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Did you get an unwanted call or text? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say?


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7/18/17: This SCAM is wanting Money for the police department. They will not tell you where they are and department they are from.. The really police come to your door asking for help.

6/19/14: block

7/20/11: Recording telling me its final chance to. Take advantage of offer

7/9/11: I want to slap the crap out of them, It is gitting to be that one day someone will find these pigs and fry their as**s. I hate them so much!

7/6/11: Thank you to all who posted comments about this number. I now know that it's a scam and that's why noone answers when, I call the number back.

7/6/11: Yes, I've received numerous calls from 731-599-3010. They simply hang up on me when I request to be on their "do not call list." I'm not sure who to complain to.

7/6/11: Thanks for all the comments. I got one of these calls tonight just before 9 pm but they didn't put message on machine. I am on no call list also. Seems like that program was a waste of our time.

7/5/11: Don't usually answer these unknown number calls but my pro performer daughter is home for a few days and has numerous calls into directors, casting agents, etc for a job. So answered tonight because show biz people have cells from all over the the SPAM recording. DAMN! Now their robo-dialer/computer will register that this is a valid working number and call all the more. Already get AT LEAST one call daily - including Sundays some weeks - from a PLETHORA of numbers, 'companies', etc. Probably all being generated by ONE OR TWO call centers in INDIA or PAKISTAN or AFRICA - NUKE 'EM! SO TIRED of being HARASSED by these calls. LEAVE US ALONE and LET US LIVE IN PEACE.

7/5/11: Got numerous calls from this number for the past three months. One time, I answered, said nothing, and they hung up. I called back and got nothing on their end. Today (July 5, 2011) I answered hello and immediately got an automated message that threatened me about my credit card interest rate. (We have no credit card debt (thank you Dave Ramsey), so I knew it was a scam.) I pressed "one" and got a real person. She started in about my credit card (never identifying herself, her company nor the credit card). I told her that I had received countless phone from this number and that we were on the Do Not Call List. She immediately hung up. I called back and got nothing again. This is a real scam and they should be shut down. I reported them as a complaint to the Do Not Call Website--if anything ever comes of it.

7/5/11: Caller ID on my home phone said "Tennessee". I didn't get to the phone in time and they left no message. I am on the Do Not Call registry, but it doesn't seem to stop them.