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Reported on Apr 2, 2014
Numerous calls from this number without any reason for calling
Reported on Mar 25, 2014
calls from this number wants you to call them at an 800 number. Debt Collectors.
Reported on Jan 8, 2014
collection company
Reported on Dec 6, 2013
Reported on Dec 6, 2013
they are text ing me
Reported on Nov 5, 2013
do not no number
Reported on Sep 25, 2013
This number said it was sprint and said my number will be disconnected if I don't pay my bill, but my account is in good standing.
Reported on Sep 10, 2013
glass mountain capital.
Reported on Aug 28, 2013
debt collector
Reported on Jul 24, 2013
Dumb association
Reported on Jul 18, 2013
Spam debt collection.
Reported on Jun 27, 2013
higher education agency
Reported on Jun 21, 2013
Reported on Jun 18, 2013
harassment from collection. block it.
Reported on May 31, 2013
east side medical collections
Reported on May 21, 2013
Reported on May 21, 2013
College Network tracked online activity
Reported on Apr 11, 2013
bill collector
Reported on Mar 14, 2013
Reported on Feb 18, 2013
Horrible debt collectors! Called my phone telling me I owed on an account that was supposed to be closed. Rude!!!
Reported on Feb 14, 2013
college network
Reported on Feb 7, 2013
Keep calling my phone every day
Reported on Jan 25, 2013
debt collector
Reported on Dec 17, 2012
College network
Reported on Nov 22, 2012
Erika Payne Pattison Noon
Reported on Oct 31, 2012
Someone from this number has called my home several times a day every other hour. The caller I'd states unknown and the caller does not leave a voice message. I am either sleep or at work when this call is received therefore it is a missed call
Reported on Sep 14, 2012
She spoke really fast so that I could not understand what she was saying. Then told me to hold while she transferred me to someone who had an important message for me. I hung up.
Reported on Aug 14, 2012
This is a creditor collection agency robo-call. The recording said if I wasn't the person they are looking for to press 2. Since I'm not that person, I pressed 2. It didn't matter. They keep calling, many times a day.
Reported on Jun 21, 2012
The recorded voice told me they're a debt collector, but didn't say who they're collecting for. I was supposed to press a number if I was the right person, but I hung up instead because the debts I have (mortgage and one credit card) are paid each month, so it's suspicious.
Reported on Jun 19, 2012
Bill collector