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Reported on Sep 20, 2014
spam or debt collecters, pick up and no one answers which is weird when coming from local number.
Reported on Feb 5, 2014
Called 3 times on my cell and used my name as well as wife's name. Also called on my home phone.. Stating something about a relative whom was to be issued a subpoena.
Reported on Jan 24, 2014
wants money!!!!
Reported on Dec 27, 2013
Keeps Calling and telling me I have a case and I'm being uncooperative. I have never received anything from them.
Reported on Oct 19, 2013
unknown caller
Reported on Oct 17, 2013
Reported on Oct 16, 2013
bill collector
Reported on Aug 15, 2013
Bill collector???
Reported on Jul 31, 2013
Collections agency - may or may not be a scammer, but it is certainly not my name they are using when they call.
Reported on Jun 10, 2013
debt collector
Reported on May 23, 2013
Bill collector.
Reported on May 21, 2013
Reported on May 13, 2013
Old navy bill
Reported on May 9, 2013
debt collection
Reported on May 8, 2013
bill collector
Reported on May 4, 2013
Reported on Apr 29, 2013
chase bank
Reported on Apr 18, 2013
Keep calling for someone I've never heard of, and I've had this number forever.
Reported on Apr 17, 2013
mr. bill collector
Reported on Apr 12, 2013
If by spam you mean they call ALL THE TIME than yes it is. It is collections for Target. The voice messages they leave are so fast its hard to understand.
Reported on Apr 2, 2013
Reported on Apr 1, 2013
Spam...states bill collector...i don't have any unpaid bills....spam
Reported on Mar 27, 2013
Hey Mr. Bill collector, quit calling me. I don't have money now, I didn't have money then, I won't have ANYTHING FOR YOU IN THE FUTURE!!!
Reported on Mar 22, 2013
Reported on Mar 20, 2013
Bill collector
Reported on Mar 19, 2013
Debt collectors
Reported on Mar 15, 2013
idk who it is
Reported on Feb 11, 2013
Automated voice
Reported on Feb 5, 2013
No answer
Reported on Jan 31, 2013
First source advantage LLC