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Reported on Aug 20, 2014
too many calls
Reported on Jul 11, 2014
Claims to be "hospital billing department" but acts like phishing-- won't answer questions until given your name, address and phone number.
Reported on Jun 30, 2014
I got a message on my machine; called this number back, asked for my phone number which I provided. I was then connected to MY hospital's billing office, all legit. SHE was telling ME, info on my latest bill. The ONLY way she could have known THAT much was if she had the info right in front of her. She also said that the REASON they do NOT leave their name on machines is due to the HIPPA laws. SO, this was a legit call and I'm glad I called it back.
Reported on May 7, 2014
Avadyne Health, payment center for mercy hospital
Reported on Apr 11, 2014
bill collection
Reported on Oct 23, 2013
Colorado tech univ...DON'T ANSWER!!!
Reported on Sep 5, 2013
I got a call this morning , Sept 05, 2013, from 800 416 6072, they left a message saying the is not a marketing call, please call. I called left no message and waited to see what would happen. It then said press 0 for more help, I did, a lady answered and I asked her the name of the company and told her it was rude they don't say who they are. She said that is because of the HIPAA Laws, it is a MEDICAL BILLING COMPANY
Reported on Sep 1, 2013
Promotional call about free cruise.
Reported on Aug 18, 2013
Scam through t-mobile
Reported on Jul 30, 2013
Verizon wireless
Reported on Jul 3, 2013
Reported on Jul 3, 2013
world recovery services
Reported on Jun 14, 2013
This is not a scam. It is the payment processing center for mercy medical center in Des Moines. I have a real bill from avadyne health. They are a real company, maybe the numbers were given out by people with bills and now they are bothering the other commenters.
Reported on Jun 5, 2013
hung up
Reported on May 23, 2013
I just got a call at 5:00 PM Central time from this number. Said it was a call from what sounded like Evidine Health about my health care provider. It wanted me to wait until their representative was available. Lots of luck with that, you call me then ask me to wait. I hung up. Though I don't have any unpaid medical bills, I got the impression that the call was from a collection type agency
Reported on May 9, 2013
Reported on May 1, 2013
north central Ford doing a survey
Reported on Apr 19, 2013
Wells fargo
Reported on Mar 22, 2013
I called this number back and a recording came on the the payment center was closed. no buisness name to say who this was guess ill try back during the open hours?
Reported on Feb 19, 2013
you owe them nothing they lent you nothing just signed back promissory note cash it sell it then give you a credit but lent you nothing of their own not burdened never have consideration or full disclosure contracts are all invalid and void from the beginning. fight them!
Reported on Feb 9, 2013
To many calls so its time to block.
Reported on Feb 6, 2013
Reported on Jan 7, 2013
Dont ever give anyone your number to get off a ”call list” or threw a vm. They just send your number to other spammers.
Reported on Dec 18, 2012
Reported on Dec 17, 2012
Don't answer
Reported on Nov 27, 2012
Wells Fargo Home Mortgagr
Reported on Nov 14, 2012
I never had any medical done at Mercy hospital or any other hosptial. Scam!
Reported on Sep 19, 2012
Reported on Aug 27, 2012
Five calls over the past 5 days, both male and female callers asking for Vivian. I told them they had the wrong number and do not call agin. one male caller texted me that he was sorry and hoped he didn't ruin my day. Then rec'd two more calls the following two days.
Reported on Jul 31, 2012
A 'premium sevice' showed up on my phone bill this month for 9.99...showing this number but when I looked thru all calls and texts for that month there was nothing to or from this number. So i called the number only to be told that I, a 48year old woman mind you, went to some website calles tonez tonez tonez dot com, proceeded to put my mobile number in their database and which they then followed up with a phone call to me to authorize my joining for a low monthly fee of 9.99 which they then followed up via text message to my mobile number with a 'pin number' that i first had to respond back via text that I accepted and was then instructed to go back to their website and enter this 'pin number'... I said hold up! I have looked thru my entire bill for your 800 number and also looked thru all texts sent and received and found nothing from you whatsoever! I have never heard of you or your supposed website nor would i ever visit such a sight and if I was 'accidently' directed to your supposed sight I certainly would never put my phone number anywhere on it! She then says oh sorry sorry I have stopped this monthly charge and apologise for any inconvenience blah blah and i then said are going to credit me the 9.99 youve already charged right? She says yes we will refund you with a check in about 2 to 3 weeks! Good God bunch of ripoffs! Oh and then i asked how i can get their company blocked from my phone...she said she will 'blacklist my phone number from any further contact'..yea sure not holding my breath waiting for my refund check either!