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Reported on May 13, 2015
Have had their number blocked as they are scam callers, yet they still try to call. Ya think they'd get the message...
Reported on May 5, 2015
Work from home scam. Texted me from 2 numbers within 5 min. No idea how they got my number.
Reported on May 3, 2015
Keep getting called from this number that I don't recognize, but I'm sure it's regarding sports betting.
Reported on May 3, 2015
I rejected this number since I keep getting calls from it. I'm sure it's spam though.
Reported on May 1, 2015
Rude things said. Harassment big time.
Reported on May 1, 2015
This number has called 2 times today and no message. It has called before and never leaves a message.
Reported on Apr 27, 2015
Take me off call list
Reported on Mar 26, 2015
Never leaves a message
Reported on Mar 13, 2015
She or (a young he) sounded surprised when I said hello. Young prank caller maybe?...
Reported on Mar 13, 2015
stop calling me!
Reported on Mar 13, 2015
Called me but left no message. I don't know anyone with a 702 area code, and for the past 2 months I have been barraged with spam regarding sports betting with several numbers coming from the 702 area code. I am almost certain that it's spam about sports betting.
Reported on Mar 13, 2015
Received a missed call with no voicemail left, but I'm sure it's about sports betting since I've been getting spammed every single day for the past two months trying to get me to do sports betting. I don't know anyone with the 702 area code.
Reported on Mar 10, 2015
Take me off of the call list.
Reported on Mar 7, 2015
carpet sales
Reported on Mar 3, 2015
Reported on Feb 27, 2015
Reported on Feb 25, 2015
Block this spamming mofo
Reported on Feb 25, 2015
They never leave a message. If it's a legit caller, they'd leave a message.
Reported on Feb 20, 2015
Calls, leaves message, just block them move on.
Reported on Feb 19, 2015
same never leaves a message
Reported on Feb 18, 2015
Scum sucking spoofer. Shows as "out of area" How can it be "out of area" if I'm in the same area code?
Reported on Feb 17, 2015
special offer for security system.
Reported on Jan 9, 2015
A stranger called and asked me for my social security number. I asked who she was. She told me she couldn't tell me until I validated my info. I told her to not call again. Total spam!
Reported on Dec 17, 2014
Sports betting solicitor
Reported on Dec 11, 2014
Download whitepages caller ID and then you can block them it's a free app!
Reported on Nov 25, 2014
Staying calling from diversified something but shows up as mandalay bay room reservations
Reported on Nov 22, 2014
say its Computer Says its Verzion Wireless. called Verzion they say its a pre paid number not them
Reported on Nov 22, 2014
Repeated calls and then they hang up
Reported on Nov 11, 2014
don't answer
Reported on Oct 28, 2014
Received a call from this number earlier today, 10/28/14. Was unable to get to my phone in time. The caller didn't bother to leave a message. My cell phone number is on the DO NOT CALL list. Please make this person stop calling. After reading other posts, I will definitely not be answering my phone!