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1-866-537-4728 is not a valid number. If you are sure that you got a phone call from a number beginning with this prefix, the caller may have 'spoofed' caller ID.

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Recent comments about 1-866-537-4728

Reported on May 11, 2011
I just received a call from this number, and the man talked so fast I couldn't understand the name of the survey I supposedly filled out in the last five months, but when I asked again what it was he told me I may have been entered into it by a Walmart receipt. Which also sounded strange to me as he said, along with magazines, I won a gift certificate to Target. He also kept yelling congratulations randomly. So I told him alright, got the company name, number and his name then started searching while still on the phone, then he asked for my card number and when I told him I was not comfortable doing that he said this whole thing about fraud and that it was completely safe to give him my number... still not convinced, he then offered to call back tomorrow which I doubt he will after reading these other comments, and if he does I just wont answer. But I think I will report them and speak with my Pre-Paid Legal adviser anyway.
Reported on Apr 8, 2011
Reported on Apr 8, 2011
Did U Get Your 100 Dollar Rebate Card?
Reported on Feb 23, 2011
Some a**hole named brian claimed I won a gift card based on a survey I took. As he went through the whole claims process he talked so fast and mumbled the parts where they would charge your card for the extra crap that comes with the box. He even gave some fake employee ID. You can't even leave comments on their stupid youtube videos cuz its a scam. They charged my card while we were still on the phone. I called my bank right away to get a new card, and I called them back to get a refund, but they still have not credited my account. Here are more useless numbers I have tried 416-461-4117, 800-533-7633, and 866-206-2563. Steal from the poor and give to the rich...
Reported on Feb 22, 2011
yes i called the same number. it did say customer service. its a scam.
Reported on Feb 22, 2011
i just called the 866 number and i pressed 0. i got through and cussed them out and told them they are a scam and to take me off the list. thank you that was very helpful! (:
Reported on Jan 14, 2011
Please post next week and advise if you recieved anything or if they tried to call you back.....interesting
Reported on Jan 14, 2011
They said that I WON $1,000 from a PacSun survey I took last year. I should receive my check by UPS within a few days. NO ONE answered this number when I called back. I got the voice mail that said "Customer Service" but no company name.
Reported on Jan 13, 2011
I received a call from this number, this is a big fraud set up, tries to entice you with a 1000.00 shopping spree, then want you address, and credit card number, talks about how your credit card covers you from fraud,this is so they can fraud you then you spend your time getting the credit card to do a refund, if you get a call from this number tell them no thank you.
Reported on Jan 12, 2011
I am calling BBB and my credit cards, this is rediculous.
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