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Reported on Jun 19, 2013
they called and said they were a lawyer and we owed money but could not give dates or verify info they kept asking for our full SS# if they were a lawyer they would have that told us there was a warrant for arrest small claims does not issue warrants!!! total scam and possible identity thieves
Reported on Jun 4, 2013
automated message selling automated messages
Reported on Mar 25, 2013
Man calling wanting to ask confidential questions. He very politely said sorry.
Reported on Mar 5, 2013
Constantly called me but left no voicemails... I actually picked up and he apologized for reaching a residential number and said that he thought he was contacting a business number and was looking for someone named Johnny Garza... which I found out he is a lawyer in Texas... it is very unsettling to find out sme strange man has my number...
Reported on Nov 3, 2012
Recording pitching a get rich fast business.
Reported on Aug 14, 2012
ALERT Terrorists terrorising!!!
Reported on Aug 8, 2012
Reported on Aug 8, 2012
Political survey
Reported on May 2, 2012
Recording on how to earn more income
Reported on Apr 12, 2012
Online business
Reported on Jan 13, 2012
Reported on Jan 12, 2012
Reported on Dec 14, 2011
No message
Reported on Dec 9, 2011
Some get rich quick thing. It left me a voicemail.
Reported on Nov 21, 2011
This number keeps calling and then hangs up, no message or anything. It happens randomly throughout the day / night. very irritating!!!!
Reported on Nov 5, 2011
They don't say anything very nerve wrecking
Reported on Nov 5, 2011
They don't say anything very nerve wrecking
Reported on Oct 17, 2011
Keeps calling and hanging up
Reported on Oct 12, 2011
This company left a voicemail on my cell phone on 10/12/2011 from "on behalf of Jason Collins" regarding "financial freedom" and to phone back the same number for pre-recorded advice. I filed a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry
Reported on Sep 29, 2011
recorded message to get financial freedom
Reported on Sep 23, 2011
Reported on Sep 22, 2011
Recieve many hang up calls a day with no voicemail from this number!
Reported on Sep 21, 2011
On behalf of Jason Collins about financial stuff. NO COLD CALLING, NO SELLING. Sounded like a bunch of garbage to me.
Reported on Sep 21, 2011
More detail might help...
Reported on Sep 20, 2011
Reported on Sep 20, 2011
Reported on Sep 20, 2011
Recorded message about financial.
Reported on Sep 15, 2011
Reported on Jul 21, 2011
Selling back up software
Reported on Jun 22, 2011