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Reported on Oct 1, 2015
Repeated calls saying they are trying to refund money for computer services I have never had. I have had at least 30 calls.
Reported on Sep 25, 2015
Scumbag telemarketers Hangs up
Reported on Jun 8, 2014
Block number
Reported on Jun 7, 2014
I recv'd a call from this # this morning and it was a very obscene call. I hung up and will report the incident to the police.
Reported on Nov 28, 2013
set up police
Reported on Mar 28, 2013
Reported on Jul 27, 2012
I recieved a call from this number and when I called back in an hour it was not a working number?? I found that strange and they did not leave a message. Also got a call from 704-990-2167 no message. I will be sure to answer next time..ding!
Reported on Jan 19, 2012
talk about money
Reported on Nov 12, 2011
this is a scamer
Reported on Nov 7, 2011
They keep calling tlkn bout i owe them money
Reported on Nov 3, 2011
No idea who as I never answer and they never leave a message.
Reported on Nov 2, 2011
Reported on Nov 2, 2011
I received a call from this number. Said I owed a payday loan and I paid $370.00 - I didn't know I was getting scammed (i feel really stupid right about now). I have have a receipt from them for paying. The name at the bottom is Mr. Frank Miller - National Money Services. Can someone help me get my money back....I know that won't happen.
Reported on Oct 27, 2011
Reported on Oct 22, 2011
Same company just different number.
Reported on Oct 7, 2011
Reported on Sep 29, 2011
Telemarketers!! Bad accent and rude!!
Reported on Sep 28, 2011
Recorded message about a thousand dollars.
Reported on Sep 27, 2011
Dnt know number
Reported on Sep 22, 2011
Same as others, bad accent and many threats, bad language and keep calling
Reported on Sep 21, 2011
They dont say anything
Reported on Sep 21, 2011
this is how they got my info
Reported on Sep 21, 2011
Called with threats of complaints against my ss#..
Reported on Sep 19, 2011
Attempted to talk about my home security.
Reported on Sep 19, 2011
It is a scam. They called and wouldn't tell me their business, etc. They should be found and prosecuted. Don't bother to talk to them or give them any information at all.
Reported on Sep 16, 2011
Reported on Sep 15, 2011
loan solicitation
Reported on Sep 13, 2011
Payday loan
Reported on Sep 13, 2011
Reported on Sep 7, 2011
This number called would not speak or say anything as I consistently said hello then they hung up.