could pay half now and pay the rest when I received the Item that was given to me had won first place.
Reported on Dec 21, 2013
They said I won two and a half million US dollars and a Mercedes. The car would be delivered today by the caller, Mr. David Richmond. I was then transferred to Mr. Anthony Clark, their accountant, who explained that I would have to pay 1% of the federal income taxes due plus some fees ahead of time. He said that Mr. Richmond would be delivering the car accompanied by two state Marshals. I was supposed to receive a letter by UPS as well. At that point I told them I wasn't paying any upfront fees, that they could take it out of my winnings, and I hung up.
Reported on Oct 21, 2013
It has just came to light that people at this number have scammed an old friend out of 1,000s of dollars with their sweepstakes scam. They now have him believing they are FBI agents that are helping him to get his money back. They are very rude, threatening aggressive. Hang up on them.
Reported on Aug 27, 2013
Reported on Jul 29, 2013
prize patrol scam
Reported on Jul 29, 2013
prize patrol
Reported on Jun 25, 2013
Fake sweepstakes scam from overseas.
Reported on Jun 16, 2013
Spammer; fraudster - hang up on them!
Reported on May 28, 2013
claiming I've won money
Reported on May 11, 2013
Called said we won something.
Reported on Mar 29, 2013
Annoying calls at 3AM. Couldn't understand the person due to audio/line noise (YMAX communications services a lot of magic jacks for these 702-516-XXXX numbers. Called it back during the day and got the person's following voicemail transcript singing: "Hello this Gabrelle! And uh... I can't get to the phone right now <garble> I'll call you back as soon as I'm up <guitar strums> Leave a message after the tone. <more guitar> <beep>"
Reported on Jan 16, 2013
I have received numerous calls from this number telling me that I will receive 2,000,000 in a certified money order. I always tell the male individual with a Caribbean accent that I am not interested and to stop calling my home. Well, I received a call again this morning and immediately hung up. He called back and I asked him not to call my home AGAIN and he asked why. The calls are extremely frustrating and harassing. I wish there was something that I could do to stop the calls but I know blocking the number will only cause them to call me from a different number.
Reported on Nov 23, 2012
sweepstakes scam.
Reported on Oct 29, 2012
We have received 2 calls from someone who claims to be a past customer and always asks for the owner and won't leave a message even when asked. The number is from our caller id.
Reported on Oct 18, 2012
I've received at least 10 calls from this number. A very convincing man claiming to be the manger of my account in regards to the $4.5 million I've won. The first numbers start out as area code 876-456-6596..then the last 4 numbers continue to change, then I get a call back number of 702-516-0852. All of this appears to have scam written all over it. Be aware !!
Reported on Sep 18, 2012
Reported on Sep 4, 2012
The standard Sweepstakes scam where they need money wired to them to cover the 'costs' of delivering your prize. Scumbags. Told them my State Attorney General's Office would be contacting them.
Reported on Jul 14, 2012
Got a call from a man with thick accent telling my father that he had won 2.5 million, but he had to go to wal mart ,get a pre paid card, give him the no# so he'd know that we are the ones to get the money when HE, and some MARSHALLS show up at my house with a briefcase full of 100k. then we would have to buy some sort of stamp to have the rest released to us! Always the skeptic, I started searching around and found this sight ,full of other scams that sound an awful lot like the one I have been hearing! the no# he gave for call back was 702-516-5555..... beware. I have a feeling the phone company should be able to see this happening if they are going through this many numbers!
Reported on Jun 30, 2012
This number is a scammer. The caller got an elderly male to believe he was going to marry a female he had never met and that she had been kidnapped so he needed to send money. He was going to send a large amount of money to them. Luckily the teller at the bank realized the elderly male was being scammed and called the local police dept.
Reported on Jun 30, 2012
spam enter a drawing and won
Reported on Jun 18, 2012
Scam. You're a prize winner who is asked to pay money to have the prize money released.
Reported on Apr 18, 2012
702-516-5253 wire money you have won big. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!
Reported on Apr 12, 2012
702-516-0083 don't call they want you to send by wire to another state for $ you are "suppose" to have won
Reported on Mar 18, 2012
suspicious number. We were a lucky winner. Wanted money by wire before we get the lucky win.
Reported on Mar 14, 2012
guy cld and sd to cb, when i did he said lvmpd-watch out
Reported on Mar 13, 2012
Call came in withheld on ID but the message said to call 702-516-8622 back for my 5 million lottory winnings and told me to have a blessed day
Reported on Mar 13, 2012
702-516-0083 has been calling my father for months and scamming him out of $3000 a month of his $3400 income he has no assets now and believes this woman about the lottery $. I called the # and 876-566-1820 called me back and gave me a 702-516-8622 or 32 [strong accent] number to call him back about my lottery winnings
Reported on Mar 10, 2012
scammer! they try to take advantage of the elderly.