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Reported on Oct 16, 2014
Car warranty spammer
Reported on Oct 13, 2014
Numerous hang ups every day.
Reported on Oct 10, 2014
Call from Michael Brown claims to be with IRS criminal investigation dept & I was in serious trouble to call him back immediately
Reported on Oct 8, 2014
After I ignored the first call from Caller Unknown. They called seconds after they hung up. When I answered the second call, they asked how I was doing and promptly said that they were a loan company. I stated that I wasn't interested and hung up on the scammer.
Reported on Oct 7, 2014
Keep trying to get you to pay over the phone or mail
Reported on Oct 1, 2014
Has called several times, left no message. When I did answer no one spoke.
Reported on Sep 30, 2014
When they called they said they were Cash USA and talked about a 10K loan. When I said I didnt apply for a loan they said that they were a male prostitution and they could provide me with any man any age. I hung up. They then called me back and got aggressive about not wanting sex and they could do whatever I wanted for free. Truly disturbing!!!
Reported on Sep 29, 2014
They answer, then they hang up.
Reported on Sep 28, 2014
The guy calls and says he works with cash net USA. Can't understand him at all but says something about being pre approved for a cash loan for up to 5000$. Then proceeds to tell me that I have to get a green dot card for 150$. After getting the green dot card he calls again for the pin on the back of the card. And proceeds to tell me I need an additional 450$. The whole time I am on the phone with the guy I am watching my bank account being withdrawn through wire transfers of 1000$ dollar increments into an off-shore account. He scams people, lies and steals.
Reported on Sep 16, 2014
John Smith from cash loan usa. SCAM SCAM SCAM!
Reported on Sep 15, 2014
Reported on Sep 15, 2014
Hangup call. Called back and voice msg said it was Texas JC's, please leave msg.. However, voicemail box was full.
Reported on Sep 12, 2014
They call repeatedly everyday and can never hear me on their end. I call back and can never get to talk to anyone because as soon as they state the company name they automatically hang up. I have tried to put me on their do not call list but they never hear me
Reported on Sep 11, 2014
They call over and over and over again. It's unreal. Beware of job boards. U think u are applying for a job and next thing u know your phone never stops ringing.
Reported on Sep 10, 2014
Reported on Sep 7, 2014
this number sends threats
Reported on Aug 29, 2014
Hangup call. Called back and voice msg said it was Texas JC's, please leave msg.. However, voicemail box was full.
Reported on Aug 28, 2014
Reported on Aug 16, 2014
Reported on Aug 12, 2014
Tired of the calls
Reported on Aug 5, 2014
Someone stating my loan was app ,asking for $125 to be pay at the western union,before i can get a loan...Scam
Reported on Aug 4, 2014
Will call u 15 times a day and never leave voicemail its an automated system
Reported on Jul 27, 2014
Three to four calls a day never answer.
Reported on Jul 24, 2014
Annoying repeated calls soliciting purchase of car warranty that continue despite my objections
Reported on Jul 22, 2014
This number called the company I work for and insisted on speaking to an employee. We do not transfer calls to employees while they are at work not to mention that employee doesn't exist. Instead of hanging up he called me names and swore at me. After I hung up he tied up my switchboard by calling over and over again. This lasted about 15 minutes. The man on the phone could not speak English very well and was claiming that he was calling from a loan company.
Reported on Jul 17, 2014
Telemarketing from India. Stating my approval for loan app. I hadn't applied for an online loan. Scam.
Reported on Jul 15, 2014
Said he was calling from Cash Net, I think, his English was very poor. He said something about a lot of money& I should call this number to give them my bank info to transfer money to my account..I put this number on my reject list.
Reported on Jul 15, 2014
Reported on Jul 14, 2014
Reported on Jul 9, 2014
Sheriff Jack Williams called me on 07/08/14, and said he had a warrant for my arrest. Said I owed for a payday loan with USA 1st Cash in Advance. Said I would get fired and my credit score would go to O. He was very beligerent and rude. Talked to me very badly. He said if I didn't pay $517.00 It could end up costing me 9500.00 to 10000.00 and my local Sheriff's department would come and put me behind bars.