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Reported on Sep 18, 2014
I have received about 4 or 5 calls from this number. All wanting to help me with my Windows computer. They said my computer had a virus and would crash soon. I told them I had someone who took care of my computer and was not interested. They, male and female who both sound foreign, kept calling back. The last time, it was a man who called from 1-767-275-9067. Again same thing, wanting to help me with my Windows computer. I told him to please take my number off his calling list. He said, "No no" I said, "Do not call here again." He said, "No no no. I will call you again." I said, "Oh really?" He said, "Yes" I said, "Then God bless you." I then called my phone company and blocked his number.
Reported on Sep 11, 2014
Same foreign-sounding caller from Roseua in the Caribbean island of Dominica south of Guadeloupe tried doing the same thing to us. Kept calling and tried to talk around us over some computer hacking thing. Even though the Do Not Call list wasn't that helping in stopping this, we would consider also complaining to the FBI about this, . The FBI probably can't do much about it at the present time, but it still might be worthwhile reporting this. Identical caller also reported at , , , , and , just to name a few.
Reported on Sep 8, 2014
Reported on Aug 25, 2014
Called me at 6am and woke me up. Hung up when I answered. I usually don't swear but wish they would have stayed on the phone long enough for me to cuss them out. Don't call that early to someone who suffers from insomnia. Probably hoping I would call them back and ring up a big bill. Not about to fall for that!
Reported on Aug 19, 2014
Reported on Aug 18, 2014
when I don't answer u.meaning fock friends.I don't need u in my move in on.jah jah blessings..
Reported on Aug 11, 2014
I hate him
Reported on Aug 8, 2014
A man asked for someone who was not a member of my household. I told him it was the wrong number and he said, "f#/^ you this is the right number." I hung up.
Reported on Jul 22, 2014
A man with an Indian accent called and said he was with Windows, and asked if I remembered him, his name is Michael Shepherd. He didn't wait for me to answer, (but NO, I have no idea who you are.) He said he was calling about the problem I had opening my emails (no problem here) and said he wanted to help me fix the problem. I told him "I don't believe you," and he repeated, asking, "You don't believe me?" I said "No, I do not. Remove my name from your list, and do not call me again." He said, OK, I will block your email, and it "will not be comfortable for you to open it again in the future."
Reported on Jul 22, 2014
Got a call 2 weeks ago, person with heavy accent said my computer was sending out infectious e-mails that had a virus and I needed it fixed, I told him, "No way" and hung up. Received another call today at about 9:30 AM, that again my computer was infected and I needed to go to my computer turn it on so he could fix the problem, again I told him mine was fine and to, Buzz off !
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Exchanges in area 1-767

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-767-225-XXXX 79 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-235-XXXX 38 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-245-XXXX 71 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-255-XXXX 10 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-265-XXXX 58 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-266-XXXX 8 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-275-XXXX 39 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-276-XXXX 53 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-277-XXXX 60 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-285-XXXX 43 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-295-XXXX 33 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-315-XXXX 37 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-316-XXXX 25 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-317-XXXX 37 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-420-XXXX 1 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-421-XXXX 0 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-440-XXXX 15 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-441-XXXX 1 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-442-XXXX 1 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-445-XXXX 20 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-446-XXXX 9 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-447-XXXX 0 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-448-XXXX 47 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-449-XXXX 32 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-500-XXXX 2 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-501-XXXX 0 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-502-XXXX 1 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-503-XXXX 46 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-504-XXXX 3 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-611-XXXX 20 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-612-XXXX 61 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-613-XXXX 75 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-614-XXXX 73 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-615-XXXX 62 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-616-XXXX 69 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-617-XXXX 53 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-701-XXXX 4 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-702-XXXX 2 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-703-XXXX 5 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-704-XXXX 8 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-705-XXXX 12 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-706-XXXX 6 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd