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Reported on Feb 2, 2016
BoA legit
Reported on Jan 22, 2016
Recorded call coming in to Corporate Switchboard. ANNOYING!!
Reported on Jan 21, 2016
keeps calling my phone they better stop
Reported on Jan 19, 2016
Did not leave me alone
Reported on Jan 16, 2016
Bank if America fraud department. Legit.
Reported on Dec 28, 2015
They tried to help me with concerns about my account but some reason the app tried to block them. The number is Western Union
Reported on Dec 12, 2015
Its just western union not a scam
Reported on Dec 10, 2015
Is legitimate Bank of America fraud dept.
Reported on Dec 8, 2015
Just rude, hung up on me once i stated that i did not want their services.
Reported on Nov 25, 2015
B of A fraud department attempting ro verify activity on account
Reported on Nov 25, 2015
It's a legit western union not spam
Reported on Nov 24, 2015
Individual left message. Voice was arrogant and demanding sounding. This phone number is linked to a seeing company in St. Louise ,Missouri. I have no idea why they would be calling me . I have NEVER done business nor know anyone from there.
Reported on Nov 19, 2015
I don't answer no calls I don't know my voicemail do that for me......
Reported on Nov 17, 2015
This is insurance company calling for quotes if interested but unsolicited.
Reported on Nov 10, 2015
I called them back and they couldn't tell me any information about their so called company. They kept trying to get my information from me. I told them a real company would know their address
Reported on Nov 2, 2015
Legit call if you tried sending Western Union money
Reported on Oct 16, 2015
Said they are Comcast and Saying my internet is corrupted and they need to turn off the internet for 6 months cuz it's sending out virus's
Reported on Oct 2, 2015
spam caller
Reported on Sep 30, 2015
Recording says Bank of America calling about suspicious activity on your credit card.
Reported on Sep 12, 2015
Actual Western Union Company.
Reported on Sep 11, 2015
claims to be Customer Service for Western Union, but is Not.....scamming call.
Reported on Aug 29, 2015
This is a legitimate Bof A call. It's from their fraud detection department. They will ask you to verify a few charges. You should ALSO have received an email from Bof A notifying you of fraud.
Reported on Jul 22, 2015
Was a legit call verifying my transaction.
Reported on Jul 12, 2015
I have absolutely no idea as to who they are!!!! They left a message stating they were a debt collector - and are continuing to call me. I want then to stop - as I have a unlisted/unpublished telephone number. I have no idea as to how these JERKS got my number; I don't owe anyone any money!!!!!!! It has to be a SCAM!!!!
Reported on Jun 30, 2015
Use their service all the time. Money in minutes. Go today they send it next day n won't let me change it. SMH so mad right now but will use their service again just double check everything twice.
Reported on Jun 29, 2015
I have been getting this span call for weeks now - very annoying. I do not owe anyone so I also think this is a scam.
Reported on Jun 24, 2015
total scam. said they were part of the credit card fraud department. i asked what card they said your credit card. how stupid do they think I am?
Reported on May 16, 2015
BoA Fraud Department never hangs up. They always leave a message with a call back number which can be confirmed on their website.
Reported on Apr 27, 2015
Western Union trying verify that you were the one that sent funds
Reported on Apr 27, 2015
early morning hang up call