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Reported on Oct 27, 2015
calls repeatedly and hangs up
Reported on Oct 27, 2015
Reported on Oct 2, 2015
Call 4to5 aday
Reported on Aug 8, 2015
They have been calling me multiple times everyday for awhile
Reported on Jul 7, 2015
Said I send in a request to further my education never did told them that they hung up
Reported on May 4, 2015
Leave a comment about the caller here
Reported on Mar 28, 2015
Calls every 3 minutes and doesn't leave a message. If it's that important leave a message.
Reported on Jan 22, 2015
They call 12 times a day saying I was a great customer. I have never ordered magazines in my life and they asked for personal info. Spam block Block
Reported on Nov 21, 2014
Call 3 to 4 times a day and do not leave any messages.
Reported on Nov 11, 2014
Calls and hangs up? Why do they do this? It is driving me nuts. I wish I could call them back but they do NOT answer just rings and rings and rings....etc.I know they are in Manhattan Kansas, but I cannot find a free service to tell me who they are, this to me is a scam. I hate telephones. I wish I didn't need one but I am disabled and I HAVE to have one.
Reported on Aug 6, 2014
They are calling my mobile number & refusing to leave a message. By calling I mean 5 calls in an hour & half period. Why will they not remove my number?
Reported on Jul 22, 2014
This is about insurance quotes. Very annoying!
Reported on May 22, 2014
Have been calling the past few days want them to stop.
Reported on Mar 6, 2014
Got a call from this number at 8:45 and again at 8:50. No one there?
Reported on Feb 21, 2014
Salina Kansas newspaper selling subscriptions
Reported on Jan 24, 2014
When you call someone's phone number it's a polite thing to do is leave them a message so they can return the call they just missed when you call them. Not everyone walks around with a phone attached to their body.
Reported on Jun 20, 2013
This number is call my house every night, no message, nothing and hangs up...
Reported on Mar 28, 2013
my phone is out of minutes so they left a voice mail saying hello " my name ". my name? it was a females voice. i tried calling it back when i checked voicemails and it goes to busy tone. its always on busy tone!
Reported on Feb 18, 2013
Please stop allowing Keiyoro to play the victim, thanks.
Reported on Feb 11, 2012
This is what is happening to me. It is every day. I still get calls even when i try to put on the do not call list. Even so, these people don't say anything. They are not selling anything they just don't speak at all. Strange.
Reported on Jan 25, 2012
You guys lucky.....I got this number called everyday since jan 21th....I got twice today..I didn't answer it. Maybe I can get rid of it by answering it once?
Reported on Jan 21, 2012
I've gotten two calls from this number. Each time I've answered it has gone to an instant dead line (like they'd hung up on me). The first call was on January 6 at 3:49pm Central time. The second was today, January 21 at 11:47am Central time. Today I tried calling the number back, sometimes it would ring and then instantly go to dead air, as if I'd been hung up on. Other times it wouldn't even ring and I was "hung up on".
Reported on Dec 16, 2011
2 no message
Reported on Dec 14, 2011
Won a trip
Reported on Oct 25, 2011
Reported on Sep 15, 2011
They called me again. I answered it this time. Oh I've been entered in the dream of a lifetime sweepstakes. All you have to do is buy their magazines, but you get them at a discount. NO THANKS!
Reported on Sep 15, 2011
Received a call on my cell phone, did not answer, they left no message. I tried calling back and got a fast busy signal.
Reported on Sep 9, 2011
Never leave a message! Just call, now they call and Mr Number hangs up on them!!
Reported on Aug 8, 2011
When I try calling the number, I get a busy tone. though this morning when they called, i happened to be up an answered. I heard no back ground noise and immediately they hung up.
Reported on Aug 8, 2011
Linked to a dead end number when tried to call back. No one ever answers. Block this number!