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Reported on Oct 31, 2014
Trying to hack my grandmother's computer. Funny thing is she doesn't even have one! She actually told them to call back in five minutes because she had to Change the baby's dipper...she's 69 and has no baby ahah! To see if they would actually call back and... THEY DID! She said yes let me give you to my daughter (I'm her granddaughter lol) she understands this stuff better then i... So she handed the phone off to me and then he asked me to sit in front of my computer. And asked me to hit some keys and I made him repeat himself a couple time about what keys I needed to hit to "keep my computer from crashing". He got mad when I was wrong about what keys where next to what. (I wasn't in fount of a couputer, but I know my keys) and I hung up once he started to get mad and he called back on a private number! We did not answer the last time. Thesee people Are a complete scame ! DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE CALL! They just want your information from your computer.
Reported on Oct 29, 2014
Auto breakdown insurance
Reported on Oct 29, 2014
Calls - wanting to talk to the owner - not wanting any of our services
Reported on Oct 27, 2014
Obviously a scam...but they call repeatedly...don't seem to know about the do not call list. The barely understandable accent should be a give away. We have reported them to govt. sites repeatedly. It may be a puerto rican number that forwards internationally. when I questioned one of their agents and asked to speak to a supervisor he started an argument with me. I rather enjoy playing games with them but frankly don't have the time.
Reported on Oct 27, 2014
They claim they can fix a virus on my computer. If i hold the windows key and the letter R
Reported on Oct 22, 2014
Caller ID shows Roseau DM - Hung up when I answered
Reported on Oct 22, 2014
Advertising ads....
Reported on Oct 20, 2014
Reported on Oct 20, 2014
Number came up as Private at 8:12am today. Caller called twice. First time, the phone only rang 2 times. A few seconds later, the caller called back. She said she would call me back but she did not.
Reported on Oct 19, 2014
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Exchanges in area 1-767

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-767-225-XXXX 79 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-235-XXXX 38 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-245-XXXX 71 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-255-XXXX 10 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-265-XXXX 58 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-266-XXXX 8 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-275-XXXX 39 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-276-XXXX 53 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-277-XXXX 60 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-285-XXXX 43 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-295-XXXX 33 Mobile Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-315-XXXX 37 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-316-XXXX 25 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-317-XXXX 37 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-420-XXXX 1 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-421-XXXX 0 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-440-XXXX 15 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-441-XXXX 1 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-442-XXXX 1 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-445-XXXX 20 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-446-XXXX 9 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-447-XXXX 0 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-448-XXXX 47 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-449-XXXX 32 Landline Cable & Wireless Plc (LIME)
1-767-500-XXXX 2 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-501-XXXX 0 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-502-XXXX 1 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-503-XXXX 46 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-504-XXXX 3 Landline Marpin Telecoms & Broadcasting Co Ltd
1-767-611-XXXX 20 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-612-XXXX 61 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-613-XXXX 75 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-614-XXXX 73 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-615-XXXX 62 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-616-XXXX 69 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-617-XXXX 53 Mobile Digicel Dominica Ltd
1-767-701-XXXX 4 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-702-XXXX 2 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-703-XXXX 5 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-704-XXXX 8 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-705-XXXX 12 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd
1-767-706-XXXX 6 Landline SAT Telecommunications Ltd