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Reported on Sep 23, 2015
repeated calls at all hours. may be collector or telemarketer.
Reported on Jul 25, 2015
u ignore me now I'm going to do the same
Reported on Apr 27, 2015
Reported on Feb 16, 2015
Spam. Didn't tell me what it was in regards to
Reported on Nov 8, 2014
Tryin to get money from
Reported on Oct 5, 2014
Reported on Aug 5, 2014
yes mr parker left a message to me saying that he needed to speak with me before making a decision I had NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TAKING ABOUT, NEVER CALLED BACK GOOGLED HIS NAME AND NUMBER BUT HE ALSO CALLED FROM A 1888 # SPAMMER
Reported on Jun 4, 2014
Saying I owe money for medical bills then i call back and he then said he was a different business name three times
Reported on May 8, 2014
Credit one
Reported on Feb 7, 2014
One call scam? There is a new wireless phone scam called, "One-Ring". Users will receive a call from a foreign number that rings 1 time. The hopes are that you will call the number back trying to find out who called you. Calling the number back can lead to an automatic charge of $19.99 and then a per minute rate of $9.99.
Reported on Sep 26, 2013
phishing va loan
Reported on Jul 22, 2013
Keeps calling me Son. Called back to settle and he kept being rude, threatened to sue if i called back. Hung up on me constantly and said the more i talked the worse i was making it for me. As soon as you rebuttal, he gets very defensive and yells
Reported on Apr 5, 2013
daniel wade he said, have your attorney call was very rude it spam company supposed to be CRA
Reported on Oct 12, 2012
Mr. Parker from CRS...yeah right!
Reported on May 16, 2012
Reported on Mar 20, 2012
Rude didnt give bus.
Reported on Feb 29, 2012
Collect money
Reported on Feb 24, 2012
Bill connector
Reported on Feb 21, 2012
I didn't except the call
Reported on Feb 8, 2012
threat threat
Reported on Feb 6, 2012
Reported on Jan 31, 2012
They need to realize that people know the law. If they mis pronounce your name then it means they do not have a connection with you, it is a form of spam. They have not right to make unsolicited calls, if they have an issue with someone they should have to go through the mail and not depend on machines that make at best random calls.
Reported on Jan 31, 2012
Someone call and I do not know the number I do not answer. They leave a voicemail and start with mis-pronouncing my last name then tell me if i listen to the message I am acknowledging who they think I am. They are now blocked and known as ZSpammer41.
Reported on Jan 24, 2012
Reported on Jan 20, 2012
Bill collector
Reported on Jan 18, 2012
Spam number
Reported on Jan 18, 2012
bill collector
Reported on Jan 18, 2012
Hung up
Reported on Jan 17, 2012
collection agency
Reported on Jan 12, 2012
They wouldn't say