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Reported on May 15, 2015
They called and yelled something and hung up. One minute prior to this call, they called me from 1-434-282-0312 and did the same thing. If you search this number, there are many postings of violent threats from these people.
Reported on May 4, 2015
Who ever does not say anything
Reported on Apr 27, 2015
IRS Scam
Reported on Apr 24, 2015
Claimed to be irs and it was my last warning.
Reported on Apr 17, 2015
message said IRS was filing a lawsuit against me
Reported on Apr 16, 2015
Robo call, said I'm being sued by IRS and need to call 721-592-6584 to get more information on my case file. I called several hours latter, 6PM and got a busy signal both times. Really? Times too tough for the IRS that they can't have automated answer system?
Reported on Apr 9, 2015
Robo call that the IRS has have filed a suit against me and I am suppose to call a different number back
Reported on Apr 8, 2015
I received a call from this number today and they left a message stating that the IRS was going to file a law suit against me. They further stated that in order to resolve this matter I needed to call 716-406-7915 which also turns out to be another registered scam number
Reported on Apr 6, 2015
I have received 2 calls from 721 721-2222. The second one came this afternoon. The first call last week a female left a message. However her accent (definitely not a caller from the US) was so bad I could not understand all of her message. She said something about $573. Later I asked my granddaughter (23 Years old) to listen and tell me what she said. She also could not understand the message. Today they stopped the call after 4 rings and no message.
Reported on Mar 25, 2015
IRS Scam
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Exchanges in area 1-721

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-721-510-XXXX 2 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-511-XXXX 0 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-520-XXXX 73 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-521-XXXX 1 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-522-XXXX 84 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-523-XXXX 65 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-524-XXXX 43 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-525-XXXX 1 Wll Telem
1-721-526-XXXX 72 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-527-XXXX 33 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-528-XXXX 0 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-529-XXXX 0 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-542-XXXX 67 Landline Telem
1-721-543-XXXX 28 Landline Telem
1-721-544-XXXX 41 Landline Telem
1-721-545-XXXX 19 Landline Telem
1-721-546-XXXX 9 Landline Telem
1-721-547-XXXX 3 Landline Telem
1-721-548-XXXX 7 Landline Telem
1-721-550-XXXX 33 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-551-XXXX 2 Mobile East Caribbean Cellular NV (ECC)
1-721-552-XXXX 1 Mobile East Caribbean Cellular NV (ECC)
1-721-553-XXXX 92 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-554-XXXX 87 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-555-XXXX 2 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-556-XXXX 29 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-557-XXXX 1 Mobile East Caribbean Cellular NV (ECC)
1-721-558-XXXX 1 Mobile East Caribbean Cellular NV (ECC)
1-721-559-XXXX 32 Mobile Telcell NV
1-721-580-XXXX 77 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-581-XXXX 75 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-585-XXXX 0 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-586-XXXX 64 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-587-XXXX 72 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-588-XXXX 35 Mobile Radcomm NV
1-721-590-XXXX 0 Landline Antelecom
1-721-595-XXXX 1 Landline Smitcoms
1-721-596-XXXX 0 Landline Smitcoms