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Reported on Nov 28, 2015
Asked about shipping an item to a coworker in Toronto on missionary course. Willing to pay over my asking price and add more$$ to cover shipping. Even offered to pay for gas to get to the post office
Reported on Nov 28, 2015
Asked about shipping an item to a coworker in Toronto on missionary course. Willing to pay over my asking price and add more$$ to cover shipping. Even offered to pay for gas to get to the post office
Reported on Nov 26, 2015
this number does not belong to a landline nor to yves fillion
Reported on Nov 24, 2015
just beeps got 10 calls in 15 min
Reported on Nov 23, 2015
Reported on Nov 23, 2015
Reported on Nov 23, 2015
Reported on Nov 20, 2015
Erreur de nom et adresse veuillez d├ętruire cette fiche
Reported on Nov 19, 2015
Received text message with the link to the spam. The text message was formatted to look like it was coming from the Apple Inc.
Reported on Nov 19, 2015
Trip Advisor spam
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Exchanges in area 1-819

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-819-200-XXXX 22 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-201-XXXX 4 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-202-XXXX 14 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-203-XXXX 271 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-204-XXXX 5 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-205-XXXX 1996 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-208-XXXX 164 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-209-XXXX 156 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-210-XXXX 202 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-212-XXXX 99 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-213-XXXX 62 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-214-XXXX 6 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-215-XXXX 8 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-216-XXXX 18 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-217-XXXX 16 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-218-XXXX 25 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-219-XXXX 5 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-220-XXXX 4 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-221-XXXX 772 Landline Telephone Milot Inc.
1-819-222-XXXX 682 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-223-XXXX 5 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-224-XXXX 424 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-225-XXXX 287 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-226-XXXX 180 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-227-XXXX 1315 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-228-XXXX 4147 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-229-XXXX 500 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-230-XXXX 79 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-231-XXXX 15 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-232-XXXX 43 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-233-XXXX 1822 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-234-XXXX 40 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-235-XXXX 26 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-236-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-237-XXXX 7 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-238-XXXX 65 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-239-XXXX 57 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-240-XXXX 96 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-241-XXXX 2 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-242-XXXX 2149 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-243-XXXX 4717 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-244-XXXX 92 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-245-XXXX 18 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-246-XXXX 4857 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-247-XXXX 25 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-248-XXXX 20 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-251-XXXX 70 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-252-XXXX 18 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-254-XXXX 205 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-255-XXXX 10 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-256-XXXX 3 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-258-XXXX 39 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-260-XXXX 1054 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-261-XXXX 41 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-262-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-263-XXXX 660 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-264-XXXX 347 Landline Telephone Milot Inc.
1-819-265-XXXX 1384 Landline Telephone Milot Inc.
1-819-266-XXXX 38 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-267-XXXX 9 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-268-XXXX 1217 Landline Telephone Milot Inc.
1-819-269-XXXX 69 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-270-XXXX 2 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-271-XXXX 60 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-274-XXXX 1214 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-275-XXXX 3368 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-276-XXXX 202 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-277-XXXX 21 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-278-XXXX 1430 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-279-XXXX 272 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-280-XXXX 2 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-281-XXXX 5700 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-282-XXXX 6 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-819-283-XXXX 302 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-285-XXXX 299 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-286-XXXX 23 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-287-XXXX 485 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-288-XXXX 325 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-289-XXXX 336 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-290-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-291-XXXX 11 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-292-XXXX 927 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-293-XXXX 2512 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-819-294-XXXX 621 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-295-XXXX 473 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-296-XXXX 920 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-297-XXXX 570 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-298-XXXX 1208 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-299-XXXX 12 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-300-XXXX 37 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-301-XXXX 24 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-302-XXXX 7 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-303-XXXX 47 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-304-XXXX 4 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-305-XXXX 3 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-306-XXXX 204 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-307-XXXX 12 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-308-XXXX 114 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-309-XXXX 67 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-310-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-312-XXXX 4 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-313-XXXX 10 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-314-XXXX 66 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-315-XXXX 0 Landline Distributel
1-819-316-XXXX 5 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-317-XXXX 24 Landline Distributel
1-819-318-XXXX 7 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-319-XXXX 149 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-320-XXXX 336 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-321-XXXX 1866 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-322-XXXX 3095 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-323-XXXX 363 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-324-XXXX 404 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-325-XXXX 27 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-326-XXXX 4533 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-327-XXXX 1448 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-328-XXXX 151 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-329-XXXX 66 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-330-XXXX 10 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-331-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-332-XXXX 2456 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-333-XXXX 3186 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-334-XXXX 34 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-335-XXXX 100 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-336-XXXX 2247 Landline Telephone Guevremont Inc.
1-819-337-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-338-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-339-XXXX 493 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-340-XXXX 44 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-341-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-342-XXXX 96 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-344-XXXX 626 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-345-XXXX 117 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-346-XXXX 6717 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-347-XXXX 1495 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-348-XXXX 2230 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-349-XXXX 76 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-350-XXXX 34 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-351-XXXX 89 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-352-XXXX 43 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-353-XXXX 968 Landline Telephone Milot Inc.
1-819-354-XXXX 36 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-355-XXXX 24 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-356-XXXX 250 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-357-XXXX 4367 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-358-XXXX 2039 Landline Telephone Milot Inc.
1-819-359-XXXX 522 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-360-XXXX 130 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-361-XXXX 5 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-362-XXXX 3318 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-363-XXXX 624 Landline Telephone Milot Inc.
1-819-364-XXXX 2256 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-365-XXXX 565 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-366-XXXX 4 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-367-XXXX 1002 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-369-XXXX 315 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-370-XXXX 1452 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-371-XXXX 1818 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-372-XXXX 1989 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-373-XXXX 4402 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-374-XXXX 5664 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-375-XXXX 5883 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-376-XXXX 4345 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-377-XXXX 4774 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-378-XXXX 5849 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-379-XXXX 5374 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-380-XXXX 41 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-381-XXXX 12 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-382-XXXX 357 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-383-XXXX 53 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-384-XXXX 86 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-385-XXXX 410 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-386-XXXX 50 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-388-XXXX 38 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-389-XXXX 528 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-390-XXXX 59 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-391-XXXX 8 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-392-XXXX 288 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-393-XXXX 36 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-394-XXXX 938 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-395-XXXX 1685 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-396-XXXX 1353 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-397-XXXX 1366 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-398-XXXX 1136 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-399-XXXX 854 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-400-XXXX 2 Landline Telephone Drummond Inc
1-819-401-XXXX 41 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-402-XXXX 66 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-404-XXXX 27 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-405-XXXX 28 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-406-XXXX 29 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-407-XXXX 26 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-408-XXXX 67 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-409-XXXX 33 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-410-XXXX 15 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-412-XXXX 10 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-413-XXXX 37 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-414-XXXX 4 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-415-XXXX 15 Landline Distributel
1-819-416-XXXX 13 Landline Distributel
1-819-417-XXXX 3 Landline Distributel
1-819-419-XXXX 149 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-420-XXXX 124 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-819-421-XXXX 40 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-422-XXXX 599 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-423-XXXX 775 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-424-XXXX 3987 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-425-XXXX 3950 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-426-XXXX 825 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-427-XXXX 1232 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-428-XXXX 2090 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-429-XXXX 1110 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-430-XXXX 26 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-431-XXXX 1 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-432-XXXX 66 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-433-XXXX 12 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-434-XXXX 42 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-435-XXXX 20 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-436-XXXX 10 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-437-XXXX 90 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-438-XXXX 677 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-439-XXXX 2560 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-440-XXXX 731 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-441-XXXX 1788 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-442-XXXX 23 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-443-XXXX 7 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-444-XXXX 20 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-445-XXXX 302 Landline Telephone Drummond Inc
1-819-446-XXXX 71 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-447-XXXX 73 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-448-XXXX 49 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-449-XXXX 2551 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-451-XXXX 143 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-453-XXXX 622 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-454-XXXX 645 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-455-XXXX 871 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-456-XXXX 2158 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-457-XXXX 2624 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-458-XXXX 624 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-459-XXXX 1920 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-460-XXXX 28 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-461-XXXX 28 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-462-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-463-XXXX 2186 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-464-XXXX 53 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-465-XXXX 891 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-466-XXXX 3 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-467-XXXX 1026 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-469-XXXX 74 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-470-XXXX 28 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-471-XXXX 344 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-472-XXXX 4670 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-473-XXXX 467 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-474-XXXX 4121 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-475-XXXX 3206 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-476-XXXX 66 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-477-XXXX 5397 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-478-XXXX 4927 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-479-XXXX 1899 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-480-XXXX 2 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-481-XXXX 10 Landline ISP Telecom
1-819-482-XXXX 2 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-483-XXXX 516 Landline Rogers Communications Partnership (Cable)
1-819-484-XXXX 2 Landline ISP Telecom
1-819-485-XXXX 5 Landline ISP Telecom
1-819-486-XXXX 3 Landline ISP Telecom
1-819-488-XXXX 10 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-489-XXXX 3 Landline ISP Telecom
1-819-490-XXXX 2 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-491-XXXX 7 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-492-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-493-XXXX 90 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-494-XXXX 3 Landline Telephone Drummond Inc
1-819-495-XXXX 4 Landline Telephone Drummond Inc
1-819-496-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-497-XXXX 4 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-498-XXXX 6 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-499-XXXX 763 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-500-XXXX 4 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-501-XXXX 1 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-502-XXXX 1 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-503-XXXX 5381 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-504-XXXX 34 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-505-XXXX 301 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-506-XXXX 7 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-507-XXXX 6 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-508-XXXX 5 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-509-XXXX 4 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-510-XXXX 2 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-512-XXXX 4 Landline Comwave Networks
1-819-513-XXXX 4 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-514-XXXX 2 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-515-XXXX 1 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-516-XXXX 133 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-517-XXXX 2 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-518-XXXX 2 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-519-XXXX 6 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-520-XXXX 2 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-521-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-522-XXXX 222 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-523-XXXX 4548 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-526-XXXX 0 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-527-XXXX 81 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-530-XXXX 2 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-531-XXXX 25 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-532-XXXX 777 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-533-XXXX 2459 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-534-XXXX 33 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-535-XXXX 2429 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-536-XXXX 3126 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-537-XXXX 5401 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-538-XXXX 6253 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-539-XXXX 5445 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-540-XXXX 2 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-541-XXXX 95 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-542-XXXX 1930 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-543-XXXX 61 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-544-XXXX 275 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-545-XXXX 6 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-546-XXXX 2 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-547-XXXX 196 Landline Telephone Milot Inc.
1-819-548-XXXX 460 Landline Sogetel Inc.
1-819-549-XXXX 585 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-550-XXXX 5 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-551-XXXX 14 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-552-XXXX 22 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-553-XXXX 7 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-554-XXXX 359 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-556-XXXX 2 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-557-XXXX 230 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-558-XXXX 0 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-559-XXXX 0 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-560-XXXX 21 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-561-XXXX 4526 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-562-XXXX 6308 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-563-XXXX 5807 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-564-XXXX 3119 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-565-XXXX 5271 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-566-XXXX 4340 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-567-XXXX 18 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-568-XXXX 4836 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-569-XXXX 6000 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-570-XXXX 87 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-571-XXXX 85 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-572-XXXX 58 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-573-XXXX 533 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-574-XXXX 93 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-575-XXXX 5250 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-576-XXXX 3 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-577-XXXX 15 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-578-XXXX 100 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-580-XXXX 128 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-582-XXXX 548 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-583-XXXX 3988 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-585-XXXX 1851 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-586-XXXX 297 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-587-XXXX 1304 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-588-XXXX 4 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-589-XXXX 3 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-590-XXXX 4 Landline Comwave Networks
1-819-591-XXXX 3 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-592-XXXX 31 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-593-XXXX 35 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-594-XXXX 63 Landline 9163-7918 Quebec Inc
1-819-595-XXXX 3302 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-596-XXXX 1 Landline Telephone Drummond Inc
1-819-597-XXXX 843 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-598-XXXX 152 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-599-XXXX 20 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-601-XXXX 184 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-602-XXXX 57 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-603-XXXX 74 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-604-XXXX 2558 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-605-XXXX 18 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-606-XXXX 259 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-607-XXXX 691 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-608-XXXX 54 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-609-XXXX 99 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-612-XXXX 641 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-614-XXXX 5 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-615-XXXX 42 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-616-XXXX 16 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-617-XXXX 935 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-618-XXXX 76 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-619-XXXX 43 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-620-XXXX 67 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-621-XXXX 654 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-622-XXXX 746 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-623-XXXX 4555 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-624-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-625-XXXX 496 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-626-XXXX 55 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-627-XXXX 1355 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-628-XXXX 227 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-629-XXXX 811 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-630-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-631-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-632-XXXX 8 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-633-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-634-XXXX 264 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-635-XXXX 104 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-636-XXXX 122 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-637-XXXX 370 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-638-XXXX 502 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-639-XXXX 62 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-640-XXXX 75 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-641-XXXX 5 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-642-XXXX 89 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-643-XXXX 5410 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-644-XXXX 108 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-645-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-646-XXXX 208 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-647-XXXX 711 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-648-XXXX 1000 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-649-XXXX 7 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-650-XXXX 0 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-651-XXXX 4 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-652-XXXX 496 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-653-XXXX 122 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-654-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-655-XXXX 236 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-656-XXXX 185 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-657-XXXX 401 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-658-XXXX 260 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-659-XXXX 19 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-660-XXXX 37 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-661-XXXX 150 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-662-XXXX 7 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-663-XXXX 6524 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-664-XXXX 128 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-665-XXXX 160 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-666-XXXX 91 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-667-XXXX 100 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-668-XXXX 100 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-669-XXXX 6327 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-670-XXXX 0 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-671-XXXX 3599 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-672-XXXX 130 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-673-XXXX 144 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-674-XXXX 84 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-675-XXXX 17 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-676-XXXX 372 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-677-XXXX 8 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-678-XXXX 20 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-679-XXXX 112 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-680-XXXX 13 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-681-XXXX 1239 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-682-XXXX 6397 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-683-XXXX 1502 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-684-XXXX 6568 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-685-XXXX 1607 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-686-XXXX 2404 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-687-XXXX 3173 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-688-XXXX 2237 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-689-XXXX 865 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-690-XXXX 103 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-691-XXXX 1899 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-692-XXXX 69 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-693-XXXX 4844 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-694-XXXX 2244 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-695-XXXX 22 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-696-XXXX 42 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-697-XXXX 1747 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-698-XXXX 95 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-699-XXXX 64 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-700-XXXX 58 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-819-701-XXXX 98 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-702-XXXX 17 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-703-XXXX 102 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-704-XXXX 159 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-706-XXXX 13 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-707-XXXX 143 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-708-XXXX 23 Mobile DAVE Wireless
1-819-712-XXXX 79 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-713-XXXX 190 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-714-XXXX 103 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-715-XXXX 33 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-716-XXXX 474 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-717-XXXX 677 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-718-XXXX 14 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-719-XXXX 26 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-720-XXXX 12 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-721-XXXX 525 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-722-XXXX 143 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-723-XXXX 567 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-724-XXXX 34 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-725-XXXX 16 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-726-XXXX 335 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-727-XXXX 2357 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-728-XXXX 459 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-729-XXXX 892 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-730-XXXX 152 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-731-XXXX 2421 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-732-XXXX 5118 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-733-XXXX 26 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-734-XXXX 867 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-735-XXXX 226 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-736-XXXX 210 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-737-XXXX 1635 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-738-XXXX 725 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-739-XXXX 741 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-740-XXXX 87 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-741-XXXX 77 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-742-XXXX 18 Landline Distributel
1-819-743-XXXX 168 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-744-XXXX 45 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-745-XXXX 23 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-746-XXXX 28 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-747-XXXX 243 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-748-XXXX 130 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-749-XXXX 73 Landline IVIC Telecom s.e.n.c
1-819-750-XXXX 19 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-751-XXXX 2150 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-752-XXXX 4379 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-753-XXXX 295 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-754-XXXX 114 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-755-XXXX 966 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-756-XXXX 20 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-757-XXXX 1616 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-758-XXXX 5638 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-759-XXXX 442 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-760-XXXX 16 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-761-XXXX 142 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-762-XXXX 4967 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-763-XXXX 65 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-764-XXXX 2545 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-765-XXXX 253 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-766-XXXX 407 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-767-XXXX 552 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-768-XXXX 981 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-769-XXXX 2043 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-770-XXXX 4363 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-771-XXXX 4757 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-772-XXXX 3146 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-773-XXXX 319 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-774-XXXX 567 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-775-XXXX 1652 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-776-XXXX 3484 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-777-XXXX 4498 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-778-XXXX 3477 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-779-XXXX 38 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-780-XXXX 102 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-781-XXXX 146 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-782-XXXX 1257 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-783-XXXX 510 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-784-XXXX 305 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-785-XXXX 199 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-786-XXXX 24 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-787-XXXX 1033 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-788-XXXX 447 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-789-XXXX 388 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-790-XXXX 92 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-791-XXXX 2863 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-792-XXXX 18 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-793-XXXX 12 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-794-XXXX 39 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-795-XXXX 1167 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-796-XXXX 549 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-797-XXXX 4673 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-798-XXXX 29 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-799-XXXX 315 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-800-XXXX 48 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-801-XXXX 20 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-803-XXXX 12 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-804-XXXX 356 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-805-XXXX 13 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-806-XXXX 45 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-807-XXXX 6 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-808-XXXX 26 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-809-XXXX 14 Landline Iristel Inc.
1-819-812-XXXX 2769 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-813-XXXX 42 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-815-XXXX 14 Landline Fibernetics Corporation
1-819-816-XXXX 70 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-817-XXXX 36 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-818-XXXX 110 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-820-XXXX 2516 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-821-XXXX 1784 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-822-XXXX 2160 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-823-XXXX 3123 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-824-XXXX 4012 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-825-XXXX 4174 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-826-XXXX 2285 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-827-XXXX 5529 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-828-XXXX 1070 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-829-XXXX 2239 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-830-XXXX 1 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-831-XXXX 3 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-832-XXXX 1856 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-833-XXXX 2 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-835-XXXX 670 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-837-XXXX 846 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-838-XXXX 1090 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-839-XXXX 1273 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-840-XXXX 3435 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-841-XXXX 1710 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-842-XXXX 1060 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-843-XXXX 6264 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-844-XXXX 241 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-845-XXXX 3321 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-846-XXXX 3680 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-847-XXXX 3291 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-848-XXXX 562 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-849-XXXX 4328 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-850-XXXX 3477 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-852-XXXX 53 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-853-XXXX 10 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-854-XXXX 129 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-855-XXXX 38 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-856-XXXX 35 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-857-XXXX 520 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-858-XXXX 551 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-859-XXXX 2 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-860-XXXX 26 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-861-XXXX 20 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-862-XXXX 3 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-863-XXXX 1 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-864-XXXX 3149 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-865-XXXX 15 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-866-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-867-XXXX 30 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-868-XXXX 3550 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-869-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-870-XXXX 2 Landline Distributel
1-819-872-XXXX 336 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-874-XXXX 2184 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-875-XXXX 1246 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-876-XXXX 2015 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-877-XXXX 1463 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-878-XXXX 657 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-879-XXXX 3388 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-880-XXXX 2 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-881-XXXX 1 Landline Distributel
1-819-882-XXXX 1 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-883-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-884-XXXX 342 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-885-XXXX 17 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-886-XXXX 1 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-887-XXXX 320 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-888-XXXX 737 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-889-XXXX 520 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-890-XXXX 2 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-891-XXXX 4 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-892-XXXX 77 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-893-XXXX 2214 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-894-XXXX 15 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-895-XXXX 386 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-896-XXXX 4 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-897-XXXX 7 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-898-XXXX 11 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-899-XXXX 8 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-903-XXXX 88 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-904-XXXX 8 Mobile Globalive Wireless Management Corp.
1-819-905-XXXX 2 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-907-XXXX 3 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-908-XXXX 3 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-909-XXXX 2556 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-910-XXXX 2 Landline Comwave Networks
1-819-912-XXXX 1 Landline Comwave Networks
1-819-913-XXXX 17 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-914-XXXX 0 Landline ISP Telecom
1-819-915-XXXX 5 Landline ISP Telecom
1-819-916-XXXX 4 Landline ISP Telecom
1-819-917-XXXX 3 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-918-XXXX 196 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-919-XXXX 69 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-920-XXXX 10 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-921-XXXX 147 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-922-XXXX 68 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-923-XXXX 159 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-924-XXXX 4 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-925-XXXX 6 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-926-XXXX 76 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-929-XXXX 11 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-930-XXXX 55 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-931-XXXX 1274 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-932-XXXX 8 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-934-XXXX 46 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-935-XXXX 5 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-936-XXXX 3 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-937-XXXX 1 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-938-XXXX 1 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-819-939-XXXX 6 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-940-XXXX 2 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-941-XXXX 331 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-943-XXXX 67 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-944-XXXX 27 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-945-XXXX 1 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-946-XXXX 8 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-947-XXXX 144 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-948-XXXX 432 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-949-XXXX 166 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-951-XXXX 3 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-952-XXXX 7 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-953-XXXX 83 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-954-XXXX 8 Landline Telecommunications Xittel Inc
1-819-955-XXXX 11 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-956-XXXX 73 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-960-XXXX 19 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-961-XXXX 954 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-962-XXXX 147 Mobile Bell Mobility
1-819-963-XXXX 8 Landline 9164-3122 Quebec inc
1-819-964-XXXX 578 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-965-XXXX 4 Landline Allstream Inc.
1-819-966-XXXX 31 Landline TELUS Quebec
1-819-967-XXXX 11 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-968-XXXX 34 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-969-XXXX 5 Landline Comwave Networks
1-819-970-XXXX 3 Landline Comwave Networks
1-819-971-XXXX 288 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-974-XXXX 172 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-976-XXXX 7 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-977-XXXX 10 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-978-XXXX 223 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-979-XXXX 23 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-980-XXXX 16 Landline Videotron General Partnership
1-819-981-XXXX 8 Landline Telebec Limited Partnership (Mobility)
1-819-982-XXXX 5 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-983-XXXX 1825 Landline Telebec Ltee.
1-819-985-XXXX 1186 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-986-XXXX 4539 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-988-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-989-XXXX 6 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-990-XXXX 3 Landline Fido Solutions Inc.
1-819-991-XXXX 7 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-992-XXXX 5 Mobile Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
1-819-993-XXXX 115 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-994-XXXX 87 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-995-XXXX 30 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-996-XXXX 23 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-997-XXXX 66 Landline Bell Canada
1-819-998-XXXX 15 Mobile TELUS Mobility
1-819-999-XXXX 9 Landline Bell Canada