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Reported on Jan 21, 2016
My phone is alerting me about this number I have paid on my car payment several time from this number so I don't know what to think about this
Reported on Jan 16, 2016
This caller was NOT from USBank. Don't be fooled. Tried to get private personal info. USBANK said they don't call u like that.
Reported on Jan 10, 2016
Don't know this bank.
Reported on Jan 4, 2016
Thanks for the info. On this number cause it keeps calling my phone glad they can't get thru...thanks to the blocking on my phone...
Reported on Dec 20, 2015
this number goes directly to an ATM
Reported on Nov 6, 2015
This number called to tell me there was fraud on one of my accounts and asked me to verify personal information. I hung up. I called back and it was an automated recording of a survey about a cruise. Pretty sure it's a scam.
Reported on Oct 30, 2015
Sam's MasterCard verification. I traveled out of town and received this call to verify if I had actually used the card. On the up and up
Reported on Oct 23, 2015
Don't know who TFC is but I didn't get loans from them.
Reported on Oct 16, 2015
I'm getting text messages from please Stop
Reported on Oct 10, 2015
Stating she calls from post office and all English speaking co workers are busy... From' the post office why would u be calling my house & why would you think I speak Spanish ... Highly annoying and very harassing
Reported on Oct 7, 2015
US Bank has been repeated told not to call my number and they keep calling. Time to file charges?
Reported on Sep 30, 2015
US BANK ATM! robo call leaves no message 3 days in a row! now blocked.
Reported on Sep 21, 2015
T F C TUITION FINANCE....... Rude black woman said they "refinance student loans". Interesting, since I graduated from college in 1990. I haven't had "student debt" for 20 years.
Reported on Sep 11, 2015
Its not fraudulent they called me at 9:00 pm so i refused to talk then called the bank 24 hour number they confirmed it was there collection number and there open 24 hours and it was them calling me.
Reported on Sep 8, 2015
This is an Internet hacking number. This person hacked my computer, locked my browser and had me call a number to get into my system
Reported on Aug 27, 2015
USA today
Reported on Aug 4, 2015
Honda call. Don't own a Honda
Reported on Aug 4, 2015
They called and asked for the last 4 of my SSN. It was regarding a late payment on my car. The dealership I bought it from financed it through them, and I refinanced through my credit union. They started calling the day after the payment was due because they hadn't received the check from the new lien holder. I wouldn't consider that spam...
Reported on Aug 2, 2015
Master Card fraud department
Reported on Jun 18, 2015
Second call like this in 3 days. Caller asked for me by my first name. Claim to be US Bank with urgent information regarding my account & call will be recorded for quality assurance, etc.. Asked for the last 4 of my social (this time I was smarter and declined). Said they couldn't give me the information unless I verified with my social (3 days ago it was my last four AND my address which clued me to stop talking). Today I said I would take care if it with my local bank branch. Caller wanted to give me a number for my branch to contact them so they could explain the situation. (As if they wouldn't have access to it from my local branch! NOT!) I repeated I would talk to my local branch. [Months ago received the same script at 8:30 p.m. and they succeeded in scaring me. When I checked with the local branch the following day they said US Bank NEVER calls after business hours and would never ask for SS#, address verification, etc. over the phone.] Phishing / Scam / Whatever, don't give these people your information. *You* contact *your bank* directly using legit numbers from your records. Don't let these people give you any directions. Don't let them threaten you. Hang Up!
Reported on Jun 11, 2015
multiple times daily. Hang up once they hear business greeting
Reported on Jun 8, 2015
Did it occur that visa with star logo is only accepted credit card anywhere? Make a handwritten journal of a weekends worth of transactions check it against online account a week later
Reported on Jun 8, 2015
Hold music is virtually same no more advertising and if calling child support card services O who bama is the one who does voiceover advertising who tells you where your card Is accepted.
Reported on Jun 8, 2015
To avoid detection. Hence the large scale usage of Pradesh India voip calls. Banks use extremely secure communication. Ever notice the long waits for all automated calliing with self sevricr options t
Reported on Jun 8, 2015
Declined later if large amount of if not the funds will be debited from another victim and at that point another conferenced fraud alert filed with a ghost . Shifting funds around to cover enough to
Reported on Jun 8, 2015
Meeting certain criteria and while on your end its one thing the additional transparent party is initiating communication to person who thinks they are filing a valid fraud claim that most likely will
Reported on Jun 8, 2015
So if you get this call and it's a recording or bad connection or dead line hang up immediately or press 0 When a fraud alert is filed sometimes these are spoof calls to another individual meeting ce
Reported on Jun 7, 2015
This is Amtrak real number
Reported on May 8, 2015
called at work.
Reported on Apr 28, 2015
800-USA-RAIL for AMTRACK Reservations.