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Reported on Mar 5, 2015
This is a recorded call from Worldwide Debt Collection Agency. The message requests that a particular representative needs me to call her regarding their gathering any information about an unnamed person's debt. The calls repeat all day long.The calls have also come from 1-800-234-3550 with the identical message. I have had at least 20 of these calls. Sometimes the caller hangs up once my answering machine picks up. Please tell me how to stop these calls.
Reported on Mar 5, 2015
They say they are turbo tax when you hold for 10 minutes they then hang up. The call inc wanting to know your email if it doesn't match they don't answer you so it could be fraudulent..
Reported on Mar 2, 2015
Didn't leave any message.. fraud alert has always left a message.
Reported on Feb 20, 2015
You can call 9166493802
Reported on Jan 28, 2015
Automated call re:computer repair status. Legit.
Reported on Nov 7, 2014
kabota credit
Reported on Oct 14, 2014
Wrong number. I don't have that card.
Reported on Oct 7, 2014
this is not apple support. It is a scam to get you to pay for fixing your computer.
Reported on Sep 8, 2014
Had a computer sent back to Alienware(Dell) at the time they called but I didn't answer this call. I came here and saw someone said they claimed to be Dell Technical Support so I contacted them and they said they did not try to contact me. This is number is most likely spam. I would not advise answering.
Reported on Aug 22, 2014
Many repeat calls about an hr apart; have asked them to remove my # to no avail. Needs to be reported to FTCs complaint page
Reported on Aug 21, 2014
If you call this number you are asked to participate in a surge and win a 2 day, 2 night trip to the Bahamas. Sounds legit but you never know.
Reported on Aug 14, 2014
CLAIMS to be Dell Technical Support. calling about my scheduled service appointment. i never gave them my cell phone # and they are calling my phone. i never answer if its a number that i don't recognize and is not in my caller id (contacts list) on my phone. they call me when ever they feel like it. its not 2x a day or more but i keep getting calls from this number and a number that claims to be Verizon and to claim my rewards. if you get a call you don't recognize.... I recommend you don't answer any #'s you don't recognize in your cell phone or any where's that its a # you don't recognize. if they want you that bad..... they can leave you a voicemail and a phone # to call you back at (if its a real business or anything that real) if you don't answer your phone(s) and let it go to voicemail they won't keep calling you as much because they know you're not answering your phone and after a while they will get sick and tired of it and stop waisting their time on you.
Reported on May 29, 2014
Scam collector Simple Recovery trying to get money from elderly person
Reported on Mar 7, 2014
Guy called me with a scam to collect with Simple Recovery Solutions. He tried to collect $350
Reported on Feb 5, 2014
Reported on Jan 9, 2014
This lady called and tried to get me to pay money over the phone saying I owed an old debt to a man named Chris Young
Reported on Jan 1, 2014
Hard to understand. Very loud male voice. Something about giving me $401.00. All I have to do is ??? and sign into my account. Left no message in the previous calls which I did not answer.
Reported on Aug 21, 2013
repeated calls
Reported on Aug 14, 2013
NOT SPAM! Golden1 Fraud Alert
Reported on Aug 6, 2013
I received one call today stating they were calling because someone was hacking into my computer and they were from microsoft. They wanted me to log on and follow instructions from them in order to eliminate the hacking.
Reported on Jul 31, 2013
Dell computer
Reported on Jul 29, 2013
Dell Houston Repair Depot. Automated message, but legitimate.
Reported on Jul 2, 2013
Reported on Jun 13, 2013
don't need it calling me
Reported on Apr 15, 2013
bealls department store.
Reported on Apr 2, 2013
This is call from agency to collect delinquint school funds
Reported on Apr 2, 2013
collection for terrorist dont ansr and dont give them any more money they already collected 4 times the amnt borrowed and said i still owe them 1500 dollars.....outrageous......on a two hundred dollar loan.....these guys are worst than the mafia
Reported on Dec 31, 2012
This was a follow-up call from Dell. This is not spam.
Reported on Dec 12, 2012
South University
Reported on Nov 13, 2012