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Reported on Nov 24, 2014
I entered info applying for assistance (LIHEAP) for someone and immediately got a call regarding higher learning. .. they insisted she did... she didn't. .. I know she didn't because she is not computer literate and she is elderly and has no desire to go back to school.
Reported on Nov 20, 2014
Wealth Asset Management - collections for Apria Health Care
Reported on Nov 11, 2014
debt collector
Reported on Oct 31, 2014
If you are late they will call you from this number and ask when it where you plan to pay your credit card. Very nice person but I thought credit cards used a 800 number, I guess they out source
Reported on Oct 29, 2014
Degree Match
Reported on Oct 3, 2014
I believe they are scam.
Reported on Aug 21, 2014
bad customer service.............very bad
Reported on Aug 14, 2014
someone from this number calls and will NOT speak. this has been going on for several months
Reported on Aug 7, 2014
Calls at least once a week. Never leaves a message...
Reported on Jul 9, 2014
They keep calling every day hanging up! I called to ask why they asked me if I knew some other person I did not know !
Reported on Jul 8, 2014
creepy caller just listens never leaves a message
Reported on Jul 7, 2014
4 today July 7th
Reported on Jul 7, 2014
4 today July 7th
Reported on Jul 7, 2014
You should lock-up real criminals, this was a fraud.
Reported on Jul 7, 2014
You should lock-up real criminals, this was a fraud.
Reported on Jul 7, 2014
You should lock up the real criminals. I was involved in a fraud.
Reported on Jul 2, 2014
call keeps calling, hangs up after 2 to 3 rings. never a message
Reported on Jun 23, 2014
Debt collector.
Reported on Jun 10, 2014
he is really owsome
Reported on May 14, 2014
Hung up. I called back and got a looping message: "You have been contacted for a marketing survey or a sales call". Scum call, added to call blocker box.
Reported on Apr 3, 2014
Numerous calls from this number without any reason for calling
Reported on Mar 25, 2014
calls from this number wants you to call them at an 800 number. Debt Collectors.
Reported on Mar 12, 2014
Calls every afternoon no message no response when answered
Reported on Mar 1, 2014
Stalker. Calls 10 times per day everyday!
Reported on Feb 27, 2014
this is a spam. I was finally able to speak with someone and they would not give me the name of the company they worked for nor the reason for calling me. They persisted that i provide them with more personal information; and i did not..
Reported on Jan 22, 2014
Caller doesn't want to give any detail.
Reported on Jan 9, 2014
collection company
Reported on Dec 7, 2013
Reported on Dec 7, 2013
they are text ing me
Reported on Nov 6, 2013
I received a text message with this phone number attached stating I had won $5,000,000.00 if I contacted Canadian mobil promotion.