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Exchange 1-769-218-XXXX

Location: Mississippi, Jackson, Hinds County
Approximate number of phones: 744
Carrier: Ymax Communications Corp. - Ms (Landline)
Mr. Number records show that there are at least 2,036 active phone numbers with the prefix 769218 out of a possible 10,000. Numbers in this exchange are mainly mobile phones. Phone numbers beginning with 769-218 are allocated to Mississippi, in particular Jackson in Hinds County. Public records tell us that 46.97% (956) of subscribers are men and 53.03% (1,079) are women. Median household income in this part of the country is $39,290 and 60.55% of housing units are owner-occupied.

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Reported on Jun 17, 2014
Reported on May 20, 2014
With regards to annoyance telephone calls. Please note; if you have caller ID, to the right top of the calling number, there will be "JM". These calls are from Jamaica--the country. There are also calls from JACKSON, MS that are ACTUALLY a reroute from Jamaica. Here is a partial list of numbers. NOTE: the majority of them start with area code 876. ALSO: Do NOT call these numbers back, for any reason. These are 2 part scams. First part is the Lotto Prize call, where you win a ridiculous amout of money but have to send money to get it. Don't do it. The second part happens when you call the number back. Your next and subsequent phone bills will have calls to places you have never heard of for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This will have you yet in another fight---with you telephone company. Here are the numbers: 876-359-3165-JM/769-218-0505-JXN, MS/876-481-3145-JM/876-894-7265-JM/876-424-4462-JM/876-292-1572-JM/876-473-7768-JM/7-378-696-0713-UNKNOWN Hope this helps some.
Reported on May 17, 2014
Reported on May 3, 2014
Reported on Mar 15, 2014
keep calling and playing on my phone spam number
Reported on Jan 2, 2014
double blockk
Reported on Dec 18, 2013
Reported on Nov 8, 2013
Gypsy psychic scammers in Dallas, Tx.... It's the psychics pathetic juvenile delinquent kids making these random calls to unsuspecting adults. It's just another way for these psychic crime family's to make money. People are starting to wise up to these fraudulent psycho psychics. They absolutely know nothing about your future and can only guess what it might become. They ALWAYS try to persuade you to distance yourself from your loved ones because if you find out what these creeps are telling your loved ones then you come between the psychic and those you love. Never ever let thes scumbags cater to your loved ones. I know first hand because my grandmother died because of these sorry pathetic psychic freaks. They ONLY care about how much money they can manipulate or steal from others. Thank you for your post as you are so right about these psychic vultures. They mask their calling phone number so BEWARE!!
Reported on Nov 6, 2013
I am your no class 100% scamming psychic who will do anything for a dollar. I have zero, zilch, absolutely NO morals and I want all that you have without having to work 9 to 5... I operate in Dallas, Texas and would really love to travel now and get rid of the stinking, lazy no good man boy that I am unfortunately married to. Oh, by the way, I have taught my kids how to scam you folks over the phone. Hi, I'm DEA and you have committed a no-no or I can lower your APR or how would you love a $7,000 dollar gov't loan if you just send me $99 to get this loan started. Very easy people to scam you as most of you are just too greedy to see the light and your common sense flies out the window. Wake up people and smell the flowers, not everything these creepy psychics do to you is etched in stone and smells like manure, you can beat these crooks down by NOT going to their psychic store front business ripoffs!!
Reported on Aug 17, 2013
its a scam
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